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  1. I believe it is in the manual.
  2. Would you be I treated in selling the whole connector?
  3. If you decide to sell these I'll take a dozen.
  4. Yes it does work. I have used the COS11 with the tram power supply. My cos11 are wired ta5 servo bias so i neded to wire a ta5 to ta5 jumper with the proper pin configuration. I beleive if your COS11 is wired universal then you don't need the jumper.
  5. There is an 18 Mhz overlap between 596 and 614. Plus as long as the other frequency is with in 35Mhz of the first one you would be ok.
  6. As Senator Mike would say "It depends" You need to have a conversation with production and see what their requirements are - then take it from there.
  7. I'm using np1 batteries and a battery bud power distro and I have no issues. What happens if you physically separate the power distro and the Maxx? What else is being powered from the distro? What happens if you power just the maxx?
  8. Prehaps the firmware has something to do with it? Other than firmware what else has changed? Cables? Configuration? If you go back to the original firmware and the exact same bag configuration and change one thing at a time perhaps you can find the culprit.
  9. Not video but there are some stills here: http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/4176-boom-operators-cool-photos/&
  10. www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/AllWirelessSoftware.zip
  11. Yes sound guy solutions has a very nice belt clip available.
  12. You should stick with the 200 series receivers (QRX200, QRX235) The 235 has the option for a built in Zaxnet transmitter - but if you went with the wideband 200 you can use a standalone Zaxnet transmitter like the ifb200 or cameralink with Zaxnet TRX900CL.
  13. The zaxcom will give you wide band, never clip, internal recording with time code, wireless remote control (input gain, frequency, output power level, sleep mode, recorder transport).
  14. It's not a voltage thing - its that the ZMT phantom is wired as a balanced input.
  15. Unfortunately you can not plug in a lav.