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    I've been recording and mixing sound for TV, Film, Video, Radio, & web for over 30 years. From a Nagra III, a 3M 16-track, and Magnasync dubbers, to 24-track w/tc, Nagra IV-STC, to Synclavier, to Pro Tools. I now have a 664 with Lectros and Schoeps shotguns.

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  1. Jeff Hall

    THX: The Deep Note

    The 4/4 time signature...
  2. Jeff Hall

    The "Less Suck" Fader

    A long time ago, I had a buddy come up with a box that would keep clients' fingers off the faders during mixes. We called it the ProducerMatic. It had a multi position switch on the left, with labels like "funky", "bright", and "hip". On the right side, we had a single fader labeled "more" and "less". To seal the deal, we put the largest piece of multi connector cable we could find coming out of the back. Did it ever work! Unfortunately, it was tossed during a move, and no pics survive. The Good Old Days.
  3. Jeff Hall

    L.A. Soundies: Mileage "zone" question

    But at least your memo specified that up front. My main questions are 1) Why apply the zone when the gig wasn't in LA, and 2) Most important, why wasn't the zone specified in the Deal Memo? Everything is good, it was an interesting project with a great client and crew. The difference in money is negligible, but the multiple back and forth emails to iron this thing out have cost me (and them) time. Well, I'm better informed now...
  4. Jeff Hall

    L.A. Soundies: Mileage "zone" question

    Thanks, Jon. I appreciate the reply. In my case, the original memo never mentioned the zone--I only found out after the fact. Ultimately it's not a big deal. I find it interesting that I was being held to LA "rules", even though I was working hundreds of miles away. I've also worked with many, many LA-based production companies in my area, and this is the first time this has happened. Well, now I know to ask one more question in the future.☺️
  5. Hello all in L.A: I just finished a (good) gig where the Deal Memo specified that mileage would be paid. Now, however, I'm being told that there is a "zone radius" of 30 miles they use in LA that is considered "local", and in that zone, mileage isn't paid--payment apparently starts at mile 31. I don't expect mileage to go across town or even over to the next town when I work, but it's the radius that makes me curious. Is it an established thing, or is it news to you guys, too? The gig wasn't in California. And my base city is nowhere near the size of LA. Thanks for any info!
  6. Jeff Hall

    How to fix a audio track after the shoot?

    "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait til you use an amateur".
  7. Jeff Hall

    Withholding Audio Files

    OK, then 8-bit/22.05KHz wav files. That'll get 'em!
  8. Jeff Hall

    Withholding Audio Files

    How about creating and delivering lo-res mp3 files for the client with the understanding that the originals will be provided once payment is resolved?
  9. Jeff Hall

    The Broadcast Cart Machine

    You're old, Dude... Remember the Ampex ACR??
  10. Hello all: I'm working with a Pinnacle on a shoot next week. I've gone over the manual and it looks simple enough, but I'm wondering if anyone else here has used it, and might share their experiences. Thanks!
  11. Jeff Hall

    Sennheiser 416 @ B&H $600

    Ordered mine yesterday, including a lot of other year-end stuff. All arriving today. 40% off the mic, free overnight shipping, no sales tax. And I went with PayPal Credit so I have 6 months/no interest. All my dealings with B & H have been superlative.
  12. Jeff Hall

    Welcome to our new reality

    Here's a possible solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2Q0cyJSs04
  13. Jeff Hall

    tax ID & payment

    Tom: All good points. As I have an EIN, I try to use it as much as possible. Unfortunately, most of the paperwork I'm given only has a provision for an SSN. I also have a Certificate of Waiver for Workman's Comp (my choice), but that doesn't hold any clout. I'll look into the SS-8 (thanks), but aside from that, I think my options are to become a Corp, or live with my present arrangement.
  14. Jeff Hall

    tax ID & payment

    I've been experiencing this for several years now, mostly on cable and reality shows. My LLC isn't good enough for a 1099, I have to be a corporation, so I end up being an "employee" with none of the benefits or perks that a hired employee who would work in the office. i asked my accountant why, and his answer was that in case the recipient (me) somehow didn't pay taxes on my 1099 income, the IRS could go after the issuer. Apparently as a Corp you play by different tax rules. What I don't understand is how an "employer" can selectively offer benefits, vacation time, and other incentives to some employees, and not others. When I asked him, he didn't know why. The only real gripe I have is that after the gig, I have to copy, sign, scan, and email what seems to be a small novel of paperwork, all on my own time, and the majority of the time, I only work one gig. Frustrating for sure. i think this is one of the many new "realities" of freelance life. I'd try to change it if I could, but I think this is the new normal.
  15. Jeff Hall

    Lucky 688 users (Dugan automix!)

    Don't know if it's truly standalone yet. For Yamaha broadcast mixers at least, it's a dedicated card/software hybrid.