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  1. Dij

    Taping mics to chest

    Hypafix (a medical tape) work great with hairy or sweaty chest
  2. I'm bringing back the subject since the VR field doesn't seem available anymore... will there be a field version? (This question was asked in 2015 but just checking if there is any development before doing a move)... Thanks!
  3. Dij

    Utiliy upgrade

    I'm just curious to know how you guys work. Here in Montreal the utility which we call sound assistant, gets an upgrade when he works as a second boom but the line is not clear. When I was utility my deal was to get a salary between the utility and the boom op but never ask for an ugrade. When they were giving me the scale salary for a utility I was asking for an upgrade when I was used as a boom op. There is no written rule here in our local 514 but I'm just curious to know how you guys deal with it. Thanks Jonathan
  4. I did worked with the 788, Deva V and Deva 5.8.. But I just bought a fusion and I'm using it with the mix 12. I love the setup. My only negative point is the firewire output wich I don't use anymore since I had problems before with it. Zaxcom should make an upgrade to usb 3 or thunder bolt available because it is true that the firewire (hard drive and flash card reader) tend to disappear.
  5. Dij

    Meon LiFe Power Supply

    They sent me another one that works perfectly. It can feed my cart for about 4 to 5 hours. Don't know what was wrong with the other one... Thanks for your feed back! Jonathan
  6. Dij

    Meon LiFe Power Supply

    Hi guys I have a lack of knowledge power wise. I just bought a brand new meon life and doesn't feed my cart as long as I tought it would... it actually lasted about 30 min the other morning. Here is what is plugged in: Zaxcom fusion 10 Zaxcom mix 12 Lectrosonic venue vr Comtek bst 25 Camos 7in monitor The internal battery when I press test never goes higher than 14.6. Am I asking to much of the meon life? Thanks a lot!