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  1. On My Radio

    Sitting under a pop up today, in the pouring rain at Warner Ranch when a message from Christian Holm popped up on my email with a good idea, or so I thought. He asked me to start this because he feels his command of the english is a bit weak. He probably asked the wrong guy to do this as my english is dodgy at best. But... The idea is like "Who I am today", but discussing the music in your life as a window to ones personality and how it influenced you in any way shape or form. I hope I am expressing his idea right. Why not, seems fun enough for a rainy day in Hollywood. Music has always been a main ingredient and love in my life. My father loved the big bands and swing music, so this is the 1st music I heard as a child. Growing up in the 50's n 60's in Southern California, rock and roll and surf music and Motown were on every radio in my world. I so loved it that I took up drums and formed a neighborhood garage band when I was 10. We weren't alone in Fullerton where I was born. This is the city where Leo Fender and his guitar and amp company "Fender" was started. We may of been the 3rd best band out of 9 or so bands that we knew of in town. We played at the Teen Center, Country Club, YMCA, the frat house at CSF, Sunny Hills H S and anywhere we could get a gig. So much fun to play for people after endless hours of rehearsal in our basement. I learned much about sound and even more about life and people. Looking back I can see that this was the seeds that grew into my chosen profession. I have been to many great concerts over the years and may post a list someday. I listen to all types of music today and I am always looking for new bands to enjoy. I have a small project studio and record bands and singer/songwriters all the time in what little spare time I get. I still play the drums and my band, "Pappy n da Pacemakers" are now the 103rd best band in Fullerton.:-) I hope this is what you had in mind C Holm. CrewC The Selecter-On My Radio #235. *T*O*T*Ps*70s*
  2. Todd Weaver, "I, Tonya"

    Shoutout to Todd and his crew for their work on "I, Tonya". Very good film and all that that entails. Top notch work by all involved. Love to hear other POV's. CrewC
  3. Lectro Duet

    O K, 10 more shoot days with the Duet now. Performing well with the 2 antennas out of the enclosure and up a bit but not that much, about 5 to 6 feet high over all. First thing I do is scan the receive in the morning, choose an open freq and then set the trans. Then I set up my radio mics. Been getting good range in DTLA, and the Valley so far. Just like Larry said. It's been a massive upgrade for my boom op now that we can talk about the same thing we are hearing. Happy. CrewC
  4. Lectro Duet

    Day 4 with the Lector Duet IEM and I am happy to report so far so good. Good range, great sound. Not sure how many others are using this system and what they are experiencing, but in Pasadena, a rf active area, it did the job. Boom op is very happy to hear what we are recording. This is what being wireless was missing IMO. Certainly a step up from all the comteks and IFB's I've used. I understand Zax has a good one too. Makes going wireless better for sure. CrewC
  5. 'Being There'

    I think one thing stands out to me, aside from the incredible job Jeff and Don did on "Being There" (and most all their films), as well as the "best mic ever" in the hands of a top notch boom swinger and mixer and all that brings, is the process of Then and Now. Today we make Product. Then we where telling Cinematic Stories. So many great films were made, stories told, by Directors, Writers, Actors, Craftsmen, all working on a Film/Script they believed in. Wanted told. History shows the abundance and importance of a good story or film from that era, and the best get better with age. Don't get me wrong, Product has always been made, but man oh man, not enough Stories worth telling are produced today IMO. I love all our new tools and awesome capabilities these days, but I'd rather it be used to produce worthy fare. CrewC
  6. OT: Best all-round DI box?

    I only have Radials, so.... I like em. Sound fine for what I use them for. CrewC
  7. Lectro Duet

    Today is day 5 using it so it's a bit early to know all its capabilities, but I doubt it has the range of a base station comtek. I wish it was more powerful but not an issue so far. My IFB would become plan B if range were to be an issue, Comtek plan C. I'm using the Duet w a SNA600a antennae not the whip that comes w it. I'll report back any new thoughts as I get them. CrewC
  8. Boom and Live Vocals. Good lesson from 1955.

