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  2. Red Weapon 8K Audio Issue

    ;-) Arri had to create the mini AND the Alexa 65 to be on par with what RED achieved in a smaller package. RED pushed the use of R3D compressed RAW wich makes lowbudget at highest quality possible for a lot of folks. And R3D raw is trillion better to color correction than what Alexa used during years as their master codec : Prores... ! Alexa does some tricks to the signals processing as RED is transparent. You need to know how to work with R3D to get best results (no rocket science involved). Resolution matters yes (look at all the fuss about Dunkirk's resolution). It's not to make an oversharpened look to the picture (what Arri does to the lack of resolution and 4k digital blowup) but to get a smoother picture. I'm happy with 6k in S35mm format. The ergonomics is essencial to RED. Arri people believed in the ENG camera form (or SR3 form). RED wanted to have it modular since the creation of the Epic Body in 2011. Arri did Hack the computre of RED's CEO Jim Jannard in 2011. Sorry I had to put this in ;-) There are no modules for the Alexa mini (no battery plates) you need to add velcro (wich was the advice of Arri engeneer) or put it on some rods. I've a well ballanced setup wich shoots RAW since 2012 (5k and now 6k) on my shoulder that is 9 kilogramm all rigged with some primes! Bad design? Mostly bad users setup... I've worked a lot to get rid of the cooling issue since Epic's day. I've created a solution : the FanPlate. But it looks that no sound man was bugged by the fan sound as there was really poor interest to tackle the issue and even to try it out! Didn't they have time for prep? I must laugh when I hear that there are still people that can't use properly one of the best digital camera that has been built up to day! You need to love the tool you work with. People can love Arri most do. But don't call "X" shit because your afraid to use it. And yes, a camera is not a sound recorder. Patrick Epic in 2012 Weapon in 2017
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  4. Beer

  5. I have to pick up a used reciever for an sqmv. Two affordable options available at the moment, for the same price, are the ucr401 (fixed antenna) and an LR. On paper I see pros and cons to each. Has anyone used both that would like to speak up?
  6. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    True. Still saving for a 664. In the mean time I'm always looking for a better flow.
  7. Delivering files from multiple recorders

    My process is to use a dedicated single recorder with a mix track and ISOS all in one Poly.wav file.. None of what you describe is involved in this workflow.. SO much easier. Although your system may work, you are adding xtra tasks for yourself..
  8. I would like some suggestions. I currently use a 552 mixer, synced to a 744T for timecode. Generally I do my mix tracks in the 552 and my ISOs on the 744T. This works great because the mix tracks are already separated for the editor and can be joined if needed in post by timecode. It also sucks because there is no way to label shots inside the mixer, so I have to re-name all the mixer files to match the recorder files afterward, while generating the audio report in Wave Agent. Any one else deal with this? What is your process?
  9. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Got my Stuart Torrance low-profile loom for my MixPre-6. A thing of beauty as always from Stuart.
  10. On My Radio

  11. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    How is the +5 O/P of the LR's into the line I/Ps of the 633?
  12. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Running a 633 w / Lectro Ssm's and LR's in NYC. considering mix pre 3/6 + zaxcom qrx235 + ifb to create a lightweight backpack kit for corporate/simple sit downs. sometimes the most annoying part of the day is dragging a 30-50lb pelican around / security checks on it.
  13. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    +1 -Mike
  14. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    See, I’ve thought this and I know it’s correct, though I worked with a mixer and have seen a lot of online commenters who say otherwise. I agree with you but I’m just evaluating my options. No matter what the online commentators have to say, I would rather have a 416 into a Zoom F4 than an ME66 into a Cantar X3.
  15. Cantar Majax?

    Majax 3 1.0.6. beta is a very beta software and can ONLY deal with Cantar X3 generated files. The things it basically does: emulate the playback screen of a Cantar X3 on a computer (for X3 gereated files only!!) give some vital information on how the X3 was set up at the time of recording. playback monitoring control tools (very basic compared to what you can do on a real X3). File handling is limited to poly encode mono WAVS recorded on a Cantar X3 (can be done on the X3 in real time) Sound report creation. But it is buggy and less elegant than on the X3 (just one button press there + more layout options). So if you are confronted with Cantar X3 recordings and dont have an X3 at hand Majax3 still might be useful.
  16. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    Re Radio mics (wireless): Amongst the RM systems discussed on this thread the Sennheiser G2000 series has some useful features: ~ 72mhz switching bandwidth. ~ 100mw TX power option. ~ Line I/P (on TX). ~ Line O/P (on RX) of +18, which is high enough to work with line I/Ps of 633. ~ H/P O/P so can easily be repurposed when you buy a better system.
  17. A You Tube index playlist of some other organ performances: https://www.youtube.com/user/docbower/search?query=wanamaker
  18. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    No info about timecode options at all.
  19. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    When it comes to wireless performance there are so many factors coming into play that it is impossible to judge the performance based on just one try. Unless you had a different system that provide some clue - although only maybe. G3 has usually a pretty good range, considering what it is.
  20. MixPre-6 – worth it for this beginner?

