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  1. Any Drummers out there

    I watched this yesterday. I really dig S C... CrewC

    I still have my 4 and use it now and again. Solid unit. CrewC
  3. Wireless "bursts" of volume?

    One of my 211's use to do this. (if I understand your post) Out of nowhere it'd go up 10-15 db and then go back to normal. I sent the trans and receiver back to Lectro for repair. Sorry I can't remember what they did to fix it. Your issue seems to be across multiple units so I doubt it's the same thing. (Not much help here) Curious about your problem. Let us know when it is resolved. CrewC
  4. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    I still do a 2 track mix. 2 identical mono tracks because in commercials I'd often get a letter from the editor or assistant wondering where the other track was (not joking) in their NLE. The only reason I might do a 2 track mix with different info per track is a playback and record shot and I'd have music on one and singing on the other. They'd be in the ISO's, but.... Back to the OP, a mono of mix and mono ISO's is all you need. I believe a mix track is valuable to post so they can get going w the cut and worry about the mix after picture is locked. Many good "debates" w Hench and others about this topic in the way back files. CrewC
  5. Any Drummers out there

    I'd seen the Andrew Scheps video before and like and agree with everything he said. The other two were cool too. Thanks. CrewC
  6. On My Radio

    Acoustic cover of their own song.... CrewC
  7. On My Radio

    A lot of Tom Petty shout outs and covers out there right now. I like this one. Well done all in one. CrewC
  8. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Hard to argue that. CrewC
  9. Tom Petty, RIP

    Caught the Bowl show on the 21st. So much love and talent evident that night. Hard to comprehend he's gone. Thanks for the great gifts you gave us Tom. CrewC
  10. View From The Office:

    legionnaire's disease tubes.... Burbank Ca. CrewCl
  11. Speedy Recovery

    Good news. Our fearless (peerless?) Leader Jeff Wexler had some health issues and spent a few day in the hospital and was released yesterday. He is on the mend with a good prognosis for a full recovery. He's too private and humble to talk about himself so I'd like to say Cheers to JW. Get well soon. CrewC
  12. Production Mix Structure

    Ha. Glad you enjoy the joint Mack. Just so you know, there are 5 stages to JWSound love. Stage 1. OMG. Can't believe this exists. Stage 2. This is the best.... Stage 3. I've found my people and they like me. Stage 4. This place was cool until "so in so" reared up to give me grief... Stage 5. F U JW Sound and the recorder you rode in with. But really there is a stage 6 in which you get "it" for what "it" is, a community of peers from around the world who share a social platform beer now and again. Cheers. CrewC
  13. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    FWIW, we call it "the dog"..... CrewC
  14. Congrats to all the nominee's and their crews and of course Roger with the trophy. Well done. CrewC
  15. Production Mix Structure

    Number one thing, above all else discussed here to date, be sure and hit the record button. A unrecorded mix and a recorded mix sound exactly alike, (hopefully good) until you try and play the unrecorded one back.... Double check each roll that you are indeed recording. Nothing worse than having to tell all you didn't get the take... If it does happen, cop to it right away and go again. Better to be a dumb shit now than not sleep all night worrying about being a "fuck up" tomorrow. CrewC