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  1. Does anyone know of any place to rent a basic field audio kit in St. Louis? A place similar to Trew Audio?
  2. emwoerks

    633 Files

    Nope. All the rest of the files were good. As a matter of fact I opened up the file on WAVE AGENT and everything was there, tracks, info, all the info. Continued shooting today on the same cards and no problems. The person handling the median had no problem playing back on Adobe Premier, FCP 7, VLC, and Quicktime 7. Problem playing back on Quicktime 10.
  3. emwoerks

    633 Files

    Has anyone had problems transferring audio files from the SD card or CF card? I had a bit of a problem playing back the final track recorded from my days work. I can play back the final track on my 633 but was unable to download onto an external hard drive. Info showed the bits, but no duration............
  4. emwoerks

    Epic Red Audio

    Constinin: you are correct. I need to search this forum deeper. This is first time, not a good excuse. Philip Perkins: Thank you for your answer. Supportive and clear. Cheers.
  5. emwoerks

    Red Epic Audio

    Anyone have problems with the mini jack input to the Red Epic? I've heard it to be unreliable.
  6. emwoerks

    Epic Red Audio

    Any tips for feeding scratch track in to Epic Red? I heard the cable is unreliable.