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  1. M/S mic for documentaries

    Agree with the posts about adding a small figure 8 to your current shotgun. In a pinch something like the Schoeps CCM8 will fit inside a std WS4 Rycote. Paired with a CMIT it sounds fantastic for all manner of ambience & even music. But even smaller is the Ambient Emesser and over $1300 less. For doc dialogue situations and general ambience & spaciousness it sounds just fine. Used both. Plus as mentioned above you can easily decide whether to go mono or no with a flick of the switch...
  2. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    Great to know, gracias otra vez!
  3. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    Thank you very much John and Ramallo for all of the excellent information, very helpful. Opinions on self-noise a bit different, but speaks to how close they must be to each other in this regard. I've used the SPS200 in the past and experienced an occasional bit of noise issues - maybe attributed to very high humidity (jungle, cave). Like you say, ambeo seems a good, rugged choice for varied outdoor atmospheres.
  4. New Sennheiser "VR Mic"

    Hi Ramallo - As I think you have both the SPS200 and the Ambeo, it would be really helpful to learn how you compare the two in terms of self-noise? Frequency response? Sensitivity to moisture / cold /heat? I am thinking of acquiring one mainly for quiet ambience recordings. Thanks!
  5. DPA 4060 wireless

    pm sent
  6. What bag???

    orca 30, one of my SRs removed, open slot for a voltmeter tbd... while not a perfect bag ( cannot open CF/SD flap without disconnecting a few cables & lifting 663 up out of bag, it could be an inch wider so the the standard XLR connectors/hirose fit a bit more snug/safely inside the hard frame; and find the odd criss-crosss hold down straps for the 633 finicky ) I've no real reason to try another as all of my bags in past have been compromises. But I do like the metal skeleton & its held up very very well.
  7. Add three more mic channels to SD633

    They would have been a hero had they also included the ability to lock all 3 faders for dms recordings... something SD appears unwilling to implement on the 633.
  8. Mackie MCU control surface, Command8, and Nagra VI

    Thanks Eric and mskill for posting this information... very helpful as I am deciding on a controller for my Nagra ( ideally something with decently long throw faders). So any updates on your findings very welcome. cheers-
  9. Bag-cart shelf

    Very nice, very simple... + wood I can work with! This seems just the ticket for my own Stormcase im2500 & would love to see some pics of how your shelf sits / attaches onto the case. Tippy at all? Thanks -
  10. Sonosax SX-R4+

    M. Sax - While you're here, are there any plans to implement ambisonic monitoring, both A & B format? If so, an estimated time frame? Thanks!
  11. Any Lectro rumors?

    Ahh... that's clue enough for me, thanks!
  12. Any Lectro rumors?

    More specifically, about a wide-band dual channel ala the SR series in the works? Certain I read something - perhaps here on the forum - but cannot seem to find. Thx -
  13. Another stand thread...

    I also own a manfrotto nano but if out doors my experience is that it can be a bit too 'lively' in the breeze... especially if raised up a bit with a zep on top. I traveled a lot with one for stereo & dms sound gathering - love the size & weight & perfect for a stealth kit. Often it was perfect, but then i burned myself once when doing a surround recording & the wind picked up at the best/worst moment... so while this anecdote may be entirely moot for your needs, its nowhere near as stiff as the air cushion, here: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/609055-REG/Manfrotto_1051BAC_1051BAC_Alu_Mini_Air.html.
  14. Another stand thread...

    for sit downs i use manfrotto air cushion stands & a mafer clamp - light enough to carry in a stand case with my boom pole. I either rig my shoulder bag as a hang weight or bring a shot bag.
  15. Zoom F8

    + 1 - but i suspect they must be onto this as there are several references to its surround capabilities on the F8 website. But point taken... ahem: as many have begged, the SD 633 would make a nice little DMS machine but for a firmware upgrade.