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  2. You need a special cable (padded) with a special connection (trrs) I believe.
  3. The script super asked me to jam her iPad Pro with TC. She's using Movie Slate. I used a standard mini stereo to stereo, but couldn't get it to jam. Has anyone done this with success? Thanks.
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  5. Well well! Watched a BBC drama last night "One of Us" 2016 Low level deliveries generally, much lav use (a 2 camera shoot) Sound so cooked that close ups and wide shots sounded the same. Quality was compressed, bass light and so much pushed high frequencies You could hear the words but it sounded so un-natural and unpleasant! mike
  6. I don't recall seeing a recommendation. Rado would know. But I've been using Hi sens. with my TRXLA2's and 3's and liked the results. The tiny snorkel arrangement has been exceptionally useful on some interior scenes where contributors are wearing tight fitting heavy rustly clothing, to quickly get something that sounds clean. Poked out through a buttonhole nobody notices it's there and it sounds great .....:)
  7. Exactly.
  8. Tom, is this (pictured below) the same stuff as Blu-tack, and maybe the same stuff the Mr. Salles is describing?
  9. I also agree with Mungo. Misleading name. To me, Dan Dugan's Automix is just another tool I've added to layers and layers of tools. Some of these tools have pots and faders and switches, others don't. Those other, more complicated tools took years to get. Those are the tools I get called back for. Sansattidude® was the most difficult to get, and I'm constantly updating the firmware.
  10. Well, you are right, i feel it. i take responsibly for some defensiveness to Philip's ... comments. "Narrow and backwards looking" was what likely got me going. but i stand behind my point and still clearly read his posts as i described above. I have indeed used the dugan algorithm on the 688 and wow, in the type of scenarios i described, its remarkable. Its a nice bonus tool for scripted drama but for a lot of other type productions, it, does the job of "mixing" for post, for scratch, for field producers, VERY well. For many, there is lots of "paid shifts" that are often purely for mixing to field producers. Anyhow. Ive made my point. Those that get it, get it, those that dont-wont aren't getting that kind work on their calendar and i guess dont care.
  11. I'd like to add some DPA SLIM at my zaxcom LA2.6's.I'm very happy with my 4063, but there isn't a low voltage SLIM version.Which version of DPA SLIM is reccomended for Zaxcom TRXLA : 4060 (Hi sens.) or 4061 (Low sens.)?
  12. I used blu-tack at home all the time in the UK, but I've never seen it in the US shops. Wondered if there was some legal naming thing blocking it. It's only the last few years I've seen similar "Picture putty" or "Mounting Putty" in the DIY stores, but only as tiny strips.
  13. Just to revive this thread as I've now had some minimal exposure to the camera. I'm doing a multi cam shoot. You need the backplate (XDCA) to jam to a bnc connector. The backplate enables V-lock batteries which are not useable without it. After jamming you can remove the backplate and it will (kinda)keep timecode. We Jam 3 cams from one, then us soundies jam to the master camera with our mixers. Im using the 633 and use the "free run jam once" option (not sure if that's good), the others are using the zoom f8 mixers. After about 3hrs Im about 1sec ahead of the master cam and the Zooms are about 1 sec behind... We are all on 25fps. Im also sending a scratch track. I suggest frequent jamming and as someone said, its good to connect with the camera crew on occasion. As an aside the cams take the sony shoe which you can mount Sony receivers on (should you want) and the signal and power pass through the shoe to the receiver. No cables or batteries.
  14. Second City Sound is 773-277-9320.
  15. I did consider designing a bespoke part to do just that but it was substantially more and I've strived to keep the prices of our carts as low as possible.
  16. A Dugan like algorithm will be "taught" to better distinguish dialogue from rustle, speech from clanks, human voice from clatter. A Cedar like algorithm will be "taught" to better to remove the undesireable. Ambitious actors will have a sub-cutaneous DPA like mics fitted in their nose, wired through to a medical implant Lemo like plug socket. Tiny self scanning, frequency agile, self recording radio links, become common place. The producer will turn up with a wrist worn device that has all the necessary stuff built in, with on, off, record, buttons (with 15 minute pre-record), and an algorithm will monitor for anything requiring human judgement, alert the human, and playback on voice command. 'Actually I used to kind of like it when we had a mixer on set'
  17. Let's all be happy it was a free upgrade a non advertised feature Thanks sound devices
  18. Thanks!
  19. I suspect that those who envision the demise of our profession due to automix have little real world experience with the feature and (as Mungo offered) are being mislead by the name. It's a helpful tool in the right hands and yet another way to screw up sound in the wrong ones.
  20. I think it's basically a joke --- just there to show the size, not a real plant mic (and I agree with you, a potted plant would provide much better cover to camera!).
  21. I doubt Jack was offering that photo as an ideally hidden plant. I think it was just posted as an interesting size reference.
  22. Anyone had any real world experience with the Ambeo VR yet? I am considering picking one up for ambience/bg recording for film and some potential VR work. No one in Austin has one available to rent/test, so wanted to get input before making a blind purchase :-)
  23. Well, I can see the aerial there, and when the mic's plugged in I envisage even more problems. Could you perhaps get a plant pot from props Jack and try that? Jez x
  24. Congrats! I just recently rented this on Blu-Ray. Terrific movie and excellent sound all around. This must have been a heck of a tough shoot. Just like most movies I watch these days, I'm always thinking to myself "How did they handle this scene in terms of audio on production?". I was very happy with the overall mix. We could understand all the dialogue and we didn't have to play the "volume roller coaster" game, where the dialogue is really quiet and then all of a sudden THE MUSIC OR SOUND EFFECTS GET REAL LOUD AND YOU WAKE UP THE KIDS.
  25. People like me watch that opening and go "that's not the sound of rain, that's bacon", and then it's revealed it's bacon. It really is fun to see what you can get away with, though. I was on the sound design side of things for a while. When I was first starting out, and had a minimal sound library and tools at my disposal, I had to learn how to "fake" sounds like this and I was surprised at what worked and what didn't. The guy is right. You can fool people very easily. AND...people would be surprised out much natural sound is used to make "technology" sounds. The sound of the TIE fighters in star wars is actually the sound of a baby elephant.
  26. Congratulations to Kevin O'Connell, Andy Wright, Robert Mackenzie, Peter Grace, and the Hacksaw Ridge team for winning the Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing!
  27. Is this Long Island Iced Tea?
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