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  1. Dertras

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    Using the same system as Rick, the caddies also come in different colors, which makes identification even easier.
  2. Dertras

    Passive Monitor Problem

    Thank you very much for the answers. I'll have the amp checked out.
  3. Dertras

    Passive Monitor Problem

    Hello, I just acquired used passive KRK monitors and a Hafler P3000 amp. I do not know the model number of the monitors, so I have attached a photo of them. I have the following problem: If I turn on the amplifier, with the gain set to minimum, I get a hum, some pops and the drivers of the monitors start moving in and out extremely, which worries me. I immediately turn the amp off again. I have tried searching online for solutions to this problem, which I have personally never encountered. If one of you could help me figure this out, I'd be very grateful. Best, dertras