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  1. @VAS: you beat me ;)Thanks for sharing!
  2. That would be a Y - cable: TC and genlock DINs into 4 pin Sync socket - probably that's why not. But, you can use the 200,- 3 BNC split cable from RED.
  3. @Derek H On from upcoming firmware 5.0 we improved immunity of ACN(s) so much, that 2 or more crews can bump into each other and all systems ar.e unaffected even when using C-Jam on the same channel. However, C-Jam Master is unavailable on the Nano due to complexity, and so a set of Nanos could theoretically be hijacked - but there's gotta be a reason to keep your Tiny s, 204s and MasterLockits, right? @Stuart: any typical USB compliant voltage between 4.8 to 5.2V. We will announce downcinvertor cables shortly. @Sound Intuition: Range, depends some what in between 60 feet through walls to 600 line of sight. Bear in mind, though, ACN doesn't rely on constant connection.
  4. @edward chick @shug: Yes, absolutely. The Tiny (or ACL204 or MasterLockit) are perfect companions and Masters to a full horde of Nanos Also, we have done some changes to Lockit Firmware in 5.0 scheduled for release early May which makes using the Tiny as master even more easy - after powering on all you need to do is going to ACN in the menu and hit Master, you can then take the running TC or edit and satrt c-jamming right away. Another option was to one-time jam the Tiny from one of the Nanos RTCs and then enable C-Jam with TOD.
  5. That'll be intersting to see, indeed. BT is just p2p and even more quite latency prone varying between 70-300mS , depending on hardware implemetation on both ends and limited range. Which is why we decided on 802.15.4 instead .2 and thus, no mobile device support. If they make this work reliably, hats off.
  6. No, the Nano has no built-in scratch mic. From our testing we just found a covered omni capsule would hardly give you any useful audio reference - especially on a gimbal or steady-cams. But, when going with an external micro shotgun anyway, or even more a radio receiver, then why not with an y-loom cable (and you can use the same that work on you Tiny ) Of course,we clearly see the application and the wireless jam alone plays its card extremely well exactly on gimbals and/or cluttered, obstructed rigs. With padable TC output it was clearly designed towards DSLRs. However, "as well" - It was designed to be as versatile and easy to operate as possible and most ressources went into satisfying also requirements other solutions did not offer. And while not everyone might need all the options, as Constantin mentioned in another thread, or there might be better fits for one dedicated application, 2 Nanos alone will really take you far.
  7. haha, literally "rushes" (had to go into shipping as NAB demos and FedEx was at the door step already) or a typical "Gun and run" if you prefer so.... Interesting fing on the T-Box, assume they got the scratch mic working on this one. Any other info what could be new?
  8. @Yullover: Yes, you can It will even autoadjust the framerate from any source for hazzle free configuration. Just think of it as a Tiny Lockit sans OLED and just one Lemo (ACN port included!). Also it seamlessly replaces our TCTRX series as it can be run as freewheeling TC radiolink for LTC and MIDI requirements. @Philip Perkins: you mean mini Hartkes? Sorry no...;) @Constantin: These have been in development actually before Tentacle launched their crowdfund campaign. We're a little team however and good things take their time. Timecode by itself is no rocket science but with ACN, metadatanetwork, autoconfiguration we've gone the whole mile. What you see here is a poirt of our existing Lockit core technology to a new, shrunk MPU architecture and it will be at the foundation of all future products. @Jim Feeley: exactly! our first unit that comes in cheaper than the case @Matthew Manville: when powered through USB on the cam they turn on automatically and can't even be turned off And if so (which takes a deliberate 5s ress and hold), watch 'em disappear on your ACN Radar and then pull the cameras studio power or PSU of the KinoFlo in return before powering them back up @VAS: Thanks for sharing.
  9. Small example how good checking sync works. 5 units, 5 LEDs, one button And yes, AFAIK this works equally well on Tentacles
  10. Dear Ambient friends, today we proudly introduce to you our latest development – the NanoLockit! Visit http://www.nanolockit.com for more details Continuing the 25 year history of Lockit boxes, the NanoLockit redefines the on-set timecode sync box. Since the release of the original Lockit, Ambient has never had a reputation for standing still – and we are proud to live up to our reputation with the NanoLockit. It extends the existing timecode product range and caters to the latest developments in camera technology and on-set workflow. Your Ambient Team
  11. As said nothing changed since some years. What's the conector on it?
  12. Hi, we use special tools and heat. But I don't think you will find anything serviceable from your end inside, and I doubt even more that's causing the noise. Do you have other lavs to compare it with? Is that a newer one that's hissy and the older ones don't? We haven't made changes since quite a while.
