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    4 years experience, mostly location sound - factual. Having worked in a wide range of environments and conditions. I work nationally and internationally.
  1. Zaxcom QRX100 - battery Power

    Thanks guys! Boomboom - that link to the already answered article was extremely helpful! Enjoy your weekends
  2. Zaxcom QRX100 - battery Power

    Hi guys, hope you're all well. Has anyone had any luck powering a Zaxcom QRX100 from batteries? I made a battery cable - 2x9v batteries termination in the QRX DC plug. Works for about 20 minutes then doesn't work. I can't work out if the power is being drained from the 9Vs too quickly, or if it's a different problem. Would appreciate any insight - or product links that I could buy to make this work. Many thanks