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  1. Hmmm, indeed! Has anyone had any personal experience with this Alteros system?
  2. UPDATE: I just had the chance to see this mini-bag cart in person at Trew Audio in Burbank --- truly a glorious cart, beautiful design, rugged build and totally functional. This cart and the other larger cart I saw really needs to be seen in person to be appreciated. Good work, Matt!!
  3. This is wonderful news! Thank you, Karl, for posting it here. I am so pleased that it was found and right there at Satay.
  4. Thank you for your kind words and the remembrances of not only the history but my father's life long commitment to social and political activism. Your insightful comment about the role of the journalist, whether it is expressed by words or images, has never been more important than it is today in these times.
  5. We tried first to get a real practical microphone (successful with other mics in other scenes) but this particular boom setup we hid a Schoeps capsule behind the microphone. Camera angles were helpful with this. We did a really good job on this movie, everyone did, Caleb's work is wonderful (and as you know, we had a wonderful crew all around). The movie, however, is not great, not a bad movie but just not as good as it could have been. It failed miserably at the box office here in the US, it will be interesting to see if it gets any traction in other countries.
  6. I was very impressed with the IFB unit new from Lectrosonics --- this will be a really good thing for all those boom operators who are doing wireless boom (and I guess at this point that is almost everyone). I have said it many times before, Don's and my resistance to doing wireless boom work came first from me not being too pleased with the dynamic range of the mic (solved when we started using Zaxcom Digital wireless) and secondly for Don, not being able to find a suitable high quality monitor (solved when Zaxcom came out with the ERX). I know that on one job Don was on he used the SHURE system (not sure exactly what model) and that worked out really well. The Lectro unit is a welcomed addition.
  7. Sorry, AFMY, and really sorry for confusing you with Mirror! You are amongst friends, some button got pushed and I reacted the way I did.
  8. The most common EV microphone at that time was the EV 668 and the DL42 --- both were dynamic microphones and both were designed for use on a boom. The EV 668 was a cardioid pickup pattern that also has built in EQ settings (accessed by removing the back portion of the microphone housing and setting little jumper wires). The DL42 was a hypercardioid with more reach than the 668. Another microphone that was still in use at this time was the RCA 10000A, a ribbon microphone suitable for use on the boom. Regarding the "reach" of these microphones in wider shots, much of that is due to the nature of the recording environment, very quiet sets on very quiet sound stages, and the nature of the actor's voices, many of the most talented actors had learned to speak properly so that they could be recorded properly. EV 668 with its integrated shockmount for boom use RCA 10000A on the boom, "The Misfits", 1961 (previously posted on JWSOUND in another topic thread)
  9. Often mis-spoken, often mis-used --- I already made my point regarding Mirror's post, I wasn't going to get into correcting the phrase. I could care less, or I could care more, or I couldn't care at all.
  10. Background to May Day: In 1884, unions declared that eight hours would constitute a legal day’s work from and after May 1, 1886. When workers went on strike at a factory in Chicago on May 3, 1886, police fired into the peacefully assembled crowd, killing four and wounding many others. The workers movement called for a mass rally the next day in Haymarket Square to protest this brutality. The rally proceeded peacefully until the end when 180 police officers entered the square and ordered the crowd to disperse. At that point, someone threw a bomb, killing one police officer and wounding 70 others. The police responded by firing into the crowd, killing one and injuring many others. Eight of the city’s most active unionists were charged with conspiracy to commit murder even though only one even present at the meeting was on the speakers’ platform. All eight were found guilty and sentenced to death, despite a lack of evidence connecting them to the person who threw the bomb. Four were hanged on November 11, 1887, Louis Lingg committed suicide in prison, and the remaining three were finally pardoned in 1893. Lucy Parsons, the widow of Albert Parsons, traveled the world urging workers to celebrate May Day and to remember the events of Haymarket and the subsequent government-sponsored murder of those fighting for the rights of all workers. Over time, May Day grew to become an important day for organising and unifying the international struggle of workers and their allies. Viva May Day!
  11. Great attitude, you never disappoint! I don't think I have ever used the words: "I could care less..." when discussing anything that my team, and specifically the boom operator, could be interested in. If you really COULD care LESS, how about caring less and just avoid this discussion altogether.
  12. Visting my father on the set when I was probably 5 or 6 years old, I hear him yell out: "kill the baby in the coffin in the bathroom" --- kind of scared me until I saw the Gaffer go into the bathroom set and fiddled with some lights --- now I get it (and helped me learn a bit more of the colorful language of the set).
  13. There has been lots of resistance to putting a transmitter or ANYTHING at the mic end of the pole here in the US. I have shown pictures many times of rigs that I have seen being used in Europe, sometimes with rather large transmitters, phantom power supplies and even external mic preamps, and the reaction from most boom operators here is WHY? No one is disputing the importance, even the necessity, of the mobility one gets with going with a wireless boom rig --- the way it was being done in other countries, however, was truly baffling. Now, with one simple lightweight and incredibly small transmitter from Zaxcom, resistance to putting the transmitter on the mic end of the pole has been addressed. With the ZMT-Phantom you can be all wireless for the boom mic and have phantom power, onboard recording, complete remote control of gain and frequency, a preamp with huge dynamic range, no companding and true digital transmission.
  14. The new lightweight transmitters (ZMT) are 2 oz. I think. There are 3 models of ZMT: standard bodypack for talent (typically using a lavaliere mic), a ZMT-Phantom with balanced line in and phantom power for use on fishpole at the mic end, and a ZMT Plug-on (with XLR connector) for use typically as a plug-on for a reporter's microphone. All are, of course, considerably lighter than the 7 series plug-on (the weight for the 743 coming mostly from the 3 AA batteries). I never understood how anyone could put the 743 (or the Lectrosonics plug-on) on the mic end of the fishpole but the ZMT-Phantom seems right at home on the mic end of the pole. When you remove the cable (and its weight) from the pole, you've almost not added any weight to the whole rig. For those who still want to stick with a cabled fishpole and the transmitter at the other end of the pole, the 743 is still a good choice.
  15. Again this year the good people of Lectrosonics volunteered to help out with the organizing of our annual RAMPS/JWSOUND Party. Bruce Jones took some great pictures --- he managed to get us all together, sort of, for a panorama group shot created by stitching multiple images --- interesting result this year! Here is a LINK to a gallery of images Anyone with any pictures they took, feel free to add them here as a post in this thread (and I will add them to the image gallery that is linked).