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  1. Can't wait to hear them. That's all I'm interested in. And every Hollywood Boom Op working wireless. It's been the weak link in our modern workflow. CrewC
  2. I'm very interested in this offering. Thanks. CrewC
  3. Well done SD. I'm sure they will find many uses. CrewC
  4. Happy Birthday to El Jeffe Jeff. Have a great day. CrewC
  5. Happy Birthday to El Jeffe Jeff. Have a great day. CrewC
  6. Should be good. I hope it is well received. Thanks. CrewC
  7. Yes. Look it up, lots of good POVs. I thought this was that topic when I opened it now. One thing is for sure, it will keep changing as time goes bye. CrewC
  8. Angst? When you were learning to capitalize names as a sign of respect you should of checked out vocabulary Dutch... Words matter. I love gear like many, but it has little to do with the work, it is just stuff in the tool chest. Experience and knowledge is 99% of all jobs. If you believe otherwise, it's your prerogative... I love your your passive aggressive finale Dutch. 3000 hours and 12 IMDB credits. Since? Not sure since when, my last film? or 2011? Wow. Nice humble brag. What's my IMDB page like? I've never listed any of my jobs there. Most likely because I haven't worked on a full feature since 1987. I hear there is little vetting over there but I could be wrong. I am often. I was sure Trump was not going to win. I do know one thing though, I have over 60,000 IATSE union hours in my review mirror. That's the credits I respect. CrewC
  9. Around here I'm old school Dutch, not Old School, but wtf does it really matter? Call me Crew. That's my name. Crew Chamberlain. Local 695. L A... "But frankly I wish you'd share some of how you deal with recording challenges." Dutch... I will give you this truth, It's never the gear, it's what you do with it. It's never the monitor or meters that matter, it's what you do with the tools to make the recording as thorough and complete as it can be. Simple in theory. I think J B was telling you this truth. It's not the gear. Don't lecture him. He's been here since day 1, 2, or 3. When did you join this conversation? Credits matter amigo. CrewC
  10. Congrats E T. CrewC
  11. Dutch. Glad you saw it coming and were prepared. Save the self congratulating and blowing smoke up your own ass for a job well done. comes as "not cool". Same goes for throwing shade at a well respected member here @jwsound who goes out of his way to help all. Peace in. CrewC
  12. I was lucky to see Chuck twice in the late 60's and twice in the 70's during his "My Ding a Ling" resurgence. He was a showman and as a founding father of Rock & Roll, he did not disappoint. RIP Mr Berry. Ya made it to the Promised Land. CrewC
  13. Ha. The 3 of us have 120+ years of Local 695 under our belts Jeff. We had a great day Jeff. Wish you were there. Best St Paddy's day I've had in a decade. CrewC
  14. Good point Dutch. Don, like Jeff and others I know are film makers first who specialize in sound for picture. I believe to be a good sound/camera/art person, you need to know all aspects of the crafts. BTW, I'm working w Don today. A real treat for me. CrewC
  15. Our host Jeff Wexler is retired and presumably has time on his hands;~) Give him a call. I'm sure he'd be helpful. Best of luck w your show. "Ya know what they say, some of it's true"... Love the Clash. CrewC