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  • SoluSon Audio 09
    SoluSon Audio 09
    Nice stuff
  • SoluSon Audio 09
    SoluSon Audio 09
    Great stuff....
  • pascal.4
    Hey, Jeff! Really elegant setup. Not sure if this is your rig, or Pascal Van Strydonck's, but I'm wondering about the four connects on the back of the Lectro SR receivers. Are those connected to 15...
  • SoluSon Audio 09
    SoluSon Audio 09
    input 1 and 2 are for my boom pole.. there is a conection on the other end for the curl cable. 3 and 4 are the 1st reciever, 5 and 6 are for the second reciever. The 2nd reciever is not m...
  • ERX Case
    ERX Case
    nice...very nice :D

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