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  2. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    I've had no time code issues with jamming a Red. No issues with jamming an Alexa or Amira, just the Alexa Mini. I don't recall with the newest Ursa, but they're an odd duck anyway (fixed gain, etc.), and no issues with Denecke (but I don't normally use Auto Frame Rate). I'll repeat my opinion that ALL manufacturers involved should work to resolve any incompatibilities. Good luck, though, with Sony as they often purposely make their equipment incompatible with other brands (e.g. non-standard AES inputs -- however, I've had no issues with their current cameras taking solid time code).
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  4. Recorded with the built-in microphone on an iPhone, subject to microphone distance about 25 feet. That's why you hear some traffic noise. But a pass through RX 6 helped
  5. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    Ya since RX6 came out, myself and other sound editors I work with in nyc have been leaning more on the dialogue isolate module than the spectral denoise or dialogue/voice denoise modules for broadband noise reduction during our dialogue edits. Less artifacts and weird swells/dips of the background noise profile. Mouth de-click has also become preferred over de-click and de-crackle for myself at least, I notice less artifacts and loss of hi-frequency information. Very good on VO recorded by U87s (especially AI version) that tend to have a lil bit brittle top end imho. I still use de-crackle on more “crackly” sounds for lack of a better word, and a combination of de-click and spectral repair on more periodic clicks, thumps, and other transient noises. as far as plugs, I lean most on stock Avid (7 band eq, Pro comp/limiter/mb/subharmonic, revibe, studio verb, de-esser, etc) since a lot of sessions I work on bounce around between different stages, mix rooms and edit bays. They get the job done for most of the stuff, though some standards like fabfilter pro-q, audioeade altiverb and indoor, etc are pretty universal on different post systems.
  6. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    It shouldn’t. Zaxcom‘s TC is within SMPTE spec (as per Glenn‘s statement), and this should really only be a minor issue. Just look at how long it took for this to surface.
  7. "Lavallier" microphone: the name comes from Louise Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc, duchess de La Vallière (and mistress "paramour" of king Louis XIV). La "lavallière" is a very nice kind of...tie !
  8. Time Code to Red Epic W

    Once for a TVC I only got informed finally about the camera they're using during the drive down to the shoot (it was an out of town shoot). The director (who was in the car with me) told me it was an Arri Mini. Once I arrive, I wander over to the camera crew and I think "that is a funny looking Arri Mini!!" In fact it looks suspiciously like a RED Epic.... ! ha
  9. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Ironfilm, I run a Fusion and Nomad and have no problem with jamming Arri or Red using an ERX or TigQ28. I did notice today that Jamming the Red from the Tig required more voltage but it worked. Tony
  10. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    For a casual observer like myself, this really puts me off considering Zaxcom (which I have been considering) to get into in the future. You'd think surely it is a high priority for Zaxcom to improve compatibility across the board?!
  11. Zoom F8n.

    Yup, it is July:
  12. It would be great to find one that also does TA3 and TA5 also.
  13. Actually there is a link between Nagra IS, me and Procol Harum: One of my DR Nagra IS recorders are from the collection of Anton Stormlund, who owns a large collection of Hammond organs. On a tour of Denmark, procol Harum (or rather: One of the incarnations of it) visited his exhibition and tested his instruments, including his huge theatre organ. It is indeed a small world...
  14. I saw the DR on the tents and for some reason it reminded me of the Nagra IS and Dela… Oh how we age…
  15. Yesterday
  16. Plus a cable tester will find shorts and the multimeter sometimes forgets to double check. Best, Lef
  17. Tentacle sync e + nomad at 29.97

    Sure would be great if those Lads and Ladies from New Jersey could figure this out. This issue brings the number to three industry-standard brands that do not work properly with Zaxcom gear: Arri, Tentacle and Deneke. Could we get the Zaxcom stuff fixed to work with the other industry-standard gear? Like maybe some compatibility mode? If Arri doesn't work with the ERX, then make the ERX work with the Arri? A Denecke mode for the TS-C slate would be great. I miss setting my TS-C to auto jam, and not fishing for the tweaker and magnifying glass to change that dial. And really, to get a RED camera to sync, I have to turn the voltage up pretty far so I get some audible bleed in the audio feed to camera from an ERX. Maybe if us users ask real rice-like, we can make our case for better compatibility from our Zaxcom equipment.
  18. Cable Testers - Any recommendations?

    I own one of the Behringer CT-200s. Pretty simple to use, but sometimes I think it would be easier to interpret the CT-100. You can use a Multi-meter, but a tester would be much faster if you have a lot of cable to test.
  19. I kind of liked it. It was a little like listening to Ben Stein! Boring, but slightly humorous. tom
  20. SONY MDR-7506

    Couldn't hurt.
  21. Hi All, In the process of taking stock of cables and sorting good from bad/need repair. Are there any particular cable testing boxes that are better than others? Here's a few that are available in my area : https://www.long-mcquade.com/?page=search&SearchTxt=cable tester Is a multimeter useful for cable testing? Thanks kindly :-) Cheers, Dave
  22. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Cool, thanks Jacob!
  23. Sonosax SX-R4+

    According to the MCR42 manual the receiver draws 1.5 watts maximum, and the R4+ outputs ca 7 watts maximum (0.6 amps @ 12 volts), so a Hirose-split cable to two MCR42 receivers should be fine I believe.
  24. SONY MDR-7506

    So what I am hearing is that I should begin preliminary testing on toilet paper specifications for the Sony MDR-7506 in an attempt to replicate the reduced High-Frequency output of the modern bluetooth cell phone.
  25. microphones near gunshot

    IIRC this is what the sound mixer did for the original Total Recall. Not the remake.
  26. IFB on the cheap.

    It was in the case, zipped all the way, I swear I think they do this on purpose sometimes. People drop their iPhones on the floor often also. Maybe people think it just doesn't matter anymore. Found em on the park bench at the end of the day. The struggle is real. Maybe O.P. is onto something... But @RPSharman is %100 correct. Label everything, and keep it clean. Do it right, think about if this was the auto repair industry, think about how crappy their reputation is because of the scams some repair shops have pulled. Trusted reputable mechanics are very valuable. There is a reason people pay top dollar for luxury dealership repair costs. It includes perks; loaner car, juice box's, clean floors, clean bathrooms, leather couches in the waiting room and a courtesy car wash. Thanks @RPSharman for taking our industry's brand and reputation into consideration.
  27. IFB on the cheap.

    Here's the thing. The OP might have a corner on the market in Idaho, and expectations might be low, but that doesn't mean professionalism shouldn't be the goal. My biggest pet peeve is listening to mixers gripe about how rates have gone down and they can't find good rental and people no longer treat the sound mixer with respect, yet people show up looking scruffy with a bunch of shit hanging out of their bag, borrow a folding chair, whatever. If, as a community, we want to increase wages and return to being seen as professionals, it's time we started to do that. Look the part! Buy a nice used UM400a for $500 and a couple of used IFBs for $350 each. It'll work great in the bag or on your cart. If you do buy an old Comtek system, buy new zipper pouches for them (including the transmitter). A nice shiny new black pouch with crisp COMTEK on the outside will make a good impression, regardless if there's a 20 year old receiver in there. Regarding any non-industry standard brands... they may work fine, but when they don't, the client will look at them and wonder what crap they're paying you rental for. If something is going wrong, and the gear is something they recognise, like Lectrosonics or Comtek, they'll consider it an anomaly and at least won't question your professionalism regarding gear. Just my opinion.
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