  13. Yes, but - and that's mine (and Constantin's) point - in reality it works much better than one would believe. Although that's not so much of concern for devices that don't support cross jam, cross-compatible framerates (like 23.976 and 29.97ND) should not drift anyway against each other while 23.976 against 24 can immediately be spotted. Tentacles - not supporting crossjam - will even indicate jam from a cross compatible framerate (they actually would accept) with clearly visible asynchronous blinking. Long story short, not blinking sync is rarely a matter of whacky equipment rather than misconfiguration - and that being - clearly - visible is definitive a plus.
  14. Between 1992 and 2012 this was the only - and still sufficient indicator on our Lockit boxes - and honestly, it works surprisingly well (and way better than any kind of LCD/OLED) as it actually is not blinking but rather flashing.
  15. As said pro and cons on both sides, but considering the original thread was about wireless TC solutions (and price and size) .... (sorry, couldn't resist...)
  16. I totally get the point - which is why we have been building all our units with changable battery supply. Still, half of the Lockit and TinyLockit is the batteries, in fact. 2 AAAs or 1-2 AAs plus battery door and springs simply eat up a lot of space and camera want small boxes -if at all. Lastly, based on my last 2 years's experience assisting on camera test day to set up the ACN/Lockit network, productions try to safe money on all ends and really urge to use rechargeables and/or external power.
  17. I hear you. But what if a 15 minutes charge would give you 4-5hrs of operation and 30 mins a long day? And optional wireless? Just asking...
  18. Jumping in to correct you Ours are not only serviceable, but obtainable separately for DIY.
  19. @ Nick: This. Thanks for jumping in (I ashamedly admit being labelled a Tentacle thread I haven't come across this before ). Anyway, tuning goes back a long way. The Controller came out in 1994 (the first Lockti boxes 1992-late 1993 only offered manual tuning). This was a recommended process every couple of years to maintain relative accuracy - and this has been completely replaced on "blue generation" with ACN. In C-.Jam slaves will sync up within 10uS deviation from their Master. Still, it doesn't hurt to start with a close as possible reference, but I wouldn't recommend getting a Controller if you are ACN equipped (especially with what we have in pipeline) - the only advantage a ACC501 still would give you ATM is tuning to absolute reference via GPS (what we do in manufacturing). But that isn't something that couldn't be done over ACN in general ;). [/OT] Also, Nick has posted all the relevant settings on the ALEXA Mini as per Tentacle's customer support. We additionally invite everybody (also Tentacle users ) to benefit from our video tutorial section www.ambeint.de/en/university. Once these settings are observed it doesn't matter what brand of TC generator you use, the Mini wil do just this: regenerate the TC to the external source and follow it. Neither of the products in mention will introduce varying offset or drift as long as it's stable and sync with the other equipment (which I am confident to certify for our products) and configured correctly. That 2 frame offset has been repeatedly experienced and reported in the field with the Mini but could not be reproduced in house with ARRI. ARRI support told me they would appreciate direct feedback to isolate the issue.
  20. The lightest, smallest RA TA3/5 you will find at ..... Hmm, shall I better post in manufacturers section?
  21. Uh jah... wouldn't expect there could still be some ancients out there without that fix. The PSUs are firmly soldered in place on one end and hotmelted on the other since forever now. Still and again: this would affect also using primary cells. But, @Rasmus: you can check by removing the back lid and gently press on the piggy-back PSU board to reseat it if neccessary. May put a little non conductive foam or hotmelt to secure.
  22. I actually can't think of anything else, given alkalines/lithiums work well. Corroded contacts or similar would limit the current with those as well - with similar problems at least when drained. This said, we can check it for you but naturally, we would need to see the device here for that.
  23. Thanks for hinting towards that. Although it seemed, he has been using these rechargeables with succes until recently, that could definitely be the case and may be worth checking. Llike the Lanc-Logger ion mention, earlier TLs had a plastic cap on one of the silver cap contacts for reverse poloarity protection which could cause problems with some cells. Reason behind being, manufacturers do not always follow the exact physical specifications in order to squeeze as much capacity in there, so the top contact may get shorter and thicker than specified. We moved over to gold plated pcb inserts to cater for that since long , they can easily be identified by one dot and one ring shaped contact when looking into the compartment.
  24. Hi, this definitely seems related to power supply. Had you set the battery type in the Sys/Config/Bat menu to "NiMH" when using rechargeables and/or did regular battries work fine (setting at "Alk" or "Li" respective to the cells in use)? If regular work as expected but rechargeables fail at according settingsI would rather put my 2 cents on the rechargeables being worn out (especially now that temeratures drop). Please let me know if you need further assistance on that.
  25. Won't work. There's a detection process to lock out BT adaptors of unknown make and performance - which is totally understandable to me. BT Smart/LE can be a heck of a bottleneck that completely wrecks the experience - if somebody knows it should be us, it's not without reason we had to give up on TonMeister/Beetle for 6 series and went WiFi instead. Then the WM Copnnect doesn't break the bank and that angled adaptor alone is worth a lot when working out of the bag.