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  2. Matthias, Don't worry. People that don't know me never spoil my day. Sincerely, Martin
  3. If you have a wireless spectrum scanner turn you can turn on all your Bluetooth devices and perform a scan to find a clean frequency for your Zax. Which amp did you go with for your bag? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  5. If it operates like the maxx you can push and twist to change the value in increments of 10 rather than 1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I am having a similar issue to this with my DWX Receivers ( DWR - S02 ) and the SD 664. The interference is not audible or recorded but is present while monitoring the iso's and the left and right channel meters. When I send audio to a camera it doesn't appear on the camera meters and is not present when i play back the recording on the 664 meters. I have followed the links you posted and tried grounding the shield but to no avail. Did you find a solution to this or has anyone else solved the issue?
  7. You all know the option to ignore certain members?! Don't let those trolls spoil your day.
  8. Well, I did say that. And I did look it up in the Deva manual. You could've just done the same instead of sulking away. In an effort to cool things down a bit, please consider the following: This is a thread about Sound Devices products. Most who were posting here, use and know SD products, possibly they do not know Zaxcom recorders to any greater extent. Bash mentioned that Zaxcom does offer this feature. You thought he meant Nomad, but you only mentioned this in passing, if at all. No-one "helped you", at first, because nobody noticed this or maybe simply nobody knew that only the Deva and not Nomad offered this feature!
  9. I was wondering if any of you guys/gals out there are using a 2.4 GHz amp in your bag setup along side the Wingman bluetooth dongle. I currently run an IFB200 in my bag for TC/scratch to camera and have added a 1W amp to that setup. I've already successfully shut down the 2.4 wifi in my apartment with this amp and it got me thinking about bluetooth devices working nearby. I don't currently own the Wingman dongle so I figured I'd see if anyone here is running that combo with success. I did test using a bluetooth keyboard w/ my 633 while the amp was working and it worked fine. Thanks in advance! Thomas
  10. I'm using a Nomad and changing frequencies on TRXLA2.5 units. I've been accessing it through the ZNET button on the face. Once in the ZNET screen I change the freq using the menu button. It takes me a time consuming amount of twists to get from 550 to 600. Is there a quicker way? I apologize if this is redundant but I cannot find it in the manual or in a JW search.
  11. The only ones being inflicted misery right now is the rest of the members of this community.... Martin, we get it... Please be nice enough to simply let this go... I can't for the life of me understand why you are going on and on about nothing.. Please... This was a thread about SD mute outputs... it is now a rant.. I don't know any other way to describe it. Be a good guy and let this go...
  12. All, some of you just enjoy inflicting misery instead of just simply solving a problem, your were just built like that and we will have to learn to live with that. I have people who send me private messages asking me questions because they don't want to be criticized by many of you, one person on this site surmised that this is born out of fear. I.e. , "if you learn what I know then they won't need me". There may be truth to that. I mentioned Nomad and someone could have simply said "Nomad doesn't have it Deva does". But that would have just been too easy with no drama. Sincerely, Martin
  13. I can vouch for Betso. Very solid choice, durable, good user support. Less than $500 and has a great OLED display. They also have some new models out now but I own two of the SBOX-1N and they've been very good. If you want the 'best' get Ambient. For me, I wanted something smaller and didn't see a real need to have genlock all the time.
  14. You might try expanding your market into OC where there is a lot of corporate work, and LA where there is every kind of work. SD has many great attributes, but it might be a small town production sound wise. CrewC
  15. Martin, No-one ever said in this thread that this feature existed on the Nomad. Only you thought someone did, okay? Just because someone said Zaxcom, doesn't mean this feature exists on all Zaxcom devices. Now, please, let it go. As I mentioned before, sometimes silence is the answer (or something very similar)
  16. Jeff, There is no such feature on the Nomad. I thought in the beginning of this someone may have figured out a "workaround". Something such as I do to combat computer viruses. I don't use Antivirus software, I have a work around. It soon started to be obvious that many on here were just having fun, as opposed to providing any instructional help. There is no Nomad menu that has that, if a Deva has it, someone could have just said so, and probably with many fewer words than they used to not say it. Sincerely, Martin
  17. You can select different line levels by that menu item. But it's not Mic level and not further adjustable.
  18. I have been following this, somewhat reluctantly, and I would like to first say +1 to John Blankenship --- I think he has the only relevant answer: Ritalin. That said, this topic thread is going nowhere and reminds me of some of the reasons why I started JWSOUND in the first place. True, this is not as nasty as lots of the stuff that used to happen on r.a.m.p.s., but it still has devolved into much more of a combative mode than I ever like to see on the site. Let's try and bring this back to some sort of civility or drop it altogether. I'm not going to try and place blame on any one individual for the direction and tone this has taken, but I would like to thank those who have tried but possibly not succeeded in the efforts to calm this whole thing down. Maybe Ritalin IS the answer.
  19. 1 Yet another non-answer.
  20. And get some solid chops to justify that rate. Perhaps ask Moe and Evan and other established mixers if you can assist them (for something around your old new rate) next time they're working in San Diego. That experience will be super valuable to you...and then in turn to your clients.
  21. As a non Zaxcom user I've found the answer within two minutes, by looking at the manual. I'm surprised that Zaxcom themselves don't know about this, since they put it in there themselves. It's exactly as Bash described it. But... it's on the Deva.
  22. i use the stingray harness with the small and big orca bags and i love it. i like that i can stabilize the bag with the 6-point system. some people say it takes a while to put on, but i havent had any issues. two thumbs up here
  23. Well, that escalated quickly. I actually have the answer to your question for I have been there many times. But telling you would be the easy way out. Anything worthwhile and treasured is worth working for. It is only when we put our sweat and tears into something that we will hold the pearls that we gain dear to our hearts. The prize is in the struggle. Here's a hint to get you going: the menu that you seek is deeper in the path that you've visited many times. Happy hunting and may you come back a wiser and gentler man.
  24. Hi, i would choose from sound prefererences... My impressions where: Sennheiser 8050, 8060 and MKH 416 tend to sound sharp and compressed on some voices, Neumann KM 150 a little bit thin, lower output I prefer Gefell M 310 for indoor use... Also think about that with digital mics it can be a problem to use them in a ms configuration with an analog fig. 8... Had a schoeps digital cmit for a shooting and it was not possible to use it with a neumann kma 120, digital noise was bleeding at the 5pin cable as both mics share the same ground
  25. Thank you for another non answer. Hello, yes I would like to know the answer that question too. Sincerely, Martin Hello all, I just got off the phone with Zaxcom. I believe they too would be curious to know where this menu item is. It has become, once again, the electronic Bigfoot. Sincerely, Martin
  26. Selectable output or which input-track?
  27. Ritalin.
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