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  1. DIY camera snake?

    yep, break out at the mixer end is very useful!
  2. DIY camera snake?

    Have you consider the Remote Audio Multipair cable? It's a 3 channels (3 pairs) cable. It's sold by the foot. The channels are readily made for that purpose, color coded (blue, red and black for the stereo return), you just wrap them with techflex after the fan out and there you go. Used Neutricon 8 pins for the breakout part. Cost me about 100$ for a 23' snake.
  3. DIY Dipole antenna!

    Very nice! What did you use for cable and plastic shield?
  4. Noisy R1a?

    It is!..
  5. Noisy R1a?

    Even with volume at zero, next to turning it off there is a significant noise floor. Only solution I found so far is higher impedance HP. Tx is at a proper gain structure!
  6. Noisy R1a?

    Hello fellow soundies, I just bought lectrosonics R1a's and I find them very noisy, hissy. Has anyone encountered this issue? Mine are pretty new and the three of them has the exact same noise. Has anyone encountered this? Thanks !
  7. Sanken COS 11 cable noise

  8. Sanken COS 11 cable noise

    I always tape the first 3" of cable (from capsule) with mole skin, I helps a lot.
  9. 633 Bags

    Nope, not the same. Twisting clips instead, with a secure button you can also clip if you want. IMO way better than petrol clips.
  10. Graphene Microphone

    "The industry is working hard to improve graphene production - eventually this should mean we have better microphones at lower cost." To be continued... http://phys.org/news/2015-11-graphene-microphone-outperforms-traditional-nickel.html
  11. Books wish list

    For those who are looking something to read during holidays. Pretty good selection here ; http://bookshelf.sonic-terrain.com Enjoy!
  12. New battery meter for the bag

  13. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    That is great, thanks!
  14. Sound FX Libraries

    Boom libraries are great!