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  1. Adam White

    Lectro Tweaker screwdriver sizes

    Hey! Does anyone know what the screwdriver gauges/sizes are for the Lectrosonics "tweaker" screwdriver? @karlw? Thanks! Adam
  2. Adam White

    Rode Ntg3

    @JayKay I recorded the same source simultaneously into Pro Tools using an Arturia Audiofuse, set at the same level, and used the gain plugin to measure the difference in the recorded file. Not super scientific and I'm probably not testing "sensitivity" at all. Just wanted to measure the difference in output and it's pretty significant. I guess I'll need another NTG3 to see if there's anything wrong with mine. Or another 416!
  3. Adam White

    Rode Ntg3

    Just doing a bit of shotgun troubleshooting here: If you A/B the NTG-3 with the 416, what's the difference in gain? I did a little test of my own and found the NTG3 to be about 9.7 dB hotter than the 416. I expected them to be a lot closer in sensitivity. Normal? Adam
  4. Adam White

    LT/LR vs SRc

    @lindabarzini In terms of wireless performance or range I suspect the LR and SRc will be very similar for you. There are Lectrosonics experts around these parts who might chime in on the technicalities... Anyway both are great products. But if you need two channels directly into the camera the LT's won't be very fun, unless you have a lot of free space and eyes in two places at once. SRc is the way to go. With an L-type battery sled or DC power. You probably own compatible batteries already if you're a camera person. If you can get away with 1 receiver channel on camera, different story. If you ask me the interface is actually nicer on a single LR, bigger screen, buttons, AA power option. Good luck. Adam
  5. Anyone else have a fav wireless boom setup? Transmitter on top or bottom?? cheers Adam
  6. Proof that this company takes your ideas seriously. Not sure if I was the only one, but I requested the "cue marker" feature in September of 2015. Happy to see it come to life. Thanks Sound Devices! Adam
  7. Thanks @SBretzke for the pics!
  8. Hey! Who is using this product? https://ktekpro.com/product/ksqd1-k-tek-squid-universal-mount/ Has everyone tested it with their favourite transmitters? I see a Zaxcom in the photos, but what about Lectro HMA, Sennheiser SKP, etc? Insert photos if you have them. I haven't gone wireless on the boom yet but this seems like a great solution to keep the weight (and the controls) at the operator's end of the pole rather than the microphone end. Is it better and/or more versatile more than the sidekick transmitter module by K-tek? cheers Adam
  9. Adam White

    Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I wouldn't get away with this on camera! Might pass with a smaller piece of black hushlav. But it really looks like an emergency rig to me. cheers Adam Pretty cool!
  10. Adam White

    Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Are you referring to the Sennheiser MZQ 22? Or the MZQ 1? cheers A
  11. Adam White

    Cos11 tie-clip alternates

    Hey. Do any other manufacturers make a tie clip that fits the Sanken Cos-11 (other fits would be bonus) and is possibly less expensive than the OEM version? Would it be *that* hard to design a single, "universal" clip that works with all the popular lavs? cheers Adam
  12. Adam White

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    That is whacky. I'm gonna test that
  13. Adam White

    Lavalier outer jacket repair

    problem: it was a DPA and the shrink tubing wasn't going to fit over either end of the mic. Had to cut the microdot and terminate permanent w. ta5. Not such a bad thing!
  14. Adam White

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    I saw one in store the other day an it was really slick. Want! A
  15. Adam White

    Lavalier outer jacket repair

    Hey! I have a mic (DPA 4060) with a torn outer jacket, halfway up the cable. Microphone seems fine, no damage to the shield or cabling itself. Anyone have repair methods to share? A particular gauge of heat-shrink, type of tape, or liquid repair? cheers Adam