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  1. A big part of "Depends" is what analog mixer are you thinking about buying. I have a Cooper 106 and a Solice from PSC that I use to use w a Deva 4. That worked great for many years until the track counts were going higher than 8. (Now days I use them as back up or in my home studio). Can't go wrong w either mixer IMO. I now have and use a CL-12 / SD688 / SL6 setup with a Lectro Venue for 12 radio tracks available. Also I have a 633 & 2 Srb Lectro receivers as a bag rig. I really like this system for today's work flow with high iso counts and radio boom and lav's. I doubt anyone could tell the difference between the 2 methods of recording that we find ourselves in covering 99% of production sound recordings. If your current system works for you now, I'd wait a year before buying. The next gen recorder/mixer will most likely be a 16 track all in one unit that is the best of the 6 and 7 series from SD. This is only a guess. I have no relationship w them or insider knowledge. Just seems like the new sweet spot for cart based system if they think there is a large enough market for that. Also I'll second P P. "Where's the CL- 6???" Love to have one too.... CrewC
  2. Ya. Your thought process sync's w mine Philip. I like to keep things clean and simple in life and recording when possible. CrewC
  3. Glad it worked out. I guess I'd be the only one suggesting a good/pro boom op and Schoeps 41and a mixer to ride levels..... CrewC
  4. Sitting under a pop up today, in the pouring rain at Warner Ranch when a message from Christian Holm popped up on my email with a good idea, or so I thought. He asked me to start this because he feels his command of the english is a bit weak. He probably asked the wrong guy to do this as my english is dodgy at best. But... The idea is like "Who I am today", but discussing the music in your life as a window to ones personality and how it influenced you in any way shape or form. I hope I am expressing his idea right. Why not, seems fun enough for a rainy day in Hollywood. Music has always been a main ingredient and love in my life. My father loved the big bands and swing music, so this is the 1st music I heard as a child. Growing up in the 50's n 60's in Southern California, rock and roll and surf music and Motown were on every radio in my world. I so loved it that I took up drums and formed a neighborhood garage band when I was 10. We weren't alone in Fullerton where I was born. This is the city where Leo Fender and his guitar and amp company "Fender" was started. We may of been the 3rd best band out of 9 or so bands that we knew of in town. We played at the Teen Center, Country Club, YMCA, the frat house at CSF, Sunny Hills H S and anywhere we could get a gig. So much fun to play for people after endless hours of rehearsal in our basement. I learned much about sound and even more about life and people. Looking back I can see that this was the seeds that grew into my chosen profession. I have been to many great concerts over the years and may post a list someday. I listen to all types of music today and I am always looking for new bands to enjoy. I have a small project studio and record bands and singer/songwriters all the time in what little spare time I get. I still play the drums and my band, "Pappy n da Pacemakers" are now the 103rd best band in Fullerton.:-) I hope this is what you had in mind C Holm. CrewC The Selecter-On My Radio #235. *T*O*T*Ps*70s*
  5. This is a band I've liked for a while now. Cayucas is a band and a Central Cosatal California town. In Studio Radio show performance. Love the simple sound. Less can be more. For me this band is just that. CrewC
  6. I think honest criticism is great, more valuable than saying "I like it" as many do. Maybe a way to address Constantin's comment would be to let the fxs/verb/chorus/etc build over the course of the songs so we hear the dry source sound more for what it is, and then let it build and swim in the river of goo. I have thought about going a song in this style but haven't to date. I have used odd sounds from objects in songs a number of times but never a whole song this way. Again, good share. CrewC
  7. Always fun to break up the routine work w different type of gigs. Looks interesting. rewC
  8. Music Concrete? I enjoyed these. Thanks for sharing. After recording the samples, do you play them on the pad controller or cut and paste, or all of the above? Well made. Not sure why the stereo mic but it can't hurt it. CrewC
  9. I think 8-8-8 would be viable for 90% of jobs in the USA and Canada. Not knowledgeable enough about Europe, Australia, and New Zeland or Japan to venture a guess. I think the "Film" biz is a weird beast and the best we could achieve would be 10 hour days. 12 on/ 12 off would be a good start to getting there. When I started in Film, features were 10 hour days and we got paid 12 hours daily. Biggest difference between now and then I believe is the people in charge and on the crew knew how to make them from top to bottom. They told original stories most of the time and respected the audience to go into many directions and genres. Now the bean counter/MBA's who run the show have no idea what to do other than chase last years hits and misses and retreads of shitty TV shows no one want to see. More people working more hours on inflated budgets with little leeway in time to make a unique quality product. Seems like a self inflicted death spiral to me. I opted out of films to do commercials in LA in 87. To be a part of my family and while I didn't to to USC film to work on commercials, I don't regret the life I've led. The time/money ratio was the best I could do. Hopefully the next gen can do better but I don't think so as we collectively never say no, we undercut each other, and work one man when two would be safer/healthier/more rewarding/ and a better product. I hope I'm wrong about the future. CrewC
  10. If nothing else, these post show the limitations in this form of communication... Or my skills as a writer and reader. Interesting Australian Labor history. Thanks. No reason not to have an 8-8-8 day IMO. CrewC
  11. Copy that. I am judgmental when it comes to mirror and that's a fact. Unnecessary? Not for me. That was my feeling and reaction to his post. I try to be civil but I also don't censor myself if I feel something. Also I know more about him than the others here @jwsound as he has worked in Hollywood for almost as long as I have. ;~) Right? Wrong?.... Just me. CrewC Also my fantasies have no components of you or he. Way more pedestrian than that.
