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  1. DIY camera snake?

    I do the same. Then you can have different lengths of cables to go between the ends.
  2. TRXLA2.5

    The factory reset was removed because it can brick the transmitter. If you had a card formatted in that transmitter before you started having that problem you can rebuild your settings from the .me file.
  3. Zaxcom trxla3.5 stereo as camera link

    While the TRXLA will pass TC ans will work the down sides are 1) Lack of filters on the transmitter - which means the RF so close to receivers in the bag can possibly de-sensitive the receiver. 2) Unbalanced input 3) No option for a DC input - you would need to create a battery eliminator.
  4. Speedy Recovery

    All the best.
  5. Deva 24 seminar

    Fyi the specs have changed as well. 16 Analog inputs 12 with Never clip 24 AES 8 AES 42 Optional Dante in and out
  6. Deva 24 seminar

    This unit doesn't have the Dante option. The Dante units will have a Dante connect in place of XLR Out #4
  7. Deva 24 seminar

    Well I haven't hooked it up to a computer it does interface with it, as well as iOS. The touch screen is pretty good especially somebody with big meaty fingers like me.
  8. Deva 24 seminar

    It's pretty real and it pretty spectacular.
  9. Zaxcom Maxx AES out & Sony F5 not working

    A Sony engineer has confirmed that Sony basically chooses what equipment will be allowed to send AES into their equipment. This is basically BS because AES is a standard that Sony is not adhering to - therefore they should not be allowed to call it AES if doesn't adhear to the AES standard.
  10. Lost / Stolen Gear

    Thanks all for the generous out pour of support - it turns out that the bag was abandoned not far from where it was taken from. Apparently turned in by a good Samaritan. And quite the pleasant surprise all my gear was still there. There was only a few items missing and nothing was of any real value.
  11. Lost / Stolen Gear

    I just had a bag go missing yesterday in it was: Zaxcom RX200 (SN 2581) - with BEC box and assorted cables TSC slate serial (SN 739) with soft bag and assorted cables 2 IDX NP1 batteries (SN 62477 and 62479) Zaxcom ERX in Orca pouch (SN 2900) Versa Flex harness Please let me know if you see any of this stuff turn up
  12. Camera Hops

    Zaxcom camera link - sends 2 channels of audio and tc to the camera with a backup tc 2 channel recorder built into the transmitter.
  13. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

  14. OR311 - For Zaxcom TRXLA transmitters

    The Orca 311 is now shipping. I've been playing with the 311 since NAB - and it's a pretty cool little pouch. Its much like the Orca ERX case but with a beefed up belt clip. The case adds a some extra protection while still having easy access to the buttons.
  15. Advice On Record & Playback Setup in Nomad 10

    What fieldmixer said. Simply route the track or tracks you want to play back to an output bus then route that bus to an output of your choice. When the take is done press stop them press play.