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  1. Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    I'm also surprised it has taken them this long...
  2. Rycote Baseball

  3. DUGAN for the 633!! Firmware update 4.50!!

    Very excited to give this a try! Nice one SD...
  4. Interest Rate for Late Payments

    True *threatens finger over the stop button on his recorder*
  5. Interest Rate for Late Payments

    I set my invoicing software to add 2% monthly after 30 days. Most clients don't pay it, but I think it can be a good part of your business image; you run a tight ship. Agreed that you're not going to go after anyone (that you like) for that money. But ain't it funny that the phone company charges you dinky fees like this and everyone pays them... A
  6. Mixing from a Follow Van, Safari Trip

    I did a gig not long ago where I had smqv's on police officers (vest front pouch) and G3s on visors. Receiving from a follow car, G3s were winning almost all day against an SRc. Transmitters up in the air > transmitters with blood/water/Kevlar in the way! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. super hot levels on lectro tx

    Just to clarify - you can only send tone from rx to mixer, not tx to rx. It's helpful in getting those trims to match between 1-3 and 4-6. Glad you worked it out. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. super hot levels on lectro tx

    Use the test tones on the SRs - make sure they're all matched. I set them to 0dbfs (or -1)with the limiters off. That's max modulation from the transmitter so there's no way you can clip at the mixer - shows you exactly how much headroom is at the transmitter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Soldered custom for the BDS input, if I recall.
  10. When I bought my 633 kit I got an external Ikan sled for the L batteries to power the BDS so that I didn't have to buy two types of batteries+chargers. They are flexible for multiple uses. It has worked well for me for a couple of years. AA's keep the 633 going during swaps. And it won't be long before the inspired energy smart batteries become the new standard. Lighter, longer lasting and probably a better investment than NP1 at this point.
  11. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    I wish! But if someone wanted to meet in Toronto I'd love to hack it out for an afternoon.
  12. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Fair enough.Is there an easy way (or hard way!) to have this device connected to the battery and view the data while you're shooting?
  13. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    Yes, "the ideal and essential SMBus battery diagnostic tool for development engineers."
  14. Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    I think it just has a multi-segment level meter, and otherwise you need a separate device to read the data... ... like the Audioroot product. In which case you may as well buy the Audioroot batteries, which probably have a matching firmware. Or wait until Remote Audio releases theirs. AW