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  1. like they did on 442 making a 552!
  2. mixpre-d is a little bit smaller. sadly non of the portable stereo recorders have good preamps...heard some good things about tascam dr100mk3, but didn't test it. SD should put out some small 2 track high quality portable recorder
  3. First of all I'd like to say HI! to all of you:) I'd like to share my kind-of-DIY. Lately the internal mics of my D50 broke (Sony says there are no parts left and only solution is to buy a D100...), so I had to come up with something... The parts: D50 - SD302 - LineAudio CM3 Enjoy!
  4. Only worried about the preamps, which aren't very good in smaller zoom recorders and i bet, they'll use the same