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    I'm Nelly GOURVES , I work for the CINELA company since nearly two years now.
    I used to be a sound mixer , i was also one of the fouding members of a sound equipments (for film, video and TV production) rental company that i left to join the CINELA company .

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  1. cineli

    Zaxcom Patent Discussion

    Dear Glenn, as you know, the dream invention is a desirable black box with a magic feature. Such a device doesn't need any patent at all because it's impossible to break and copy. Only speaking about the "recording transmitter" feature, this invention is exactly the opposite of the black box. This simple genius idea is...desirable for all manufacturers, as you perfectly know and as everyone is able to notice. No doubt that the only way to protect it is the patent option...with predictible troubles only solvable by lawyers. Certainly tricky and expensive. My question is more a questioning: You naturally deserve to get the highest thankfulness regarding intellectual property, for this feature and for all other devices that you designed. Not so simple, I guess, if I refer (for example) to articles of The Economist regarding the Patent Controversy, written in 1850-1875. Good luck and thank you again for all your work that helps customers in their daily work. P.Chenevez Cinela
  2. "Lavallier" microphone: the name comes from Louise Françoise de La Baume Le Blanc, duchess de La Vallière (and mistress "paramour" of king Louis XIV). La "lavallière" is a very nice kind of...tie !
  3. cineli

    CCM41 + OSIX + HMa = hiss?

    Dear Claus, your issues are now well known. The CCM is known to be RF sensitive under certain conditions. In accordance with Schoeps (with their design) we now provide our Minix suspensions (OSIX CCM doesn't exist anymore) with an RF filter which works well with the Lectro and other TXs. If you feel to do it "at home", we can send you the choke that you'll have to solder in the XLR. Please let me know ! P.Chenevez
  4. cineli

    New LEONARD range

    The new LEO (Leonard ball) has exactly the same dimensions than the old version. The possibility to use the 2 fabric covers and the fur of the old version was part of the specifications for the drawing of the new version, so yes you can use the cover and fur of the old model. The product references for buying the cage only (without covers and without fur) are: LEO-20WW (Schoeps CMC 20mm) LEO-22aWW (Neumann KM140/150 21.8mm) LEO-22bWW (Neumann KM184/185, KMA/D 22.1mm) LEO-25WW (Sennheiser MKH40/50 25mm) LEO-20MSWW (Schoeps MS double holes 2x20mm) (in this case the bottom cover need to be change)
  5. The new LEO range is now available ! Unbreakable material. New design. LEO-20 for Schoeps CMC LEO-20-MS for CMC + CCM8 LEO-22 for Neumann KM series LEO-25 for Sennheiser MKH40/50 more infos at: http://www.cinela.fr/catalog.php
  6. Ha ha, Glen, of course I understood that. It was à joke from me. The live performance is so nicely connected to the recording technique. Thank you for sharing this ! Philippe
  7. I saw this video yesterday, quickly. Let me remind those very nice colors and atmos. What a sound and emotion. Did you use a 24 tracks recorder ? Thank you for this work Glen. Crazy, you do not seem that old... Philippe
  8. cineli

    Rain and wind protection

    A little information, based on our first experimentations few years ago. Looking for the lowest "sponge effect", the Kelly foam was the best material in comparison with many other ones. The only BIG risk is to apply the waterproof treatment (Nikwax) on the foam itself ! If you do that, the speedy water drops will go inside the foam cells very easily but will NOT go out !!! The Nikwax treatment is definitely made to be generously applied on the fabric under the foam. Philippe from Cinela
  9. cineli

    MS Sennheiser MKH 30/40 windscreen?

    Dear Henrimic, David and everyone, If we succeed, the LEO may come in a new design...in a while. To be very simple: - it will not fit the MKH30+40/50 (definitely toooo big for the LEO). - there will be a version 2 x 20mm (For CMC + CCM8) - if we have enough requests, there could be a way to make a 25+19mm (MKH30+8050) ! Philippe
  10. cineli

    Why go to NAB?

    Good question from Simon ! I have at least one little answer. Unfortunately I will not be at the NAB this year, but you'll find two prizes from Cinela at the Ramps/JW party: - A full Pianissimo windshield with many accessories - E-OSIX suspension for several mikes Have a great NAB ! P. Chenevez
  11. cineli

    Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    Martin, maybe Wandering Ear gives the exact reason (I don't know) but he's also convinced that rumbles may affect something in the input section. Generally, handheld microphones are compensated for proximity effect, so it naturally filters low frequencies...a lot. Pressure microphones (omnidirectional) also have a much lower sensitivity to low frequency rumbles. 4017C (or 4018, 4011) gives a lot of rumbles, but other well-known "pressure-gradient" mikes are sooo sensitive (CCM8, MKH8040/50) If you happen to make a test with B preamp or even C preamp + LC60, tell me about the result ! Philippe
  12. cineli

    Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    Martin, all I can say is: what I hear and know let me think about a hard rumble issue, but maybe I'm wrong of course. The 4017C is well known to provide a high level of rumble that needs to be filtered. About Nomad, I had a look at characteristics (documentation) and I only found values of fcy cutoff but no indication of slope. It's also very difficult to know if filters are close to inputs or far away on the chain. On my opinion, most robust microphone filters are very close to inputs, analog and high slope. A handheld mike doesn't have that high rumble level. What do you call the "Cub" ? Sanken one ? The CUB-01 has a real filtering below 100Hz. Another explanation could be the input impedance of the Nomad: around 1kohms which can be considered a bit low for some microphones in front of hard signals (rumbles). In fact I would be interested to know how your 4017+Nomad would behave with the B preamp. Or 4017C + LC60 + Nomad, or ???MiniCMIT ! Good luck in your investigations !
  13. cineli

    Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    Martin, what I can hear on your recordings let me definitely think about a pb related to low rumbles. I don't know so much about the Nomad but I wouldn't be surprised if the HP filters (low slope ??) may be far away after the input in the audio chain. The very first stage may be affected by these rumbles. You need to try with a high slope filter between the 4017C and the Nomad input (Schoeps LC60). The other way would be to try with a B preamp that integrates a hidden 50Hz +18dB/oct (not speaking about the ring filters). If possible you can also try with the new MiniCMIT which integrates a fantastic +24dB/oct 70Hz. Good luck !
  14. cineli

    Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    Martin, I totally understand that it is not a rumble noise, but you are speaking about a noise that occurs with two different mikes when you bump the body. This can be a case where the very high amplitude of the rumble can affect preamps, limiters, transmitters, etc... Let me join Philip's answer: does it occur with other systems ? any kind ?
  15. cineli

    Odd mic noise problem with audio samples

    Martin, did you check out the very low frequency influence ? With bumps or simple movements, many microphones like the DPA 4017C generates these low rumbles that can affect different kinds of electronic circuits or even transmitters. In what equipment do you plug your mikes ? I would personally try a high slope filter like the Schoeps LC60 (or equivalent) between the mike and anything else ! Just to say....