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  • Recent Status Updates

    • pverrando  »  chrismedr

      Chrismedr, import taxes are waived, as the shipment can be classified as a repair, to be returned after the service. On the customs form, specifiy "return for repair", and I specify "return from repair" when shipping back to you. The cost of shipping has been roughly US$25 worldwide using your country's postal service, YMMV. Those who have chosen to insure shipments, do so for roughly US$600 (enough to make the postal service pay attention and automatically requiring a signature upon delivery). Save shipping weight as much as practical by not including heavy mic enclosures in the package. Thanks for asking. 
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    • Karl Wasserman  »  jgullotta3

      I'd be interested in the 552 and the snake. PM me with a price, if you're still looking to sell. Thanks!
      · 0 replies
    • PaulAdlaf  »  Simon Paine

      Hi Simon,
      Life is busy here. Just got thru the 2016 blizzard without a hitch. Our Mules are at an Amish trainer in Kentucky brushing up on their wagon pulling skill and my Donkey is there with them too learning how to pull a cart.
      I'm just getting back into work. I had to wait a while for my green card. I'm selling all my 411 receivers to get LR's instead. My bag is too heavy!!!!
      Nice to hear from you!!!
      · 0 replies
    • Don Cohen  »  Brian

      Hi there. New to the site, but noticed your inquiry about sonosax mixer. I have an 8 input sonosax -s mixer in excellent condition, recently tweaked....looking to sell. Also have other gear available 
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    • MartinTheMixer  »  Jeff Wexler

      Jeff, I just got a notice to "ban"" or "approve" someone. What did I just approve? Should I expect my bank account to be emptied soon? This forum stuff is hard if you haven't done it before.
      Thank you, Martin
      · 0 replies