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  1. SQN 5S / 4S Bags

    Hi all Just struggling on trying to update SQN 5S bag (currently old tatty porta brace soft shell). Was looking at getting a bag with a solid frame to also hold 2-4 wireless. Any SQN users out there using one that works well for them?
  2. ISO's vs. Mix Track

    My mix track is almost always used as the final mix, unless there's any issues. I think that's how it should be!
  3. Multi camera question

    Offer some chocolates as a bribe to the director to shoot "similar sized" shots simultaneously!
  4. DPA 4061 + MKH50 compatibility

    Are they recorded onto the same track without isos? Probably not
  5. Great product works like a charm!!
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Just out of curiosity, what kind of length takes are you talking about for sub frame drifts?
  7. Mixer maintenance

    Am awaiting a response from Soundcraft (Harman), hopefully soon! Good shout about a bench tech
  8. Mixer maintenance

    Hi Philip yes I've got a copy of this manual, and have taken the front panel off to try adjusting tone level sensitivity, and L&R sensitivity, but to no avail. The tone level changes even when pressing the illumination button on/off?! I'm guessing there's a problem in the internal power circuit somewhere. Thanks for the link though!
  9. Sound devices upgrade Query

    No experience of 55B/66B, but have used ECM-77B pretty extensively and is a very good lav mic option. Not quite the same detail in high-end as the Cos11 but an excellent choice
  10. Have just come across an old Soundcraft LM1 mixer that I'd like to dust down and get working properly again. If anyone is familiar with this mixer i'd like to know how to adjust the 1khz tone generator level so it hits 4ppm/0dbu when the master L-R is up to 0. At the moment tone is lining up between 4.5-6PPM when I'm adjusting the needle sensitivity with a tweaker (doesn't go any lower). Thanks in advance!
  11. Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    Just wondering how these Bluetooth devices have been working in the field? Any good? Or too much latency/battery issues?
  12. 6 Pin Lemo Soldering

    Hi Martin it'll be used primarily as a feed from foh desks (I have inline barrel attenuators), and I could also use the cable to make my dynamic mics "wireless". 6-pin lemo to plug into Micron Explorer 100 TXs
  13. Forgive me if this has already been covered, but could not find in a search. I'm looking to contruct a female xlr > 6 pin lemo for micron cable. Does anybody know how the hot/cold/shield from the starquad xlr female cable terminates onto the 6 pin lemo (for micron-style connectors). I solder xlr cables very frequently but haven't tried soldering lemo connectors before (I gather they can be very fidgety!) but fancy having a go in some down-time. Any tips much appreciated!
  14. Awkward Sound Loc

    Hi bash The item was not about Kew, just using the Christmas lights/installations as backdrops. Yes just smile and do the best you can in the situation you're in - that's the best we can do!
  15. Awkward Sound Loc

    Just finished a shoot in Kew Gardens - call sheet stated to work around flight noise issues. The loc is directly underneath the Heathrow flight path. Luckily, we were only recording links 30sec-1min in length so stuck a radio on and tried to go between the worst of the flight noise (the ones which caused particular issues were the planes where you could see faces in the windows!). Has anyone filmed at this location, and if so, what was your workflow for shooting anything longer than a minute or so? Try and shoot in 'chunks' in between the worst of flight noise (very difficult in an interview situation I guess), let it go and rely on post smoothing cuts with more flight noise, or just say not possible and suggest alternative location?