    One of the greatest concerts of all time was recorded w 3 RCA 44's recorded mono in 1938. Benny Goodmans concert at Carnegie Hall. I think the best recordings are when the performers do the heavy lifting and the room plays its part, and you place the right amount of mics. 1 to 5 is often enough. Nice example G T CrewC
  9. 70's Commercials

    I've been making them since 77 but I can't remember any of them.;~) Just lucky I guess. CrewC
  10. Any Drummers out there

    I watched this yesterday. I really dig S C... CrewC
  11. Any Drummers out there

    I just finished playing drums by myself, which is not as much fun as playing music with others, but more fun than not playing at all. Last week I was working with Gary Gossett who is a drummer as well. Hunter Crowley is also a drummer. Just wondering how many other sound folks played drums? I know some play other instruments, like Mick Fowler, he plays keyboards and I am sure others play or did play guitar and bass. Did doing so figure into your ending up in sound? If so then how much? Myself, I see it all related to my growing up in Orange County in the 50's n 60's when garage bands were a huge fad like hot rods and surfing. We were in tune with it all and the music of that time was the glue that joined us all together. I grew up in Fullerton where the late Leo Fender had is famous shop that changed the sound of rock n roll. We would hang out by the back roll up and watch and bug the guys working there, scrounging grill cloth and wood to build our own speaker cabs and just see what we could get. Looking back I find it hard to believe how cool they were to us. We would make all sorts of things for our modest/average at best band, ( The Rubber Band). I think that it all played into the tapestry of my life and career, but who really knows? Just me writing something on a Memorial Day Monday. CrewC

    I still have my 4 and use it now and again. Solid unit. CrewC
  13. Wireless "bursts" of volume?

    One of my 211's use to do this. (if I understand your post) Out of nowhere it'd go up 10-15 db and then go back to normal. I sent the trans and receiver back to Lectro for repair. Sorry I can't remember what they did to fix it. Your issue seems to be across multiple units so I doubt it's the same thing. (Not much help here) Curious about your problem. Let us know when it is resolved. CrewC
  14. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    I still do a 2 track mix. 2 identical mono tracks because in commercials I'd often get a letter from the editor or assistant wondering where the other track was (not joking) in their NLE. The only reason I might do a 2 track mix with different info per track is a playback and record shot and I'd have music on one and singing on the other. They'd be in the ISO's, but.... Back to the OP, a mono of mix and mono ISO's is all you need. I believe a mix track is valuable to post so they can get going w the cut and worry about the mix after picture is locked. Many good "debates" w Hench and others about this topic in the way back files. CrewC
  15. Any Drummers out there

    I'd seen the Andrew Scheps video before and like and agree with everything he said. The other two were cool too. Thanks. CrewC
  16. On My Radio

    Acoustic cover of their own song.... CrewC
  17. On My Radio

    A lot of Tom Petty shout outs and covers out there right now. I like this one. Well done all in one. CrewC
  18. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    Hard to argue that. CrewC
  19. Tom Petty, RIP

    Caught the Bowl show on the 21st. So much love and talent evident that night. Hard to comprehend he's gone. Thanks for the great gifts you gave us Tom. CrewC
  20. View From The Office:

    legionnaire's disease tubes.... Burbank Ca. CrewCl
  21. Speedy Recovery

    Good news. Our fearless (peerless?) Leader Jeff Wexler had some health issues and spent a few day in the hospital and was released yesterday. He is on the mend with a good prognosis for a full recovery. He's too private and humble to talk about himself so I'd like to say Cheers to JW. Get well soon. CrewC
  22. Production Mix Structure

    Ha. Glad you enjoy the joint Mack. Just so you know, there are 5 stages to JWSound love. Stage 1. OMG. Can't believe this exists. Stage 2. This is the best.... Stage 3. I've found my people and they like me. Stage 4. This place was cool until "so in so" reared up to give me grief... Stage 5. F U JW Sound and the recorder you rode in with. But really there is a stage 6 in which you get "it" for what "it" is, a community of peers from around the world who share a social platform beer now and again. Cheers. CrewC
  23. Large blimp vs smaller blimp

    FWIW, we call it "the dog"..... CrewC
  24. Congrats to all the nominee's and their crews and of course Roger with the trophy. Well done. CrewC
  25. Production Mix Structure

    Number one thing, above all else discussed here to date, be sure and hit the record button. A unrecorded mix and a recorded mix sound exactly alike, (hopefully good) until you try and play the unrecorded one back.... Double check each roll that you are indeed recording. Nothing worse than having to tell all you didn't get the take... If it does happen, cop to it right away and go again. Better to be a dumb shit now than not sleep all night worrying about being a "fuck up" tomorrow. CrewC