    I would like to do this for the preamps alone (and I’ve been eyeing the MixPre-D since I was a kid). If getting a 633 or comparable recorder will take a long time for me, and I end up not having a lot of timecode projects yet (you bring up good points about that), then I might do this. I’ll note the 744T, though the 702T seems dismal with only two inputs. See, I’ve thought this and I know it’s correct, though I worked with a mixer and have seen a lot of online commenters who say otherwise. I agree with you but I’m just evaluating my options. Thanks for sharing your story! I’m afraid I get too close to that kind of mentality on a lot of shoots, haha I’ll think about the G3, but the limited range bothers me. I used it once, and the signal would start breaking up after 10 feet or so, indoors and outdoors. Though I hear the Rodelink has worse range issues for exteriors since it uses Wi-Fi. Would you mind sharing your experience with the Rodelink? I’ve used it for a short and I was relatively happy with how it performed overall. A Lectrosonics kit is definitely coming someday, but it’s honestly far away. By the time I’m finished with upgrading my shotgun, acquiring a cheaper wireless lav kit, and upgrading my mixer, I’ll definitely upgrade to Lectros.
  21. RF Venue 2.4 GHz CP Beam for Zaxnet

    Thanks for sharing. Have you come across any suitable amps that are a smaller alternative to the L com?
  22. Yesterday
  23. Patrick, the Red cameras are badly designed sound wise, period. Picture wise the camera crews I work with say similar things about the usability of their design also. Granted they have been instrumental in moving camera technology forward and can shoot "8K" but they pale in overall design and functionality compared to the likes of Arri etc. One thing that hasn't been mention in this thread and is the worst thing about Red cameras for sound has nothing to do with on board rec of a scratch track or otherwise, it's their very poor design in regards to cooling. The fans and their control systems have always been less than ideal and the latest 8k versions are some of the worst of the lot. The 8K sensor and the heap of processing that goes with it creates heat, think quiet dialogue, think rolling resets, think warm locations, think about all those lovely performances lost to some "stupid" as poorly designed camera for sound.
  24. From the SONOSAX NEWS August 2017: Soundequip has been appointed as the distributor of SONOSAX products in Australia. Soundequip was established in 1987. They sell and rent production audio and video equipment for television, outside broadcast, reality TV, motion picture, radio, education, government, defence and other industries. Offices and showrooms are in both Melbourne and Sydney, and Soundequip assists clients in every state and territory of Australia. website: www.soundequip.com.au facebook: www.facebook.com/Soundequip email: info@soundequip.com.au Melbourne +61 3 9596 7272 2A Grandview Grove Moorabbin VIC 3189 Australia Sydney +61 2 8556 4444 1A Broughton Road Artarmon NSW 2064 Australia
  25. DPA 4063 loud pops

    I have rewired several of our DPAs straight to TA5F for Lectrosonics. In our case this is a bonus because I can wire them so they are compatible with our ancient M185s, which we still use if we need more than 24 channels. The DPA adapter shorts out the VHF antenna by connecting the shell to shield.
  26. Joseph, Sorry for the name confusion. So you must be 006.
  27. The Opposite of Mixing?

    Interesting...I had to take so many physics classes in order to get my sound engineering degree (I'll admit they were mostly electronics, but had a regular physics AND an acoustics class in there) that with all of them if I earned a sound engineering degree at the school I went to I ended up with a physics minor. OH, we also had to have through calculus, so it was pretty math intensive.
  28. That NP Elektroakustik looks intriguing. Personally, I can't afford another mixer especially after having my Stellavox AMI48 refurbished unfortunately, I am fond of these vintage mixers nevertheless. By the way, anyone got an Eltro Information Regulator laying around? Apparently Stanley Kubrick used one. I would be very interested in buying one!!! Best MarkC
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