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  1. I'm trying to get them to use one of the SKM 100-835 G3 stick mics I bought for the job in place of the Beyer, with the RX feeding the iRig, but that still leaves the problem of monitoring. Asking them to carry all that kit (I'm not there while they're doing it) is too much. Too expensive. Just need a cheap and easy way to plug headphones in, quality not a concern. Not a bad shout, but a bit too expensive (budgets are tight). Is this really teh cheapest option? Would be a shame if it is. No headphone socket though. Nice, but way, way too big.
  2. The social media crew on a large job I work on have a slight issue. They do Facebook Live broadcasts before the event begins, which are very popular. A presenter walks around the area, talking about the competitors, for several minutes. They do this with a Beyer M58 (or similar), plugged into an iRig Pre, which itself is plugged into an iPhone via the 4-pin minijack socket on the top. The iPhone then combines the mic audio and its camera video to broadcast to several thousand viewers, on Facebook. That part is done through a Facebook app. The iRig Pre has a headphone socket, but I found out this weekend that this headphone socket is not amplified. It's just a passthrough, so essentially if you plug headphones into the iRig, you only hear the phone - not the iRig. This is a problem, because the Facebook app doesn't allow simultaneous monitoring of audio while transmitting (the phone is capable of this, but the app is not). So the operator cannot hear the microphone. Obviously I've set the iRig gain to work correctly, but it would still be a benefit for everyone if the operator could hear what the presenter is saying, and if the audio is good/bad. So I need a device to put between the iRig Pre and the iPhone. I need this device to let the iRig's output continue uninterrupted into the iPhone, while taking a feed and amplifying it so that someone can listen to the iRig Pre on headphones. Does anyone know if such a thing exists?
  3. Years ago an MKH40 of mine developed a loud whistle and had to be returned to Sennheiser. I don't recall the turnaround time, but things go faulty, that's just life.
  4. Looks good to me. I should do some more tests first.
  5. Thanks, I will check this out.
  6. I suspect one of my two SRa's needs to be looked at. The good one is rock solid, never drops out. However, even at short range, the suspect one seems to dip in and out of good reception quite regularly. Both are on standard whips, on ch38 in the UK. Today I had two people on radios, at a distance, running around on a field. So I used one receiver to pick those two channels up, which worked fine. I kept the other (suspect) receiver on, tuned to one of the mics, just to see what might happen. As expected, the signal strength was regularly several pixels below that of the good receiver, and there were quite a few dropouts. I even connected an SNA600 to one antenna, to no avail. Is there anywhere in the UK who services these, or do they have to go back to the US? And is there a better test than "I think this may be faulty" I could try before I consider sending it off?
  7. More integration with smartphones. I want to mirror my mixer's display on my smartphone, wirelessly. I also want the ability to transfer audio files, wirelessly, to my smartphone.
  8. What happens if you turn pilot tone off?
  9. I don't think you can go wrong with Lectro gear, I've had my SRa's and TX's now for three years and the only problems I've suffered are the occasional splat when the frequencies aren't quite to their liking. Range, from the bag, I can get the length of a football pitch (just), although the stadium would be empty. I also managed to pick up a UT400 with capsule at a very low price on Ebay, it's a superb microphone and well worth considering if you're doing any news pieces - AFAIK the other systems all rely on plug-on transmitters, which aren't as good looking. I think the Wisycom and Audio ltd gear can receive and decode Lectro TXs although I don't know how good that sounds. One thing to consider with some of the systems is group delay - if you're mixing microphones with a group delay of 3-4ms with wired microphones, you need to control input delay at your mixer so they all arrive at the same time. Otherwise it just sounds odd. I have my eye on the Zaxcom gear purely because I now use a Nomad and want remote control of the TXs, I may buy some next year, it depends on another long term job I have where I would have to create two kits. We'll see.
  11. I'd quite like a TX that has a loud built-in speaker so you can cue them from a distance. I was doing something a few weeks back on a very large cargo crane, filming with a drone, where cueing the talent had to be done over a mobile phone. Pressing a button on the mixer so that they might hear my voice would have worked a lot better.
  12. I don't know about 30 radio mics, but I can get clean across the length of a football field with an SRa.
  13. Don't buy microphones from Ebay, many of them are counterfeit. Buy second hand from other sound recordists, or better still, old stock from established dealers. Me, I'd probably buy an old SQN 4s, a Sennheiser 416, a Panamic pole, a couple of Sennheiser G3 radio mics, and go from there.
  14. They look very nice but I can only imagine the racket they'd make in the back of a car on a bumpy road.
  15. Well it'll transmit, it just won't have enough power... Sony do an ECM that's water resistant: I would take note when choosing of the difference between waterproof and water resistant.