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  1. Have the camera man get some B-roll of the jackhammers to have it make sense. Mentally staying on your toes is the best we can do along with the right gear package designed for previous experiences with your client. Otherwise those moments can be really fun.
  2. Just be a good mixer, let them pass on you and hope the guy the get for the budget is annoying/blows it. Theres bigger fish in the sea for you if your reaching this point in your career.
  3. The manual for the LT says you need a windows machine. Manuals = great shitter material
  4. Been using the Sescom 1' iPhone / iPod / iPad TRRS to XLR Mic & 3.5mm Monitoring Jack Cable for Facebook live jobs . mkh50->SD633-> xlr out to iPhone Funny having to wear two sets of headphones to monitor the actual feed and the mixer seperatly
  5. Great tool. used it on a 8 mile run documentary. Runner loved it in the running pocket and was sweating purfusely. used it in a car visor held in with fashion tape. No bulk to create a visual cue something is up there. The battery life is awesome. Minimal heat, if say "warmth" at max if on someone tightly for a bit. One note is when the older series of battery got close to the 6 hour mark, audio quality did drop for me. Popped a fresh one in and everything was a go. (First version of batteries) they are now my go to transmitters and if there is any need beyond its normal use for me transmitter wise, I pack additional according to the job .
  6. None of use will be on your set to point out what exactly you can do . It's a low budget indie, get creative, do some problem solving , and learn some new experiences. also Google searching topics + jwsound gets quicker answers for critical thinking on locations . im putting a beer on your tab if I ever see you in real life. (Please adopt this across all JW for future non researched posts)
  7. Was the cable outputting in the right direction? There was no specification whether your timecode cable was a one way or two way street.
  8. There is a scene in Batman V Superman at Lois Lane's apartment bathroom. Noticed underneath dialogue there was taxi car horn noise. Was just checking to see if there was a discussion on that decision. Whoever made that choice really set the scene really well. You didn't have to say it was Metropolis, it sounded just like New York. Was there any back and forth about laying more noise under dialogue? Or was that one of many honks from on location where more noise needed to be added to match unavoidable set issues?
  9. Everything you asked for is found in the following 3 documents ( and the 1 above), and if you need a piece of technology to assist you if your a shooter/producer the fourth link is the suggestion. (A buyer friend for a media network hates them, they drop audio on their crew while switching freqs.) You intermodulation concern * As for frequencies, what happens if you get a solid job and you get to travel? If your employment is for TV and to be a reliable sound engineer, you will have a broken G3 happen to you. Have a backup or shell out the extra dough for the 2000.
  10. Give it 2 years Moores law
  11. Art

    art is fun. I dabble in it and over the years the practice has helped. Im hoping audio becomes my PA side work to my art in the future.
  12. Depends on the distance needed for transmission. During a car scene around the corner of a house a block away my LR with LT dropped while a 411 still held with a LmA. Both great tools, just different applications for each.
  13. How fantastic some minds are that exist on this Earth. Condolences for your loss.
  14. If one practices fun, one eventually becomes really good at fun. Learned that one day stressing out not landing anything on my skateboard at Tompkins, Decided to just have fun, and whoa did the things I could do on a skateboard exponentiate. Translated that into the rest of my life and it's almost like your the Flash and the whole world around you is easy to deal with in slow motion. Problem at a sound job? Why is it a problem? In the time someone was freaking out , someone can solve it. A very wise engineer once told me , " By remaining calm, almost anything can be solved" (Bill Murray re iterated that a couple years later in an interview as well.) I almost feel like this article is also born from a Contemporary Neo DaDaism that is spanning multiple generations. So many people spent their lives working insanely hard to just have corporations infiltrate our government and then our banks and take everything away. This type of thinking seems to be the equal and opposite reaction starting to grow from roots. Thanks for posting that article.
  15. My issue has been the LR B block. Got the A block recently and it blew the B blocks LR battery life away. B block- Select powerex2700mwh work Imedion 2400mwh do not Duracell quantum shows much shorter battery life compared to new A block A block works good and long with any sort of battery.