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  2. Absolute UTC-based Timecode?

    Yeh but! Time of day is not needed to be UTC accurate on normal shoots eh? mike
  3. Reverb in exteriors

    Hi Jay, I'm sure post had a hand in that! I often listen to interiors that have had too much reverb added later If I'm using lavs I will iso a boom for acoustic but then it's out of my hands Cheers mike
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  5. M/S mic for documentaries

    I was referring to mics whose weight, size and price would make them suitable for being a dedicated camera mic. A 418 is 11 inches long, a 4290 is 9.3 inches and the Sanken is nearly 12 inches, all w/o a connector. All 3 are very expensive, not something I would buy just for on-camera use even if I could figure out how to mount them on the smaller cameras now being used, so that they don't get into wide shots (esp with a softie on).
  6. M/S mic for documentaries

    it depends, I assume MKH418s, AT4029 and Sanken CSS5, M are all shotgun type... I might be wrong, but please check, they probably got more reach than you expected.
  7. 1/4 Track Playback Head On A Nagra IV-S ?

    Commercial reel to reel tapes were either 7.5 ips or 3.75 ips. Vintage amateur reel to reel machines were usually built with both of those speeds available.
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  9. M/S mic for documentaries

    The M in most MS mics is a wide cardioid. I want more "reach" than that, esp for an on-camera mic.
  10. M/S mic for documentaries

    According to the dealer, it does change the sound quality if you switch from 48v phantom to 9v battery. The mic is quit heavy as well.
  11. M/S mic for documentaries

    xy can also be matrix'd to m/s tho.
  12. M/S mic for documentaries

    I'd kind of rather have MS to be honest. The problem with XY is that neither mic is truly on axis to where the camera is pointing. Both patterns should sum to mono well enough though. -Mike
  13. M/S mic for documentaries

    StereovideomicX is not MS but X Y. So both mic will have about the same directivity. You could use one? On a MS shoot on the camera we often used only the M to get an better directivity. Or S if the character is out of frame next to the camera.
  14. M/S mic for documentaries

    That's not a strange question at all--it would be my FIRST question on a doc I was recording. On most of my jobs I am recording the master audio (mix and isos) on my rig, but I want a mic on the camera for those moments when the shooter pulls the camera off the sticks and goes rogue. What we're going to want out of those moments is dialog first and foremost--we can fix everything else well enough. So I really want to know how that signal will mono. I have to say that I'm not thrilled with the idea of a camera mic being MS unless that is an important part of the concept of that project, from the pre-pro stage onward.
  15. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Canada Computers as well for Maha chargers and Eneloops.
  16. New Mix Pre series as an interface

    OS - Windows 10 64 DAW - Reaper interface - Mix Pre 6 This is not a real review, I don't do post audio professionally, and will only use the Mix Pre for 1-2 input recordings. I haven't seen much of a discussion about the Mix Pre as an interface so figured I'd start one here to see what other people thought. I bought a Mix-Pre 6 a couple months ago to use as a back-up field recorder/small gear package for simple interview/small budget stuff when the full Nomad bag isn't necessary. I haven't used it for that purpose more than a few times, so I connected it to my PC and decided to give it a go as an interface while I don't need it, replacing my ancient M-Box 3. I don't do post work any more, but I like to keep up some knowledge of the workflow/software/plug-in capabilities etc. I mainly used the interface to record myself, or maybe a musician friend or voice over artist who need a quick audition recording. I don't use it for extensive tracking, multi-track recording, or use it as a recorder, strictly and I/O device for my PC. For me, in that capacity, the Mix Pre 6 is excellent. It takes some setting up, but after an hour or so I got it working swimmingly. There are only a couple small issues I'd comment on: 1. The Input trim control is poorly designed. Touch screen control only, and 1dB increments each time you touch the up or down. I'd love if the trim/pan controls could be manipulated with the fader knob when selected. Not a real problem, just annoying as an end user. 2. I'd prefer the stereo output level was mapped to some fader as well. 3. A "mute stereo out" button would be awesome As is, having a double duty quality interface for my PC that I can quickly turn into an ultra light weight location recorder, is really incredible. Hats off to SD, at $900 I couldn't be happier with it.
  17. M/S mic for documentaries

    What's it like with speech if you collapse it to mono? Strange question maybe - but if it happened to be the only source (mounted on a camera), at some point it the chain it may well end up summed.
  18. M/S mic for documentaries

    looks like a nice mic. is there a performance difference with the stereovideomicX if hooked up through the TA3 with phantom or the 3.5mm jack and a 9V battery?
  19. M/S mic for documentaries

    +1 For a onboard camera mic the stereovideomicX is really a nice choice. Love the feel of it. And even if it's not a hypercardio the stereo field makes the sound intelligible. The only downsides : it's a bit heavy and prone to noise due to humidity (like Schoeps).
  20. #metoo and sexism in general

    What works best for me is to stay polite, calm and professional. This is part of my job and if I don´t make a fuzz out of it others won´t too. If the actor feels that I am just doing my job then most of the time they feel secure. If there is actually anybody nearby making stupid remarks I just send them away. With children I ask them first if they have done this before, then let them tell me where they put the mic the last time and then I explain every step of the way and ask before I do anything. If at any given pont I get the impression that a child or adult actor feels insecure about me placing a mic I ask a woman on set to do it for me. But that is very rarely the case.
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  22. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    The Ikea batteries are great (so far) but you should get a better charger.
  23. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    Give the 2450 Ladda batteries from Ikea a shot. I've been loving mine and you can't beat the price.
  24. Good source for batteries in Toronto?

    you can also try Silent Sound Company (Reynald Trudel ,owner) at 33 Villers St. Toronto. # 416465 0371. He has batteries and check for used gear also.
  25. New App!!! Timecard Buddy by New Endian

    Hey thanks, Eric! Just wanted to put out there that I have added widgets (both iOS and Android) for quick access to today's times. Has anyone gotten a chance to use it? What do you think?
  26. NPs should be no problem taking on a plane as carry on, same with iPowers. Don't check them. TSA might give you a problem with carrying them on, but TSA is mostly dunce caps, so bring a print out of the FAA guidelines on lithium batteries. Assuming your TSA agent is capable of reading, you should be fine.
  27. M/S mic for documentaries

    Lots of my friends on MKH418, I had few doc jobs required stereo for atmosphere, so I had chance to their 418. I would say it's great piece of gear. Of course if you hate 416, don't come nearer to MKH418. I think the mid part is like 416 sounding However, nowadays I am carrying a different setup for recording stereo atmosphere, which are Zoom H6 + Rode Stereo VideoMic X http://www.rode.com/microphones/stereovideomicx ( they said there are two NTG3 heads without the shotgun pickup pattern and also with all the low cut and sensitivity parameter on the mic itself.) I could set the recording somewhere and pick them up later or asking someone to watch it while I am shooting something with the camera crew. Love the set up. But you have carry a bit more gear on site. Hero
  28. Lectro SRc field reports?

    I got my SRc back from the mothership a couple weeks ago (its second trip there). Seems to be working fine for me now...
  29. Lectro SRc field reports?

    This sounds like a recall will happen on SRC for a board change at somepoint...
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