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    You are correct, the Deva is still a totally capable recorder, actually continuing to perform some features and functions that even the latest recorders from other manufacturers do not have. Any Deva IV, V or 5.8 should run forever and I am fairly sure that anything that needs service could be taken care of well into the future. The only liability with these older machines is that they may not have all the features or functions that you may need for the types of jobs you are doing. The only "service" any of my Devas have required is once having to replace the internal backup battery and then, of course, swapping out the hard drive before any chance of drive failure.
  2. Tom Petty, RIP

    I am devastated... I loved Tom Petty and his music, this is truly tragic news.
  3. Hey Jeff, wasn't there a member buy/sell section?

    It's still there --- you will only see it if you are signed in. Maybe you thought you were signed in but you weren't? LINK to Want To Buy - Want To Sell section
  4. Cart building day!!!

    I would like to put your cart images up in the Gallery of Sound Carts and I would like to put your name to it --- I realize I don't actually know your real name and I do not want to put "thope" as the person who built this beautiful cart!
  5. Cart building day!!!

    Beautiful work!
  6. RIP - Ed Greene

    I was waiting to try and gather my own personal feelings, I am very saddened by Ed's passing, not really able to express --- I have posted some comments from others (available already from Facebook to the Hollywood Reporter and many other sources. Los Angeles, CA, 11 August 2017--- CAS Board Member and previous CAS Career Achievement Recipient Ed Greene passed away on 9 August 2017 surrounded by family. Greene also previously served as a Governor of the Sound Branch of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. “The Sound community has lost an icon,” said CAS President Mark Ulano. “And the CAS Board has lost the voice of someone who held a vast knowledge of the history and evolution of live sound recording. Ed was a mentor to many of today’s sound mixers and he will be greatly missed. Our heartfelt condolences are with his family.” Over the course of his career Ed won 22 Emmy Awards and was nominated 61 times. He mixed some of the most highly regarded music, variety and award shows. He also won the CAS Award in 2003 for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Television - Non-Fiction, Variety or Music Series or Specials for “XIX Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony”. He was also nominated for a CAS Award on four other occasions: in 2009 for his work on “American Idol: The Search for a Superstar”, in 2004 for his work on “The 45th Annual Grammy Awards” as well as “The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts” and in 2000 for “The 41st Annual Grammy Awards”. Former CAS President Edward L. Moskowitz commented, “The personal and professional loss to each and every one of us is immeasurable. So many of us owe him so much. With the clarity of his teaching and conduct he was the personification of the CAS principals to educate and inform the industry and the public of effective sound while maintaining the highest standards of conduct and craftsmanship. He will be deeply missed.” “The Sound Community has lost a giant-- an innovator, a huge talent, and above all, a wonderful friend. Ed Greene was my first mentor when I was a young mixer, teaching me about music mixing for picture, and collaborating on many shows together,” said former CAS President David E. Fluhr. “I was always (and still am) in awe of his talent, and his ‘Velvety Smooth Tracks’, as I would call them. He never hesitated to share his knowledge and experience, and would help anyone who asked. I am honored to have known him, and to have spent time with him on the CAS Board of Directors for many years. He was the best at what he did--and his legacy will live on for generations to come.”
  7. Can't log in without asking for a new password

    Tapatalk is again acting up (you all know that I am not a fan). The last two updates to the forum software have broken Tapatalk. Additionally, as a site owner and licensed Tapatalk user, I am having trouble signing in to my Tapatalk account --- they have transitioned to a new "Tapatalk ID" system that is not working properly. So, I am not even able to try and update Tapatalk plug-in until I sort out my Tapatalk account.
  8. Handle for cart, 12" or so, sources?

    I think Phil nailed it for Phil --- from Grainger, pass through bolting, narrow, etc.
  9. RIP Glen Campbell

    We all knew he was on his way out... still very sad to hear of his passing today.
  10. Handle for cart, 12" or so, sources?

    Over the years I have found various handles that would meet your needs, looking mostly at RV supply stores (handles available as grab bars for interiors of trailers, RVs) and also at marine supply, like West Marine. I have had to find handles for the bottom front of my carts that have only 1" aluminum channel stock to bolt to. Some of the bars/handles that I found did have to be drilled out to accommodate a through bolt mounting.
  11. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Thanks for pointing it out about Skyline and the good cart they made --- it was quite popular and was the precursor to the Audio Services/PSC style folding cart (I think Audio Services might have actually made some deal with Skyline but probably not --- just ripped the design and made some improvements). I'm trying to remember the name of the person who actually did the original design --- I think it was someone named Tom Carrol possibly?
  12. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    I think it was a company called Skyline that used to sell and rent these pathetic excuse for a sound cart. You are so right, in the early days of independent productions, we pretty much had to build our improvise our own sound carts.
  13. Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    On my personal website I have a little history of my sound carts. This doesn't include some of the improvised rigs we had to use when faced with really challenging location jobs. JWSOUND personal website - History of the Sound Cart
  14. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    One of the other big unknowns for us is whether each input can be recorded PRE-fader and also POST-fader to a mix track. I bought an Alesis Mixer some time ago that proved to be basically useless because you had to use individual faders up on an input to record that input anywhere --- there was no way to access the input pre-fader.
  15. NEW: Zoom LiveTrak L-12

    The list of functions, features and capabilities of this single unit is truly mind boggling! I would love to have someone get their hands on one of these and put it through the paces, treating it like it is possibly a piece of professional gear. Could be very interesting. It looks like Trew Audio will be selling these --- maybe they have already done some preliminary evaluation. By the way, price: $599.00!