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  1. Jeff Wexler

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Well said, Philip! Although I am still proud of my history and being one of the first to use DAT in movie production, it's not a format I ever really liked. I was actually happier in the earliest days of DAT before the so-called "Pro" machines came along ---- even my HHB machine which I used for more movies than any of the others wasn't great compared to any of the Nagras. Don't get me started on Fostex, could get really ugly really fast. When the possibility of file-based recording arrived with the original Zaxcom Deva I, I was totally ready to abandon DAT!
  2. Jeff Wexler

    Nagra Stories Sound-men won’t ever tell

    Your recollection of the year 1984 and your use of DAT reorders must be in error. Quoting from Wikipedia: "Digital Audio Tape (DAT or R-DAT) is a signal recording and playback medium developed by Sony and introduced in 1987." I purchased my first DAT machine in late 1988. Every reference I have found states that DAT (actually, properly referred to as R-DAT) was first released by SONY in 1987. I suppose it is possible that a DAT machine was available in some other country outside the United States but I would be very surprised if it were back in 1984. My first DAT machine was a grey market SONY TCD-10 that had only just become available in Japan ---- the Owner's Manual was in Japanese.
  3. Jeff Wexler

    We can help out

    As many of you already know, my dear friend and fellow worker, Don Coufal, is battling cancer. Don and I have worked together for 40 years, 67 movies,I owe so much of the success of my long career to Don's amazing and creative approach to the work and his total dedication to the job —- we were a pretty incredible team! Never wanting to be the person who needs help, at this time now, Don needs our help. Don's wonderful daughters, Emma and Libby, have set up a GoFundMe account to raise some money for Don during this time that he is unable to work. Don is managing to fight the good fight and has the same positive attitude and commitment I have known through all the years we have worked together. Go to Don's GoFundMe account page Don and me, "The Brinks Job", 1979
  4. Jeff Wexler

    Sound Devices and Audio Limited merger interview

    Well, I have tried again to make it work. There is something about the way the videos are up on YouTube that is causing the embed link to not function as one would expect on this site. Oh, well, no big deal, the video is only about a minute and half and it can be watched on YouTube.
  5. Jeff Wexler

    Sound Devices and Audio Limited merger interview

    I fixed the link which did not get embedded properly --- the full video should display now within Glen Trew's post.
  6. Hey, Dave, I really did not mean the guy was really clueless, I just meant he looked and sounded like someone playing a character who is clueless. Also, I love the style of humor, it just didn't seem to work that well in this video.It's often the case that improvs like this produce real gems of humor, but sometimes not so much.... always a risk and maybe I should not be so critical of the effort.
  7. Well, this "short" took 10 minutes to do what could have been cute, but it was about 8 minutes too long. Audio, Ltd. wireless are really good digital wireless but having Kish be so patient explaining these things to someone who appears to be basically clueless doesn't really seem to help promote the gear.
  8. Jeff Wexler

    Pictures from JW Sound/RAMPS Party

    It was a great party, everyone had a good time, I was so pleased to be able to spend time with some of my good friends and fellow workers, people I only get to see once a year at NAB! Thanks to David Bondelevitch we have some great photos from the event (we'll put up some more pictures later, I think Mark Ulano shot quite a few as well). Eric Toline, founding father of the R.A.M.P.S. Party, did a wonderful job with raffle ---- we all appreciate the people and companies that stay engaged with us socially at this event and for their generous donations to the raffle. - photo credit: David Bondelevitch
  9. Jeff Wexler

    Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band is 50 years old

    Love this history.... 50 years, yikes!
  10. Jeff Wexler

    RIP - Chinhda Khommarath

    Re-posting from LA Sound Mixer's post: "The LA Sound Mixers is mourning the passing of master sound cart builder, Chinhda Khommarath who passed away in his home yesterday. Chinhda's ideas and craftsmanship set a benchmark for sound cart builders everywhere. He will be missed by many." Almost everyone knows of Chinhda from his amazing carts --- fewer knew the man, just as amazing as his creations. Truly elevated the importance of the sound cart.
  11. Jeff Wexler

    R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party - NAB 2018

    Quoting Penny Lane: "It's all happening!" --- the annual R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND Party is happening this year on Tuesday, April 10th. This year we will be in a new place, having outgrown Satay Bistro we will be at the new Firefly's on Paradise. For several years before moving to Satay Bistro, we had the party at the old Firefly's --- now for this year, the 28th, we'll be at the new and expanded Firefly's. RSVP at http://bit.ly/2BLf7ZH secret word: Topstick R.A.M.P.S./JWSOUND PARTY - NAB 2018 * NEW VENUE * Firefly on Paradise 3824 PARADISE RD / LAS VEGAS / 702.369.3971 April 10th, 2018. 6:30pm - 9:30pm
  12. Jeff Wexler

    Email for media question

    Who or what is "jw.org"? The site, usually just referred as "JWSOUND", uses my registered domain jwsoundgroup.net. If you need to contact me personally, you can use the Contact form on site or a message using the Personal Messaging system on the site.
  13. Jeff Wexler

    Help support this site

    Thank you for your support, Vas! It is very gratifying to know that JWSOUND is continuing to be useful fo so many. I also value your participation, Vas, here and in Jan's Sounderday (I miss you), it helps further one of my core goals to have our online community be an international group. It fits right into a personal guiding principle of mine, professionally, socially and politically, summed up by the quote: "Think globally, act locally"
  14. Jeff Wexler

    'Being There'

    I have almost no pictures from "Being There" --- I will try and find some from this amazing experience. As for the equipment/gear used, it was standard Nagra 4.2 mono recorder 9I know it's hard for some people to realize that almost ALL movies were made with 1 production track), the microphones used were pretty much the standard Sennhesier 415 and 815. There is one of many significant things regarding that movie, one being that I mark it as the movie where we really discovered the Schoeps microphone. I had one older Schoeps MK-41 that we had used several times as plant microphone but never really experimented much with it as a boom mic, preferring to stick with what everybody else was using which were the "movie microphones": 415 and 815. We did a scene one night in the streets of Washington, DC and we did several takes with the 415 as always, and then did several takes with the Schoeps on the fishpole. The next day at dailies, listening to the takes, we were blown away by the sound from the Schoeps --- it was literally night and day difference. From that point on I believe the Schoeps became our main microphone, As for wireless, rarely if ever used (or needed) --- I'm pretty sure the wireless we did use, if we ever used them, would have been older Audio,ltd. or the coherent Communications Artech line of wireless (very similar to Audio, Lt.d). As for the single card credit --- total surprise for me, I think the first ever where the Production Sound Mixer has gotten an up front single card. I was fortunate enough to work o the post production mixing of "Being There" and so I got to see all the reels many times. On one day while previewing the last reel with the end credits I noticed that my name was not there --- I got the courage up to ask Hal Ashby if there had just been some mistake, did they forget to put my credit in --- he told me there was no mistake, they hadn't done the front credits yet and I would be getting a single card at the front of the movie.
  15. Jeff Wexler

    New Follow Cart - JW

    The follow cart built with 80/20 square tube profiles has held up very nicely. I have had to swap out wheels a few times, going from tube-type tires to flat free ones, then back to full pneumatics when the "flat free" tires developed terrible flat spots from just sitting in place. The caster plates do utilize 4 bolts: 3 directly through the tubes and 1 through the material I used for the bottom surface. Regarding the top surface work area and the bottom surface, I used marine plywood and I regret that choice because of the weight. Incidentally, the follow cart we are talking about is for sale --- I am starting that process of selling most all of my equipment and carts.