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  1. Congrats to all and their hard working crews. Well done. CrewC
  2. I'd like a SD CL 6 for the 633..... or a CL 12 that could output to 2 633's..... CrewC
  3. New for you or new not on the market? CrewC
  4. Congrats to all and their hard working crews. CrewC
  5. Good Pic. CrewC
  6. 👏👏👏👏👏✌️👏👏👏👏👏👏
  7. They say be careful what you wish for.... but I do wish 2016 a swift kick in the ass as it passes on into 2017 and beyond. While many die every year, it seems like we lost too many great artist. Maybe it's just age. My boomers are getting old. But enough about us,(we never said)... I'd like to give Thanks to JW and all the contributors here @jwsound, (except one of ya;~) ) for making this such a good, informative, and often fun place to hang with the Nerd Nation of sound people. I look forward to more of the same in 2017 and whatever comes our way. Cheers as RVD would say. CrewC
  8. The thing I didn't mention was that when I'm using radio mics, it is almost always due to location, or amount of cameras, shooting style, etc. Personally I was semi serious when I asked Santa for two of each pro unit. Like mic's, they each have values you may want to employ. CrewC
  9. @MoeSound.... According to JW, you'd be wrong about the Audio Limiteds, (terrible name by the way), and he has way older ears than you. Even I.;~) @JW.... Zax may have the ability to have greater dynamic range and perhaps a better iso trk recording to work with, but I doubt it is ever heard beyond our masters. We all know than the better the "in", the better the "out"...., but again, is it ever heard? Really for me Range, reliability, mic choice and placement are more important than the differences in the sound quality of the aforementioned brands. I've heard them all and each is fine for Pro Sound Work IMO. Since it's the Capitalistic Holiday of Merry Santa... I want one of each please. Uh... Make that two. CrewC
  10. 10 years. Great milestone. This was the first sight I joined and it was my introduction to "social media". Sadly I'm now an addict to social media, but I digress... 10 years ago in 2007 the iPhone was introduced. Coincidence? Like Job's, Wexler is a smart cat. Well done amigo. Happy almost 10 year anniversary and Holidays to you and the family. CrewC
  11. Udderly average day in Hollywood. CrewC IMG_5959.m4v
  12. I saw it on FB. Funny imo. CrewC
  13. Interesting. I've used and been happy w both the SD & Zax recorders. I had a weird lock up once on my Deva and lost the take. A few months ago I had a bad take that started and quit almost immediately on my 688 on the SD card but was all there on the CF card. Didn't really matter because we shot 30+ takes every set up. I just assumed that it was the SD card was F'd up somehow. Changed it out. So far that was the only hic up on my 688. If it can, it will screw up someday in someway. CrewC
  14. You back on the sauce boss? Or just typing faster than thinking? Certainly not re reading before posting. As for this whole topic, I'll take the wait and see as he isn't prez until January. We know D T can talk, we will soon see if he can walk the walk. So far he seems to be filling the swamp with DC insiders and Goldman Sachs vets. It's all conjecture until he does something. CrewC