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  1. old school

    Any Drummers out there

    Very cool video. CrewC
  2. old school

    Any Drummers out there

    I just finished playing drums by myself, which is not as much fun as playing music with others, but more fun than not playing at all. Last week I was working with Gary Gossett who is a drummer as well. Hunter Crowley is also a drummer. Just wondering how many other sound folks played drums? I know some play other instruments, like Mick Fowler, he plays keyboards and I am sure others play or did play guitar and bass. Did doing so figure into your ending up in sound? If so then how much? Myself, I see it all related to my growing up in Orange County in the 50's n 60's when garage bands were a huge fad like hot rods and surfing. We were in tune with it all and the music of that time was the glue that joined us all together. I grew up in Fullerton where the late Leo Fender had is famous shop that changed the sound of rock n roll. We would hang out by the back roll up and watch and bug the guys working there, scrounging grill cloth and wood to build our own speaker cabs and just see what we could get. Looking back I find it hard to believe how cool they were to us. We would make all sorts of things for our modest/average at best band, ( The Rubber Band). I think that it all played into the tapestry of my life and career, but who really knows? Just me writing something on a Memorial Day Monday. CrewC
  3. old school

    On My Radio

    Sitting under a pop up today, in the pouring rain at Warner Ranch when a message from Christian Holm popped up on my email with a good idea, or so I thought. He asked me to start this because he feels his command of the english is a bit weak. He probably asked the wrong guy to do this as my english is dodgy at best. But... The idea is like "Who I am today", but discussing the music in your life as a window to ones personality and how it influenced you in any way shape or form. I hope I am expressing his idea right. Why not, seems fun enough for a rainy day in Hollywood. Music has always been a main ingredient and love in my life. My father loved the big bands and swing music, so this is the 1st music I heard as a child. Growing up in the 50's n 60's in Southern California, rock and roll and surf music and Motown were on every radio in my world. I so loved it that I took up drums and formed a neighborhood garage band when I was 10. We weren't alone in Fullerton where I was born. This is the city where Leo Fender and his guitar and amp company "Fender" was started. We may of been the 3rd best band out of 9 or so bands that we knew of in town. We played at the Teen Center, Country Club, YMCA, the frat house at CSF, Sunny Hills H S and anywhere we could get a gig. So much fun to play for people after endless hours of rehearsal in our basement. I learned much about sound and even more about life and people. Looking back I can see that this was the seeds that grew into my chosen profession. I have been to many great concerts over the years and may post a list someday. I listen to all types of music today and I am always looking for new bands to enjoy. I have a small project studio and record bands and singer/songwriters all the time in what little spare time I get. I still play the drums and my band, "Pappy n da Pacemakers" are now the 103rd best band in Fullerton.:-) I hope this is what you had in mind C Holm. CrewC The Selecter-On My Radio #235. *T*O*T*Ps*70s*
  4. old school

    Treatment in production

    "If you have performed the job well on set and turn in sound that is right for the project your true accolades come with the call for the next project. Then you can solidify your respect by working with many of the same people over and over and i bet some accolades will start coming. Its a process but one that is very rewarding," Don Coufal Indeed, the truth imo. Another thought to consider, let's say you get 15-20 years into a career, likely you've logged way more hours, films, and experience than most directors ever will. Take pride in what you've learned and use it to your advantage. CrewC
  5. old school

    Treatment in production

    I get what I give. Personally I don't care what anyone thinks of me, I'm responsible for production sound, CrewC
  6. old school

    Congratulations to all Emmy Nominees

    Congrats to all and their crews. Well done. CrewC
  7. old school

    HN-7506 or something else

    I've said we need a like button for years. As for the HN7506 cans, I own a pair but luckily I've had to use them only twice. They work well. CrewC
  8. old school

    John Blankenship is officially a year older today

    Happy Belated B D wishes J B. Big fan. CrewC
  9. old school

    The best Paul McCartney interview ever

    The UK sound teams who did this shoot get an A+'s in my opinion. As for the content, well Sir Paul and J C are top level talent. Really well done all. CrewC
  10. Busy week working but I'm looking forward to these Pros talk about it. Thanks CAS, David, Bill and Peter. CrewC
  11. old school

    Atheisticmystic thanks the vets !!!

    The bell of truth ringing. I shot my flag yesterday and blended it with dead soldiers in Gettysburg and a quote from Plato yesterday, "Only the dead have seen the end to war". My 1st amendment rights defended by many allow me to make the statement. I thank and honer them too. CrewC
  12. old school

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    Not sure how technology adjusts to an individual. Seems like all things are built with fixed limitations, no? I know it's an age old tradition to bitch about the gear that manufactures build for the market but can you imagine the cost per unit if we could order custom builds from the vendors? CrewC
  13. old school

    On My Radio

    Love Dan and this new album of his. Dig the Tiny Desk series too. CrewC
  14. old school

    6 series trim knob -CL12

    NopeDotCom. Seems hardly an issue once it becomes second nature (like all systems do after awhile). CrewC
  15. old school

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    So Tom would of been your call if the Kentucky thing wasn't a thing? I think the main lesson is to stand your ground going into a gig. I know absolutely that I am nothing without a good and trusted boom op who works the way I do. CrewC
  16. old school

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    For my clarification, where did Tom come from? If you knew who to ask after #1 went down, why didn't you go with him first off? Seems like there is more to this story or I'm just not smart enough to understand you. CrewC
  17. old school

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    No offense but I think you needed to step in and deal with it on day two. They over reacted and you didn't cover your team mate. Going back further, if you knew Tom was a better boom op you should of made a stand for him before it got to this point. No way to change a persons personality. If the dude had a Tude he was not going to get a new one for you or them. I make thes comments based on your confusing story. CrewC
  18. old school

    Best small format recorders for planting

    I've got a Lectro PDR. Works great for a number of things I used it for. CrewC
  19. Philip, that's the same thoughts and ideas RVD and I talked about decades ago. Wish it was a pathway to a creative endeavor. Oh well, I can't complain, only dream. CrewC
  20. Yeah. Basically they don't know what and why we do what we do in our jobs, and we don't know what they do or even who they are. Weird workflow but it seems to work better in practice than on paper. CrewC
  21. True. And i do. Easyier to do in L A commercials than TV or Film but I've... let's say grown to see the value of that workflow $$$. Still not the right way in at least 50% of the scenes I record. CrewC
  22. Got around to listening to this today. It was ok. Just shows no one knows anything in our biz. CrewC
  23. Interesting comments. Can't wait to hear the podcast. Sounds like a lot of complaining about iso tracks. Odd. It's my understanding iso's are post driven/requested/demanded thing. I know "wire em all" is an AD thing and I have zero issue telling a AD no. Hard to argue with a producer who gets a chain email from post wanting an explanation why we didn't wire em all. CrewC
  24. old school

    We can help out

    Indeed a worthy cause to help a brother out in his time of need. Thanks for the info Jeff. CrewC
  25. old school

    Best Shotgun Mic for Singing Guitarist on Location

    In the old days the 415's were susceptible to high frequency distortion (Like keys jingling) and could be problematic. Hard to really say in your case as there were so many variables possible. You have the recording to post so we could hear the issue? A schoeps 41 is my mic of choice in most situations and would of been in this one as well. CrewC