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  1. Matthew L Hankins

    Audio root uPRE mk11

    r.paterson---did you give the uPre MKII a try on your MAXX? I bought two of them and one of the two boxes is really creating a lot of RF spray in my audio bag. I was wondering if you had any experience on this to share since making your original post. So now I am looking at either finding a way to shield them from blasting the world with RF or else pulling them from my bag and starting over.
  2. Matthew L Hankins

    Oscar Sound Tech TL-40 Lav Pics & Sound Test

    I use a moleskin sandwich and double sided tape to attach to clothing or skin as the situation warrants. I find myself using TL-40 lavs more and more these days. The cable is a little thick and not very flexible, but I can afford to keep a whole lot more colors of the mics in my kit and can leave wires on talent when transmitters need to move to another actor when a scene changes.
  3. Matthew L Hankins

    Another stand thread...

    Jeremiah Sheets---I know you said you do not want C-stands, but have you considered turtle base C-stands? It seemed like your concert was how the stands legs fold up for transport. I agree, I hate how the C-stand legs seem to get tangled up with other stuff, so I bought turtle base stands for my local needs. They make for a very sturdy mic stand. I have used them plenty for film/ video production, but they have also found use for live sound/ music events. I just used one for mic placement on a grand piano, sand bag on the C-stand base... good stuff.
  4. Matthew L Hankins

    Thoughts on the Zaxcom RX200

    Jack, that is good to read you RX200 lasts all day on a set of batteries. I was curious about that. I look forward to adding a couple to my kit as camera hops.
  5. Matthew L Hankins

    Sound Devices Recorders/Mixers: "Stop Hold-Off" Feature?

    No problem with my Zaxcom MAXX mixer/ recorder. The membrane switches do not permit accidental button hits, in addition to the requirement for holding the stop button for a second to engage 'stop'. I honestly had not given it much thought, but having worked on SD gear, I can see how bumping the stop button accidentally could be a problem.
  6. Matthew L Hankins

    Lil DARling? (juiced link)

    TA5 to TA3 adapter? I guess I was thinking more like TA5 to a time code synced recorder with the full Lectro functionality. That is asking too much and I suppose it is a request for Lectrosonics and no one else. I can already make TA5 to TA3 adapter cables or have them made if I do not want to do it myself---nothing new there.
  7. Matthew L Hankins

    Lil DARling? (juiced link)

    Jim, I had a conversation with someone on here a couple months ago regarding exactly your sentiments. I really should have been writing it to Glenn at Zaxcom. I wish there was a Zaxcom-like recorder (with time code) with a Lectro connector. I guess a couple more lavs are not the big expense for adding the Zax body recorder, but every little bit counts.
  8. Matthew L Hankins

    Lil DARling? (juiced link)

    I am curious how this device is any different than the TASCAM recorder that has a law suit pending against it for infringing upon patents held by Zaxcom? It seems an awful lot like the same thing. Hmmm... The one place where I could see this as useful for me is for a wireless boom operator to have a recorder before the transmitter in case of a drop out. But it would involve several devices, I think, to make that sort of thing work so the boom operator could have headphone monitoring besides via IFB. I agree the packs on talent could pose a real challenge for post to sync everything up without any sort of time code or clock on the recorder. I suppose placing the talent near the sticks for marking the scene could work to overcome that problem, mostly.
  9. Matthew L Hankins

    600mhz RF band going away?

    Maybe it is time for the NRA to step in! Or for us, the National WIRELESS Association. : )
  10. Matthew L Hankins

    600mhz RF band going away?

    Good enough. I did not go through this the last time. We had some wireless units at my old job that were in the 700 range, but nothing I owned was affected with the law change. I guess several years is enough time to plan for the future. Thanks.
  11. Matthew L Hankins

    600mhz RF band going away?

    I am just asking. Everyone on this thread seemed to indicate folks are still using blocks 27 and 28. I was surprised by what I am reading and perplexed by the possibility that my block 26 may well become illegal in the US at some point in the not-so-distant future.
  12. Matthew L Hankins

    600mhz RF band going away?

    so the general consensus is, do not worry about block 26, because blocks 27 and 28 are actually still available, albeit illegal to use?
  13. Matthew L Hankins

    Trew Audio opening in Atlanta

    Sales tax in Nashville, at Trew Audio central is not that high, but it is 9.25% which still hurts sometimes. I like that GA rate.
  14. Matthew L Hankins

    Zaxcom MAXX partial formatting of card

    Hello Glenn---I am always so pleased to see you, Howy and Jack on the different forums explaining things about your products. It is a very classy outreach, as far as I am concerned. What are the odds of you folks providing a user list of system functions, similar to what SD provides? You know the laminated cards with the stacked functions printed on it? I realize your menus are different, but so sort of list of functions in addition to the ever evolving manual would be a helpful tool, I think. Like this 'partial format' thing. I am betting there are a whole bunch of functions similar to this that are mentioned in passing in the manuals. If they were listed some how with the key commands provided and then referenced to sections of the manual, a lot of confusion could be eliminated. I know, it is another job for someone to do in a small company. Maybe it could be something as simple as a spread sheet that is easily updated rather than a PDF manual.
  15. Matthew L Hankins

    Nomad additional 8 rotary fader option

    It is surprising how hard it is to find information about this new fader panel. Trew Audio has a video from NAB where it is referenced. And then this thread. But not even on the Zaxcom site do I find anything about it. That is a surprise as this should make the Nomad a more handy recording tool. I had already planned to purchase a Nomad 10 or 12 in the next year. The new fader panel cements the idea.