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  1. The camera link does have extra filters to prevent interference that the 742 doesn't have.
  2. Sorry you can't feed the RX200 tc via zaxnet. The RX200 can only receive tc that's embedded in the uhf signal.
  3. you can also type in the numbers directly using the number keys
  4. There are tweaks planned. Howy is just finishing up some cool new stuff first.
  5. Where did you get this information from?
  6. The 411 has a much better front end filter than the SR series receivers. With that your hop is so close in frequency to the receiver you are most likely overloading the front end of the SR. As a general rule of thumb is always want at least 1 block separation between in-bag transmitters and in-bag receivers.
  7. The RX200 can only receive signal from 1 transmitter - the QRX200 can receive signal from 2 transmitters. The qrx235 has a tc input. You would connect the tc out of your SD and I put it into the 235 - you just need an adaptor cable.
  8. The qrx200 or qrx235 will both output 2 line level analog (or AES digital signals) into any mixer. The purpose of the IFB (regardless if it comes from the 235, ifb200 or camera link) gives you the ability to remote control the transmitters - including changing the input gain, changing the frequency frequency, and starting and stoping the internal recorder. The IFB will also send time code to the transmitters so that the audio files are synced.
  9. You can use a QRX235 with IFB. That will give you a 2 channel receiver with transmitter control in the bag - the down side is the 235 in block specific so you loose the the benefit of wide band. The other option is to add a camera link transmitter or a ifb200. That gives you a seperate zaxnet transmitter to control the wireless plus you have the ability to feed erx receivers (producer monitoring and scratch track with tc to a camera) and you add a back up two channels recorder with tc to the bag. If you go with the camera link you add a 2 channel uhf transmitter to feed cameras (if you need to add this in the future).
  10. I have a custom made steel cage in the back of my Honda Pilot.
  11. That blue box looks like a Zaxcom RX200. Zaxcom RX200
  12. A relatively new mount for me.
  13. I use both Lectro and Zaxcom in my bag and I generally keep both my SMQV and my TRXLA set to 50mW - which is plenty of power for most situations. And I find that the range I get with my lectrosonics and zax are always very comparable. Given that I generally grab the zax first these days mainly just for the ability to remotely control the gain.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/tallgrasspicturesllc/
  15. for the zmt