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  1. Lost / Stolen Gear

    Thanks all for the generous out pour of support - it turns out that the bag was abandoned not far from where it was taken from. Apparently turned in by a good Samaritan. And quite the pleasant surprise all my gear was still there. There was only a few items missing and nothing was of any real value.
  2. Lost / Stolen Gear

    I just had a bag go missing yesterday in it was: Zaxcom RX200 (SN 2581) - with BEC box and assorted cables TSC slate serial (SN 739) with soft bag and assorted cables 2 IDX NP1 batteries (SN 62477 and 62479) Zaxcom ERX in Orca pouch (SN 2900) Versa Flex harness Please let me know if you see any of this stuff turn up
  3. Camera Hops

    Zaxcom camera link - sends 2 channels of audio and tc to the camera with a backup tc 2 channel recorder built into the transmitter.
  4. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

  5. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

    The Orca 311 is now shipping. I've been playing with the 311 since NAB - and it's a pretty cool little pouch. Its much like the Orca ERX case but with a beefed up belt clip. The case adds a some extra protection while still having easy access to the buttons.
  6. Advice On Record & Playback Setup in Nomad 10

    What fieldmixer said. Simply route the track or tracks you want to play back to an output bus then route that bus to an output of your choice. When the take is done press stop them press play.
  7. Boom Pole Quick Connect

    I currently have the ambients - which I've had for years. They are starting to get a bit funky - I can on replacing them with the Sound Guys Soutions ones.
  8. troubleshoot TC issue with Zaxcom rx200

    I believe it is in the manual.
  9. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Would you be I treated in selling the whole connector?
  10. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    If you decide to sell these I'll take a dozen.
  11. COS11 with Tram 79 power capsules

    Yes it does work. I have used the COS11 with the tram power supply. My cos11 are wired ta5 servo bias so i neded to wire a ta5 to ta5 jumper with the proper pin configuration. I beleive if your COS11 is wired universal then you don't need the jumper.
  12. Mic plexer 2

    There is an 18 Mhz overlap between 596 and 614. Plus as long as the other frequency is with in 35Mhz of the first one you would be ok.
  13. Run n gun location sound

    As Senator Mike would say "It depends" You need to have a conversation with production and see what their requirements are - then take it from there.
  14. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    I'm using np1 batteries and a battery bud power distro and I have no issues. What happens if you physically separate the power distro and the Maxx? What else is being powered from the distro? What happens if you power just the maxx?
  15. CL900 and 664 RF Bleed

    Prehaps the firmware has something to do with it? Other than firmware what else has changed? Cables? Configuration? If you go back to the original firmware and the exact same bag configuration and change one thing at a time perhaps you can find the culprit.