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  2. Underwater Mics

    Mechanical only would work if the membrame is very heavy, and that would make the mic useless in air :-) Frequency I don't know, but I would think that the speed of sound in thin air is the same as in normal pressure. (The sonic boom happens at the same speed no matter the altitude of the plane.) Bouke
  3. Underwater Mics

    There will be some air left in the bag and even more importantly, there will be mechanical coupling between the bag and the mic. There won't be so much air that it causes to bag to float up out of the water, the major reason for using a vacuum bag. At least this is my best guess. I would also guess that the frequency response would be all over the map but what would a listener use for comparison? Aquaman has better things to do than write articles for Stereophile. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
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  5. Underwater Mics

    I don't know anything about this mic as I'm a software developer / editor, but out of curiosity: How can a mic receive audio in a vacuum? (I know in space it's not a problem in the movies, but this is earth...) Or is there enough air left to carry the sound or does this work on another principle? Bouke
  6. Underwater Mics

    Me too, they are pretty cool. Rented them out to a scientific north pole expedition. They were very happy
  7. Underwater Mics

    Gary, darn cute solution. Antenna and/or transmitter body would have to be above water line to get any RF radiation. The antenna out of the water would be best. The microphone could be six feet down "listening" to the sounds in the water. That's what the pictures show, antenna out of the water along with some of the transmitter case. Again, darn cute solution. The vacuum bags have to be pretty well made to hold a long term vacuum seal and if there is a leak, you can tell before putting the rig in the water. If the bag leaks air and loses the vacuum, it isn't water tight either. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  8. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Does synching in DaVinci Resolve keep all the metadata sound editors need? Jim Rillie
  9. Underwater Mics

    Tx must have been at least on surface or very near. My experience has been with actors wearing Mm400s, as they go in, you hear a few “ glug glugs” from the mic, then total radio silence. Jim Rillie
  10. Underwater Mics

    Was the TX floating? Wondering about signal strength.
  11. Chris: If you need some info on the disconnected things, fortunately the schematics are included in the manual for the Nagra III: http://lcweb2.loc.gov/master/mbrs/recording_preservation/manuals/Nagra III Instructions Manual.pdf It is quite a while since I last looked at my Nagra III machines, but if you are not sure how to connect the motor and the meter, I can check up on it and send you some pictures of the cabling. The III can be a bit tricky to navigate in, because so much of it is enclosed in shielded modules... As a collector I obviouslys like machines in good condition, but it is also fun to have a challenge once in a while. I have a water damaged 4.2 that I have spent a lot of time fixing just for the fun of it, and it is very satisfying to have fixed all the issues. It might not be mint condition, but still it has its history, and you get to know you Nagra really, really well by nursing it back to life.
  12. Hello Friends, I am looking for a Nagra QSNES. If you have one to sell please let me know. A picture has been attached. Thank you MarkC
  13. Underwater Mics

    I own two of these and used them on Cousteau expeditions http://www.aquarianaudio.com/h2a-xlr-hydrophone.html mike
  14. DIY Dipole antenna!

    Very nice! What did you use for cable and plastic shield?
  15. So has ANYONE taken the time to watch the 2001 press conference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    The bill was only released to the public (and Democrats) around 17:30 EST Friday afternoon. It’s over 500 pages long, and the House is scheduled to vote on Tuesday. I don’t see any way there will be a CBO score, and obviously no public hearings to discuss it. I’m guessing a bunch of accountants and economists will spend the weekend crunching numbers. Kind of wild that *if* this passes next week, it goes into effect on January 1st 2018. As of right now, the Republicans seem to have enough votes to pass it themselves. I did hear they are removing the ability to take a deduction on your federal taxes for state taxes, which is specifically a big Republican F U to the people of California, NJ and New York. Yet the ACA still had over 30 hearings. This tax plan had zero. The senate plan was handed to the democrats, and public, 2 hours before they voted on a 400+ page plan. They wouldn’t have to hide the details if it was good legislation.
  17. Underwater Mics

    How many times in your career have you had a last minute request from production to record underwater sound effects for an underwater shot perspective. Well, it’s happened to me twice in the past three years. Since I don’t carry a hydrophone in my kit (probably should) I’ve had to rig something each time very last minute. My first attempt was an old SM58 wrapped in a trash bag hardwired back to the mixer. It sounded ok but the bag eventually leaked and soaked the mic pretty good. It never quite sounded the same. The second time around was more successful. With a little more time to prepare.. I decided to try and vacuum seal a Sanken COS11 and a SMV transmitter (yes I’m crazy) in a “Food Saver” vacuum bag. I used the 11” wide tube variety at about 4’ Long. I also added a box of 24 AA batteries at bottom end for ballast. It worked like I knew it would and gave us that old school “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” sound effect. Needless to say.. production was thrilled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    might be worth noting that davinci resolve has support for audio LTC, so you can sync with that and export as XML/AAF to pretty much any other editor of choice. chris
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  20. Imac for Protools 10 OR 12 and a 5.1 system?

    IMac is cool but I like Mini better for post, if you want to be on a mac. You can have the ports way more accessible, the computer is quieter and can be parked away from your work area if you want. You can find all kinds of good deals on monitors, you don't have to pay Apple's bump.
  21. You make the assumption that the mixer would have sat on that bitcoin until this day. I'm sure he tried to find a way to convert it to legal tender as soon as he received it. Just like I spend the money I make today to pay my bills.
  22. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    That's great to know. Thanks Mike!
  23. Ok fair but until I can pay my rent in bitcoins, or pay for groceries in bitcoins, I still think the OP was correct in holding out for other currency. We're not in this business to speculate - if we wanted to do that we can always play the stock market or invest in bitcoins in our own time. We do work, and expect to get paid a fair wage in hard currency. -Mike
  24. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thats correct. If you choose to embed timecode as metadata then it will work like any other production sound recorder on the market, and the editor can sync it up just like normal in his/her NLE. If you choose to record LTC as audio, you will have to have another piece of software that converts audio LTC to timecode metadata first, like the Tentacle Sync software does. -Mike
  25. That reminds me about the time I found out that a major pharma company was about to release a drug that would allow a certain appendage to operate like it used to when a man was younger. I had $16K in my pocket. I was a young man and my thing worked just fine, so I didn't get what the fuss was about. I bought a sports car.
  26. A few years ago a sound mixer was offered Bitcoin for a job. Bitcoin was worth 600 back then. Everyone here including OP, mocked, scoffed. and laughed at that offer. Today Bitcoin is worth 18 Thousand dollars, I don't know if it was a one day job or longer, but now OP is out tens of thousands of dollars, if not $100,000. OP, are you still here? Was just thinking about that situation/you and that offer recently and wanted see if you are here/and remembered that offer from back then, Just curious, that is all,
  27. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thanks for the quick reply. So you would only need to use Tentacle's proprietary syncing software if you choose the LTC option, correct? And with the embedded metadata option, an editor could sync it with most any NLE (I know that Premiere and some others don't work with LTC)?
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