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  1. I've been using Pelican cases for years and have had no issues. But when I was looking for a smaller rolling case I looked at pelican, storm, and hrpc. The hrpc was physically lighter and has a much better collapsible handle. The hrpc was aluminum vs plastic - the storm and pelican had to much flex. The hrpc also has a much better lock and release system on the handle. I've had the hrpc for about 3 years now and it has flown in the vicinity of 200,000 miles as checked baggage and hasn't let me down as of yet.
  2. I like the HPRC cases. Life time warranty. I had a latch break and they sent me 4 new latches. http://www.hprc.it
  3. Nice set up - you just need to get a pair of right angle SMA antennas
  4. I know I do
  5. You can already do that. You can punch in the the exact frequency by using the keys on the front panel - just the same way you would punch in numbers when entering the tc or date. Or as an option - which I use - is if you push in the menu knob as you rotate you move in 10Hz increments vs 1Hz by just rotating. I will use my index finger to push on the menu knob and rotate the knob with my thumb and middle finger as I listen. When I get to the point where I want to be I will release my index finger and just rotate in one Hertz increments to fine-tune.
  6. I have
  7. Faster electrons will make the DNS process faster
  8. Yes. You can use a QRX235 receiver that has an IFB (ZaxNet) transmitter installed. The QRX235 is basically a block specific QRX200 that can be outfitted with a ZaxNet transceiver. Or you can use an IFB200. The IFB200 is stand alone ZaxNet transceiver that also features a built in two track backup recorder. Or you can use TRX900CL camera link transmitter. The TRX900CL is primarily a UHF transmitter that can send 2 channels of broadcast quality audio and time code to a camera. But the TRX900CL also has a ZaxNet transeceiver with all the same features and functionality that the IFB200 has - including the 2 channel recorder. The UHF and or the ZaxNet transmitter can independently be turned off and on so you can have the flexibility of operating both together or independently. The nice thing about any one of the above ZaxNet transceivers is you can also feed audio and time code to ERX receivers.
  9. That's may be all fine and good with scripted narrative. I do unscripted documentary.
  10. The TRXFB3 can only output either audio or tc - you can't do both simultaneously. To do both at the same time you would need an ERX.
  11. Having the ability to remotely adjust the gain in the fly has changed my life doing documentary work.
  12. I know someone who has the TRXFB3 mounted on a camera - which is sending a feed of the camera mic back to him and he is feeding tc to the camera.
  13. Photos ?
  14. It has to do with the way the data is processed for transmission for the different modulations.
  15. Smoke screen, oil slick and cappuccino maker.