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  1. More integration with smartphones. I want to mirror my mixer's display on my smartphone, wirelessly. I also want the ability to transfer audio files, wirelessly, to my smartphone.
  2. What happens if you turn pilot tone off?
  3. I don't think you can go wrong with Lectro gear, I've had my SRa's and TX's now for three years and the only problems I've suffered are the occasional splat when the frequencies aren't quite to their liking. Range, from the bag, I can get the length of a football pitch (just), although the stadium would be empty. I also managed to pick up a UT400 with capsule at a very low price on Ebay, it's a superb microphone and well worth considering if you're doing any news pieces - AFAIK the other systems all rely on plug-on transmitters, which aren't as good looking. I think the Wisycom and Audio ltd gear can receive and decode Lectro TXs although I don't know how good that sounds. One thing to consider with some of the systems is group delay - if you're mixing microphones with a group delay of 3-4ms with wired microphones, you need to control input delay at your mixer so they all arrive at the same time. Otherwise it just sounds odd. I have my eye on the Zaxcom gear purely because I now use a Nomad and want remote control of the TXs, I may buy some next year, it depends on another long term job I have where I would have to create two kits. We'll see.
  5. I'd quite like a TX that has a loud built-in speaker so you can cue them from a distance. I was doing something a few weeks back on a very large cargo crane, filming with a drone, where cueing the talent had to be done over a mobile phone. Pressing a button on the mixer so that they might hear my voice would have worked a lot better.
  6. I don't know about 30 radio mics, but I can get clean across the length of a football field with an SRa.
  7. Don't buy microphones from Ebay, many of them are counterfeit. Buy second hand from other sound recordists, or better still, old stock from established dealers. Me, I'd probably buy an old SQN 4s, a Sennheiser 416, a Panamic pole, a couple of Sennheiser G3 radio mics, and go from there.
  8. They look very nice but I can only imagine the racket they'd make in the back of a car on a bumpy road.
  9. Well it'll transmit, it just won't have enough power... Sony do an ECM that's water resistant: I would take note when choosing of the difference between waterproof and water resistant.
  10. This may help:
  11. Just use wet and dry and sand it while damp. Of course it's still better to do this outside. Generally speaking, airborne pollutants aren't things you want in your lungs, no matter what they're comprised of.
  12. Ok well I don't have much time on location to do that, but I'll see if running on one or the other speakers alone changes anything. Unfortunately it isn't my PA kit, and the soundkit I'm using on the job isn't my kit either. They have another PA system that lacks line outputs, so as a workaround I may send their mics through my mixer and feed that PA myself.
  13. PA isn't an area I'm familiar with, but I have a simple question. I've been asked to give someone an idea of what's needed for a press conference situation. Currently, they have two dynamic mics (say Shure SM58 for example) plugged into the balanced inputs of one of these: That feeds a couple of speakers (via mono jacks). I take a feed via the "tape out" sockets, at line level. It's all perfectly fine, but occasionally if someone clouts one of the microphones, the system will cut off the speakers, presumably to protect them from overload. I still get a feed of the mics, but that's no good if there's an audience there. I've tried combinations of reducing input/output levels, to no avail. When it happens, I have to turn the thing off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on again. A bit embarrassing for them really (I didn't choose the system) Is there a really simple alternative, perhaps one in a rack, or a portable mixing desk with built in power amplification? Perhaps keeping the speakers and replacing the mixer/amp with a higher quality device that won't cut out? One with multiple inputs, in case they have more complicated demands in future? I've even considered a cheap old SQN or something, feeding a rack-mounted power amplifier.
  14. Not even any heatshrink or a cable boot, that's ropey as hell. I'd also be complaining to B&H tbh. Not good enough.
  15. If that's the case then there's no point in providing a stereo image.