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  1. Recording applause in Germany - Advice

    I have recorded a lot of applause in theaters and connect halls, I really like the sound of Boundary Layer Microphones like the Schoeps BLMs Having space from the close audience is critical to avoid some claps from sounding to close. I have taped or put on stands BLMs high in the front and on the sides of a venue. with good effect. If the project if for a surround mix 5.1, 7.1 Atmos etc... I recommend having two or three mic placements from front to back of hall, Post production mixers can give a nice movement to the sound as it swells from the front to the back of the sound field.
  2. Experience in Russia

    I worked on a production in Moscow in 2012, Customs is an issue, since we were there for only a few days, producer decided to rent local gear rather then dealing with Customs Broker and Customs Bonds etc.. the gear we hired was good equipment, well supported and maintained. RED cameras Schoeps Mics etc... You may want to check and see if you can hire wireless gear instead of buying new for your project.
  3. thanks for posting interesting recording in a studio and not wanting to see microphones Al got some amazing sound in a challenging situation.
  4. During the last year I have been using two Millennia Media 500 series mic pre amps in 500 series rack Millennia was showing a new product at the AES in LA last summer which looks like a great product HV-32P portable box Two mic preamps in a one box no 500 series rack needed. Power from 12-15 vdc or 100-240 vac planning to sell my 500 series and get the HV-32P ( 500 series needs AC) lhttp://www.mil-media.com/HV-32P.html
  5. Zaxnet wireless rerecording drift

    I have had this issue and found the simplest way for me to deal with it was to download the files from the SD cards with Zaxconvert and make sure every thing is in sync on the computer where I can both see and hear everyting
  6. Any of you also do webcasting/live events

    I have done live webcast and satellite broadcast from IA Union venues and the IA crew got both regular pay and performance pay for the duration of the broadcast
  7. I shoot a lot of interviews, if the set is quite I will use just booms, if the set in noisy I will use directional lavs like a 104 or 105 and a boom. I never shoot with out the boom, if clothing noise or someone touches there chest the boom can save the dialog.
  8. lav bullet

    Lav Bullet is great Talent appreciates anything and everything that makes micing less intrusive, well worth the cost.