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  1. Graham Kicklighter

    tax ID & payment

    Ive been asked a couple times now on phone interviews if I am incorporated, have a fed tax ID #, etc. and Im starting to wonder why... I operate as a sole proprietor, so my tax ID is just my SSN, and I havnt felt the need to form an LLC or the like yet. Is hiring an LLC over an individual more attractive to line producers though? I know it can change the way they make payment... Does it just allow them to bypass a payroll company?
  2. Graham Kicklighter

    MRI Machine

    There's usually some kind of two way communication installed for these medical machinery rooms... Speakers in the ceiling of the machine room and maybe just a desk speaker on the other side of the glass. You may be able to split that signal to tap into the house system, or worst case scenario boom the doctor and mic the desk speaker for the patient Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Graham Kicklighter

    Microframe Time Code Sync Master/Mini

    You could switch to the new Ambient slates... Their timecode display easily separates from the slate body with a nice handle to suit the work you describe. No AC but will run for a couple days straight on AAs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. ah, didnt know there was a "small", too
  5. Personally found the junior to be a little too small for run and gun work where you've gotta have almost everything on you in the bag. Looking forward to trying the medium for my 633 rig Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Graham Kicklighter


    the FB sound devices public group ( not the one titled product/service) seems to be a good resource for troubleshooting
  7. Graham Kicklighter

    Aftermarket L-Series batteries for 7-series?

    i imagine it may be different for 7 series, but ive had compatibility/connection issues with the sound devices L style batts on my SR. switched to sony and they work every time.
  8. Graham Kicklighter

    Np1 in stingray

    Where are you guys sitting your Np-1 in the Ktek bags? I've tried a few different things but don't feel like I've found a permanent spot. Lately just using one of the receiver slots, but the cup on the bottom is hard to get to, and with the cup on top the battery doesn't reach the floor and can work its way out. My BDS box is in the way of having it accessible horizontally, though I guess I should just find another spot for the box...
  9. Heres a modern favorite... super ironic considering the show is a dark sci-fi thriller. This kind of theme made it even creepier than something that would have "matched" the show better in genre.
  10. Graham Kicklighter

    Sony FS7

    Just to confirm, you do need this extension unit for timecode I/O, hirose power output, etc... http://www.sony.co.uk/pro/product/broadcast-products-camcorders-camera-adaptors/xdca-fs7/overview/