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  1. I was lucky to see Chuck twice in the late 60's and twice in the 70's during his "My Ding a Ling" resurgence. He was a showman and as a founding father of Rock & Roll, he did not disappoint. RIP Mr Berry. Ya made it to the Promised Land. CrewC
  2. Ha. The 3 of us have 120+ years of Local 695 under our belts Jeff. We had a great day Jeff. Wish you were there. Best St Paddy's day I've had in a decade. CrewC
  3. Good point Dutch. Don, like Jeff and others I know are film makers first who specialize in sound for picture. I believe to be a good sound/camera/art person, you need to know all aspects of the crafts. BTW, I'm working w Don today. A real treat for me. CrewC
  4. Our host Jeff Wexler is retired and presumably has time on his hands;~) Give him a call. I'm sure he'd be helpful. Best of luck w your show. "Ya know what they say, some of it's true"... Love the Clash. CrewC
  5. Very well made film if I don't say so.... CrewC
  6. Great guy and team mate as well as top boom op. I'm working with him this Friday and look forward to seeing Don. If you're in need of the best available, call Don Coufal. CrewC
  7. You might try expanding your market into OC where there is a lot of corporate work, and LA where there is every kind of work. SD has many great attributes, but it might be a small town production sound wise. CrewC
  8. As a 688 and 633 owner I am very pleased with SD. Thanks for this upgrade. I do wish they'd release a wingman update so it works in the horizontal lay out. Can't wait to see what NAB has for us. CrewC
  9. Congrats to all the nominees and of course the winners and their hard working crews. Cheers. CrewC
  10. True. 1/2 block on 470. The open half is very wide open. I have the 3 block 470, 19, 20 units. Good option in L A in my experience. CrewC
  11. Hey Mark, like those above posts, it varies by neighborhood w 21 & 22. I almost always get 2 0r 3 usable freqs on block 21 except in parts of Pasadena. 22 is usually very crowded in L A but yesterday in Pasadena there was a large open chunk of space. Easily could of picked 4 or 5 freqs. I've been having great success w block 20 most everywhere. Same for block 19 and whatever the block lower is called. Those seem the most open to me but as they are my newest units I haven't used them everywhere in SoCal. CrewC
  12. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/11/roar-the-most-dangerous-movie-ever-made.html?via=desktop&source=facebook I had the dubious honor of working on Roar. So did Courtney Goodin. I left after 3 weeks when Noel Marshal was bit through the hand. I was smart enough to know I didn't want to see anyone die or die myself. CrewC
  13. One of the best topics I've read in a long while. Like most questions, there is no one answer. For me, the answer has always been "somehow". My story is not relevant to most freelancers, in that I live in a big market and have a big family here in SoCal. Even bigger extended family. A backup network that was always there for me. Many options, but many doubts. The one thing I do know at 65 years of age is it goes bye too fast. Especially the KID years. Embrace the now and have faith you can do it is my advice. Even when you wake up at 3am in a dread of doubt, remember....... What was I saying? CrewC
  14. Colorful imagination? New album cover? ArmaFuckinGetaGaddaDaVida? Art? Mostly me entertaining myself as I wait on set to record our one line of dialog.... Peace in, L A
  15. LA FreeWay location
  16. I never met Mr Portman, but I certainly knew his work. He was in the top of the top tier re recording mixers. I hope he is celebrated and remembered for a long time. CrewC
  17. Love the look. Love to see and play with one. Doubt I'd change my current set up for this, but it is a cool tool. CrewC
  18. Well done all. IMO, a nomination is as good as winning because we all know the game and really, what difference is there between sound recording at this level? Mostly what film it is attached to and the buzz of that movie. Congrats to all involved. CrewC
  19. Congrats to all and their hard working crews. Well done. CrewC
  20. I'd like a SD CL 6 for the 633..... or a CL 12 that could output to 2 633's..... CrewC
  21. New for you or new not on the market? CrewC
  22. Congrats to all and their hard working crews. CrewC
  23. Good Pic. CrewC
  24. 👏👏👏👏👏✌️👏👏👏👏👏👏