  12. Ya lost me on that one Daniel. Was your response to mirror? Me? Both? Cheers. CrewC
  13. I hope to finish my project (2nd one) soon(this month) in 12.5. My stuff has not been taxing for a NLE at all. Straight cuts, a few title cards, and a few fade in/outs. My friend is going to color correct them both and I hope I can get a beginners feel for that craft from watching him work. I did my 1st project sound mix in PT and will do the 2nd that way too. Hopefully a better 14 will exist later this year and I will buy a copy. CrewC
  14. Wow. Talk about misreading a topic... How does the union contract you work under, that has given you and your family so much relative to most in our country, fit into your world view? I'm no commie lover like your boy "WhatHizNutz", but this topic is about labor history in the U S. Just out of curiosity, are you a self hating worker bee? Do you think you should be the Queen Bee? Remember, out of many, one. CrewC
  15. I've been using Resolve 12 for the last 2 months on a personal project. I of course am a non pro editor, but I like it a lot. I like it better than my old NLE Final Cut Pro 7. I will buy the v14 Resolve w Fairlight. Never been around Fairlight so I look forward to getting to know it. In my experiences w Resolve I've never had a crash or issue with it. Not sure what VAS thinks is terrible about it but I have no issue with all of the features being in one program. On my project I did do my mix in PT because it is what I know. Time will tell if I like Fairlight better. CrewC
  16. The Pendulum swings. There is a better day coming with/for collective bargaining. E Pluribus Unum. CrewC
  17. Don put me onto the research for the Shure system when I worked w him last month. Zax and Sennheiser were also in consideration. It is a missing link no longer. Good to have options. CrewC
  18. And for the record, as much as I love almost all things tech, I agree w Mr Years, it would be low on my list as a boom mic upgrade option. Now a great monitoring system for the boom op, yes for me on the new in ear monitor system from Lectro. I was looking into the Shure system when Lectro announced their new units. That is something that would be like the old cabled days and the boom op and I would be hearing the same quality of sound. CrewC
  19. Just guessing here but I think JW thought you were mirror by his last response... He/she has that effect on people at times. Back to the discussion..... CrewC
  20. I don't think so Robert. I was hoping it was the case. Maybe it is and I missed it. I use my Venue for tracks 1-6 on the 688 and mt SL-6 for tracks 7-12. Antenna goes to the Venue and through put to the SL-6. Works great if you are all radio boom and radios all the time like I am. CrewC
  21. Thanks for the update DF, JB, & JW. . I'm sure it'll cost plenty but for years now I have felt bad about the audio quality my boom op has had to deal with. Also I can use it w music recording. CrewC
  22. Nice... CrewC
  23. Never had the pleasure or luck to work w Mr Demme. I know his reputation among his peers and crews was high and traveled far and wide. Big fan of most of his work. RIP Mr Demme. CrewC
  24. Ha. For once I agree. We have many Hellish deserts to work in, thats # 1 or 2. Nice form Matthew, but it's a drive up or by. Save your back.;~) CrewC
  25. What do you expect? Jeff's a unique dude in a unique mood. If it were my BiZNeZ, I'd do pop up stores w screenings of different films he has recorded. That is a Big $$$ idea offered for free. CrewC