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    I'm an expierienced sound recordist\mixer\boom op. Then my net promoted me to a sound supervisor. It's very interesting cause I send up to 15 sound crews daily in different sets, and my job is to be sure that right people with the right gear will do their thing on the set. And of course I move from location to location to be sure everything is ok. I'm from Ukraine. That's in Europe.
    By now I decide to pack my gear and travel around the world to meet with colleagues,share thoughts and exp. Also work with US crews would be great
    Soon I'll be in US, so I believe this is a great opportunity to meet someone here, on this web resourse.

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  1. rates in London

    Hello everyone! I need help from colleagues. I'd really appreciate any info. I recieved a job offer for 8 months in London. This is a post production job(dialog editing, cleaning, eq, balance, sfx design, maybe foley, ect. It's kind of reality show). It's full time, 5 or maybe 6 days a week(full throttle=))I'm concerned about pay rates they offer. Could anyone from UK(London region would be great) please help me and give any tips on typical rates for this kind of job. Any info would be appreciable. I would need to relocate for this job, so I need to obtain pay rates info from the field to be sure this is gonna worth it. Thank you! It's really important! Have a good day
  2. wireless stationary

    Sorry for my bad English guys. This is not for TV or Film. This is kind of installation. The result is to have a port for headphones(let's pretent it's near the sofa or smth.) but the place is kind of luxury mancion and they don't want any cables around. Basically I need wireless transmission from a TV to a headphones, but without any battery replacement or maintanance. So I'm looking for an in-ear reciever which I can power with DC. Hope that's understandable) Thanks Mungo, that is an option.
  3. wireless stationary

    Hello guys! Just got a project job and they have a kind of wierd demands. They want in-ear systems, but both transmitter AND reciever should be stationary, without any batteries in the I can't use any in-ear systems I know. Shame to confess, but I never faced this kind of wireless systems before..I mean pro types. They don't want portable recievers with batteries, and shipping those adapters(can't remember the model) for Sennheiser to Ukraine is kind of hard now. Someone got any advice on that?? Please?) Thanks!
  4. Show me your bag

    ha)got a lot of stories))always open to chat)thanks
  5. Show me your bag

    The funny thing I actually forced the producer to pay for that bag. Oh yeah, 16 talents talking laughing screaming at the same f***ing time all day long.....for 3 months!! actualy we had two of these. The second was filled with plug-on recievers from booms (we used 2 Mkh 8070 and 4 Mkh 416) But now the show's on air. Just finished editing the final episode and this bag got its special place at the studio))) G3's..well 16 is not the hardest set. Once we had to lav 35 persons with g3's....100 series. 35!!With only 12 channels available in each bank...We searched for clean freqs manualy for about 4 was a nightmare( was a very cold night) but it worked perfectly...
  6. Show me your bag

    Well, sometimes we should think sharp, and use everything, what's in hand) Tools shop+desperate= 20$ bag for 16 channel recording in reality show))
  7. PIC001040

    From the album Some work stuff

  8. PIC001039

    From the album Some work stuff

  9. PIC001038

    From the album Some work stuff

  10. Hello! You can use every range above 733Mhz for sure!
  11. 633 Resetting Time Code

    As sounddevices put separate battery inside for timecode running, I'm pretty sure it(the battery) left for good
  12. PIC000537

    From the album Some work stuff

    Houston, we got a problem))
  13. New Mac Pro..

    We bough some for our production this year, and YES, we actually convinced our journalist that this is a trash bin)))))
  14. From the album Some work stuff

    Brand new trash bin))