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  1. Depending on the complexity of the gig for me ... one or two talking heads, I'll quickly take a seat. Lot's of activity on set, I'll stand. When I'm mixing for live broadcast music production , I'll be standing . Thanks for asking Philip
  2. Dan, I'll be glad to have a beer with you ... Mike
  3. Thanks Mirror, I'll give that a shot today.
  4. Do any 01V users know if the bus output 1 - 8 via analog output card can be switched to pre fader? Thanks. Mike
  5. +1 for the Honda Element, Al. I have an SC which is a blast to drive. Mike
  6. +1 Thope and Mike
  7. Tom, I'm in Nashville. Will be glad to help. Mike
  8. Great to hear . Thanks Whitney. Mike
  9. Hey Al, that link didn't work for me.... I worked with Kenny when I was a baby engineer ( Sound Stage Studios ) and also styled my playing like his including the grunting . Mike
  10. Would this polarity standard for the COS-11's apply to Sanken's CS shotgun's? Mike
  11. "Anyway this has actually been a great thread to read; If this thread were a movie what would the title be? A Sennheiser Named Desire... The Bride of Sennheiser ... Honey I Shrunk The 416… Ocean's 416..... It's a Wonderful 416... It's Not a Wonderful 416... 2416: A Fake Odyssey..." LOL !!! Great David.
  12. RPSharman "Considering placement and costume differences, the mic would have to off considerably for post to complain. That ought to be obvious to your ears, especially if you A/B your mics from time to time." +1 mike
  13. Blas, a picture would help ... mike
  14. Zack, Thanks for the advise ... Whitney, Thanks for the second comment. mike
  15. Thanks Whitney ...