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  2. Nearly all the stories I hear about the use of mix assist or automix or whatever name is used for it start with the same sort of situation--kind of too many people talking in an undirected manner in a noisy location. I see it as a thing to help you get through a bad day at the office--not something one would deploy unless one had to. But, as a professional, you have usually have to play the cards production deals you, so having a tool handy to do so seems like a good idea.
  3. I'd probably only have the radio on auto, so the boom's more natural background always is on. If I hear "phasing" from boom + lav, I can always turn one of them down manually. As RPSharman just wrote, automixing can't adjust levels. That's why I think SD's term "Mix Assist" is better suited to production sound use. It saves me from having to exactly time when to open or close an actor's mic when that actor's un-rehearsed performance is different each take. I can concentrate on adjusting levels. The more "proper" a shoot is going, the less lavs and the less automixing is needed.
  4. Many post production people assume that radios go on everyone, and we boom as well. On some shows (ad lib comedies, shows with three cameras all the time, unpredictable coverage, etc.) I wire everyone. It's the only way to protect me from the chaos. Normally I don't, and am often asked why. I tell post that I build relationships with actors, so if I need something from them, I can ask. Putting a wireless underneath clothing and invading personal space the second they walk on set, when not required, makes building that relationship harder. The post people understand when it's put that way. I have experimented with mix assist in some situations, but what it does is opens and closes a mic. It can't get a feel for how performances are going and adjust levels.
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  6. I have a 664 and thus no auto mixing. I believe in delivering a mix but in complex situations iso tracks as well. How does auto mixing sound if you have say a setup with 1 boom and 1 radio? I had a situation recently where in dealing with two actors I used a boom and 1 radio. I delivered this as a split track result (not mixed) and the post house questioned why I used a boom and a radio, so are post houses now presuming that every actor wears a radio???? mike
  7. Did you use the Dugan option....?
  8. KGraham, I took a listen to your file and while the noise floor is noticeable, especially compared to the 641, it's not a deal-breaker for me. Especially with the plug-ins, denoisers, etc they have today. Plus, for moving car scenes, they'll do a good amount of sound design which I think would bury the hiss.
  9. Last week did a show in New York with 9 former professional and collegiate basketball players from Harlem chatting in a barber shop. They all talked over each other. I'm thankful I had the automix option on my 688 to help me out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have a beetle. But no longer have 788t. The bts does a lot and Tonmeister is a capable system. It connects quickly and consistently. Creates very clean reports. It does take awhile to get used to but it is a complete control system for 788t. It does not have metering ... I moved away from using it as I went to a 6 series recorder...
  11. I have two 4098 and use them with Zax TRXs. The noise floor is quite audible thats right. If I need a plant in a quiet set I´ll go for a CCM. Even in a car rig - if I have enough time and space to install a CCM, I will do so. But if in a hurry the DPA gives great result. Just don´t compare it AB with a Schoeps. I´ve bought the XLR adapter and extension cable too - but this combo is very sensitve to Zax RFI. Not recommended.
  12. I do have the xlr adaptors, I haven't directly A/B'd them, but I haven't heard a noticeable difference, so I go with the convenience of a trx900 and am happy. I would encourage you to use these mics in the field a bit more before passing judgement. They are a great tool in the tool kit, and not every tool is the best choice for every situation. As a car mic, plant mic, podium mic, etc they are fantastic.
  13. Do you mean that the TC metadata of the MP3s the F8 records isn't readable by BWF Widget? Can you see the TC in the "Movie Inspector" window of Quick Time? Do apps like InqScribe see the F8 MP3 TC? That would be good to know.....
  14. In another thread about the 4098 Jeff W tested the mic with the XLR adapter and he said that it was a bit quieter and generally seemed to sound nicer, but not by that much. In his own opinion, and that of others he referenced, the higher noise floor of the mic is a non issue. And I agree, although I don't use them with Zax tx, but that voltage thing seems to have little influence. But most of us, I believe, use the mic as car plants most of the time, where a higher noise floor of the mic is the leadt of our concerns. Use the mic in action, you will probably find that it's a very useful and nice sounding mic.
  15. You might be right. I was very excited to get the Mics, and I'm now a little turned off by them... Wondering ear have you used the 4098 with XLR? Are the results different?
  16. In my experience the low DC mics are not necessary for zaxcom TX. I have 4060's, 4063's, 4098's, and I use them side by side with out issue. Theoretically it might raise the noise floor, but for practical use it's been a non issue. I think the OP is just hearing the higher noise floor of the electret mic compared side by side with a very quiet condenser.
  17. I see what your saying. I spoke with a DPA rep and he didn't seem to think there would be any issue... same with my Trew Audio Rep. Both recomended the Low DC Microdot connecter. I understand that the mic needs 5V but I have read about people using these mics with Zax TRX and no one seemed to be unhappy. I may trade in my Microdots for the XLR Adapters ( to use with TRX742) bc I don't see myself using them with the TRXs if those are the results... BAB414 If you want, PM me and I can give you a clip so you can hear. (I'm not sure if the one I uploaded is working)
  18. I just ordered two and now you guys are making me nervous. I'd be interested to know if an XLR buttplug sending 12 or 48 volts helps. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  19. I think i got my answer from the F8/F4 group on facebook. It looks like the TC is not readable by widget for MP3 files... Anybody want to send me a test file that i try on widget? Recorded on a F8 or F4..
  20. Brian I use the X3 in a bag designed to fit quickly into my cart. I can easily use it in a bag for a couples of hours, even booming for a second boom when required. Started doing this last week and it was great. Would not wear it all day since it is a little heavy but yet, after about 8 hours, my back is doing fine. As a backup/second kit for docu work, I have a SD 633 kit at the ready. Here is a pics of me wearing the bag. Not so heavy by the way. Ps, I power my Octopack with a single Remote Audio Hi-Q 98wh for a full day. I also use the same 98wh for the Cantar ( external power ) and usually need two 98wh and one or two 49wh ( internal ) to do a full 12 hours day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. That's what I thought but apparently it's not
  22. Pianissimo. Durable. Versatile work's with many mics great all around. Nuff said.
  23. Very personal, I would try them out myself. I personally find the Osix perfect concerning rumble noise, the Rycote is extremely robust, especially since they have introduced the Lyra. Cinela is the Mercedes Benz, but it needs careful handling and a quiet boom operator hand. I would also try the Rode Blimp which is very cheap. It has enough space inside for an MS combination.
  24. I am a Sound Devices 6xx user and i'd love to have one with the cable exiting at 3 (12 being where the red dot is). Can't speak for others recorders though. I also own a couple tentacle and bought a right angle lemo for the alexa mini on the tentacle website. The cable is the exiting at 12. I did one film with it and the dop was a bit rough with the equipment and broke two of my cables. He took the battery off the fixing bars so he could get closer to the wall in a tight space. When the battery isn't there anymore it leaves the cable unprotected and if you apply a bit of pressure on the exiting cable it brakes the part that slides into the body of the plug. I had to tape it to finish the film and it kept working but it wasn't optimal... I am just saying this plug is great but you have to be a bit careful with the angle part.
  25. It seems this includes the required preamps, and outputs b-format. Also has a removable rechargeable battery but takes AAs in the same slot. Very excited to hear it in action.
  26. Very positive movement and very quick move, after merging.
  27. AH HA! I knew this was coming very soon the second I read about RODE's recent acquisition. Curious as to what its price will be, probably the cheapest there is on the market when you consider current pricing.
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