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  2. Naked Audio

    pictures and sound....
  3. what type of connector on sony wireless?

    The male connector is a Sony SMC-9-4P. If you're after one, buy the mic, throw it away and keep the connector. Then your could probably put something REALLY beautiful on it like a Voice Technologies VT401. Then check the videos out of the 2018 Oscars and Golden Globes and you might just be able to see the 1.7mm VT401. They were used there, but definitely not into a Sony, most likely Lectro. And for that matter the smart Sound Sup DID NOT use a Sanken COS11D.
  4. CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Thanks Matthias ! Will try to get some How do you solder it pin wise ?
  5. Hi Philip, So if you used them to record just one voice I assume you then had to sync the track to another before you even put it to image. In a conversational piece two or more individually recorded tracks must have been pretty technical. Did you have a guide track to line up pauses/breaths etc? I assume the SN was not timecode of course. Cheers MarkC
  6. Sounddevices mix pre 10 no line out ?

    Interesting to know, I was considering buying one of these next year to replace an SQN on a job where my kit travels without me. I guess I'll look elsewhere now.
  7. Zoom F8n.

    Pity they don't have an Android app either. I did a shoot a few weeks back with the F8, and the app is cool indeed, just felt like they could do so so much more with it! (such as why not playback over bluetooth?!)
  8. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    Thanks for the info. I used to use the Massey Limiter years ago and yes, well worth the price!
  9. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    DMG Audio and FLUX:: https://dmgaudio.com/ https://fluxhome.com/ Ideal for essential of everyday use. AudioEase / Indoor, Altiverb & SpeakerPhone https://www.audioease.com/ Add reality. Fabfilter Pro-DS https://www.fabfilter.com/products/pro-ds-de-esser-plug-in most modern deEsser. oeksound Soothe(recommended!!) https://oeksound.com/plugins/soothe/ suppress ess and hi-mid rageness with very natural sound. Slate Digital VMR http://slatedigital.com/virtual-mix-rack/ sweeten everything.
  10. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    -- McDSP are some of the best; I wouldn't want to be without them. Many notable award-winning music and film sound engineers agree. Note that once signed onto their mailing list, they often offer specials. -- Massey are free to use. To purchase and have the ability to save settings, their prices are quite reasonable. The L2007 Mastering Limiter and CT5 Compressor and especially good. Even if price is no object, they're still a top choice. http://mcdsp.com/ https://masseyplugins.com/plugins
  11. Searching for a splitter

    I saw several following results from the search I suggested -- ranging in price from $150 to $650 or so.
  12. Naked Audio

    Sure there is... OUCH!
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  14. Phonak Roger real world experience

    Hi Doc, Your maths isn't far off, and the numbers are kind of scarier in New Zealand dollars, but my post is not about the dosh it is about a system that worked well for us. Of the 11 musical tracks on the movie only 2 used a speaker for playback.(these tracks featured a whole band so 2 earpieces didn't cut it) Of course you could always cable to the base station to save a channel of wireless. The production was very happy with the results and paid rental for the entire system. Thanks, Tony.
  15. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    I quite like the Avid Pro Limiter. That’s included with a Pro Tools HD upgrade package. DMG Audio makes some excellent stuff. Their EQ’s (Equality and Equick) are my go-to EQ’s. Massey Plugins are awesome too. Soundtoys gives some some free ones away from time to time. Cool little effects. -Mike
  16. What are some of your favorite plugins for post production, and are any free? I’m getting back into post but since my absence a lot has changed. There are obvious ones like izotope but I’d like to see what the consensus is on others.
  17. On My Radio

  18. Naked Audio

    Did interviews once at a naked wedding at a nudist resort. No place to clip the lavs!!
  19. Naked Audio

    If I wasn't so lazy I'd hunt up that photo of the camera and sound crew interviewing a swim team poolside, everyone is in speed-o's. Sound guy's booming and his sound bag is covering his suit so it looks like he's doing "naked audio".
  20. Phonak Roger real world experience

    Tony, can you clarify the amount of gear used to get to the wearer's ear? From what I'm reading, your workflow goes: Audio into a Lectrosonics transmitter (~$1000) Transmitted to an SRb (~$2000) Output of SRB into the Roger base station located on a C stand (~$1700) From the Roger base station to a Roger repeater strapped to a boom pole (~$700) From the repeater to the Roger in the wearer's ear (~$1500) Total = ~$6900 Do I have that right?
  21. Searching for a splitter

    That's what I've been doing actually but I like the idea of redundant isos from the receivers instead of the mixer/recorder. Never know when it can save you. Matt Mayer, thanks for the suggestion. I'm surprised what I'm looking for isn't more ubiquitous in our world. This looks promising. I checked with Crimson and theirs is mic level but could be attempted with line level like Doug's Art S8. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  22. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    You've got it. Best, Lef
  23. Searching for a splitter

    Seems like a lot of trouble. Why not just record an emergency mix if you want to run a back-up? I know this has been discussed a lot, but with carts needing to get smaller and smaller with more and more practical locations and less and less preparation, seems logical to just ditch the back-up. I haven't run one in 6 or 7 years, without regret.
  24. CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Würth 744212100
  25. CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Is this Is this choke available to source somewhere ?
  26. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    It's just a series of never ending bell curves...you get to the top in one then quickly fall to the bottom of not knowing the next thing and it just keeps repeating.
  27. Question about passive splitter for bag use

    I've found that when one starts to learn about something, there comes a time when the new information makes one feel empowered, and it results in an "I know it now!" feeling. That's the danger point. A hard acquired lesson is that the actual start of learning anything is when you begin to understand how much you don't know about it.
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