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  2. Ahhhh . . . Merit You Tube's 'tracking-algorithims' ? (e.g. - While technically not "50"s style" per-se ... This was in this morning's "YT recommended for you" 'in-box' . . . )
  3. Hi There Just wondering have any one experience this error message from Alexa sxt(latest firm ware) running 3.4k raw file. Picture attached below.any way to work around it. Thank you Wp
  4. Hi Tommygun Yes sweet talk and boldness will gain access. My research has shown that larger bra's often creak and that due to effects of gravity a higher rig above the decolletage is a better bet.. What a strange job! mike
  5. Yes a delicate issue but essential to approach it early, see what happens and hopefully avoid an " I told you so". Some years ago I was booked on a drama that involved 2 weeks initially in snow on a mountain. Had a meeting with the producer and the director and advised that outdoor clothing is usually noisy! A month later here we are with noisy outdoor clothing and big ski googles too! "oh we can see the reflection of the boom" I cannot post my reactions! mike
  6. I see a certain network channel use block 27 and 28 in vegas. 700mHz is still not deployed here so I would not worry about 600mHz.
  7. I'll check it out Mike. I saw "The Hero" today. A small American film. Well made IMO. I hope you are well. CrewC
  8. She did this pretty well, so while this was being filmed were there any soundmen there? If the camera turned around what would we see? Same in this scene does everyone just mouth it? I realize the soundtrack is done later. But what sound is happening when it's being filmed in these two scenes? Its amazing you guys were there. Or were you in scenes like this?
  9. Oh yeah. All us old guys had one D.
  10. Thanks for jumping in on this topic Gordon. So If you curretly own Block 26 what are the reprucussions and what are the stipulations heading forward of using it? Is it affecting production for you? But does that mean other parties now own the rest? Thank you Bill
  11. there are 9 different bands according to the manual 30mw: 518-542 572-596 620-670 718-769 20mw 794-806 770-820 10mw 838-865 925-932 740-752
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  13. Well said sir! I'm currently watching a TV series shot in Ireland, no Hollywood stars, just script/casting/direction plus great camera style and sound, what could be better. Oh one error of mine! Gillian Anderson is the lead role and is a most remarkable actress. I was never a fan of X Files but Gillian is a truly amazing woman. "The Fall" highly recommended mike
  14. Folks working or who have recently worked in HK--is 518--578 MHz usable in central HK?
  15. What's the FCC-ID on those wireless? - I sure can't find it on the FCC website. Their website does, in fact, tout their factory in China - and their operational frequency (610-680) does NOT comply with the new regulations based on their published information (608-614 is off limits to wireless mics) About Us GTD Audio Inc, is a professional audio equipment manufacturer. We have been designing, manufacturing, and marketing audio equipment since 1990. we are headquarter in the U.S.A and have our own manufacturing plant in China. we assure and provide high quality products to our clients at the most competitive prices.
  16. I'll be there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Just for general info and to clarify it's not a 'made in China' POS.
  18. Just remember, T-Mobile didn't buy the whole spectrum - just a few 5Mhz blocks - they can't wipe it out singlehanded......
  19. Hi there all, I'm in 695 and looking for work, I'm available to boom & utility on narritves, I have a 664 bag for eng. I'm based in LB, let's have lunch soon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I always have to resist the temptation to be draconian about the matter of getting RT. But to punish all those ADHD actors and crew that can't hold still for a half a minute sounds so delicious, so decadent, you could practically spread it on a muffin and call it a cupcake.
  21. Hello All, I asked a few mixers whom I greatly respect to help me to apply for CAS membership. Graciously they have agreed to sponsor me. However, the application calls for a "comprehensive letter of recommendation"? Can someone tell me exactly what CAS is looking for in one of these letters? I'm assuming they want to know the work history of said applicant, but that information is pretty much covered in the actual application. What exactly does CAS want to see in that letter? Thanks for any advice you can give me! John
  22. TA3
  23. Be prepared for an influx of RF's coming up for sale. Bill
  24. dBFS metering scale EVERYWHERE for God sake. Dear manufacturers, can you hear?
  25. And, at the time Hafflex introduced his meter, Arriflex was still marketing a control unit for the 16BL that used a tuning fork timer similar to the technology of Accutron watches. But I think crystal controls for the Arri were already available from others. (Now a picture of that control unit would be a challenging item to identify.) David
  26. These discs did not reach me in the UK sadly. My greatest jazz experiences were West Coast musicians captured on the Contemporary label in stereo by Lester Koening and Roy DuNann in the mid 50's using Telefunken, Neumann and AKG microphones in a "hole in the middle" stereo setup an using Ampex recorders. Hear any of these sessions on CD today and it defies belief that they were recorded mid to late 50's mike
  27. I will second the ASC mod. It's great. It does not move. And not terribly expensive.
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