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  1. I'm not the biggest fan of B&H but they've got some strange deal on a MKH416 for the next 6 hours. /dw
  2. How to disable BMW's ASD (Active Sound Design) system http://f10.m5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=983411 It's buried in the trunk apparently-- they estimate about an hour to remove the liner and paneling:) geesh /dw
  3. more on car tech-- Lux cars are so quiet there seems to be a need to artificially pump some engine sound back into the passenger compartment http://www.caranddriver.com/features/faking-it-engine-sound-enhancement-explained-tech-dept /dw
  4. -- I've had two of these-- Mazda 5-- the only small wagon with sliding doors.-- I can pack it pretty full--small cart & plenty of Pelican cases etc. A bit noisy-- not great mileage for a small car (~25mpg) but great size- especially when maneuvering in city and around sets. . without gear pretty comfortable long distance with 4 adults. . Front wheel drive only-- I bought some snow tires for it-- but haven't really needed them so far. They're discontinuing it this year -- but they're still around. . /dw
  5. Working now:) It was not working on my Macbook under Chrome or Safari-- but all seems good now ( a bit sluggish-- but perfectly usable) Thanks! David
  6. Sorry, Bell, Splash, or IPBClean doesn't work either.docx
  7. Yea, I'm still having a problem with text entry.docx
  8. Hi all Did some shuffling-- and came up with a work around with a singer in the first act. Alan-- thanks for the reply and Michael --thanks for the pointer-- yea -- they too were one of 9 who don't carry any block 23 in their inventory! Best regards David
  9. I realize this is a long shot (since I just finished calling about 8 or 9 rental houses) I'm looking for a Block 23 SMQV or equivalent (SM, SMV etc. . ). I'm working on a opera recording downtown and one of my SMQVs in block23 just went belly up (won't power on). I can do some shuffling and squeeze another in blk 21 where I have a spare but if anyone happens to have a blk 23 they'd like to rent for the weekend, let me know. Apologies for the wide posting for a local issue! Thanks! David Williams 781-690-1472
  10. Thanks- I passed this info on to him David
  11. hi-- posting for a local (Boston) client who's looking for a mixer with equipment for a 2 day green screen shoot in Chicago next Mon/Tues. Here's his email-- contact him directly. . This is a 2 day shoot, all green screen interviews on 9/15 and 9/16. Need a sound guy with gear. The shoot is at the Palmer Hotel in downtown Chicago. Non union. Obviously we need someone ASAP. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks for your help. Andy Andrew Scherr <ascherr@bostonproductions.com> cheers, David
  12. I have a pair of 185s that have saved my butt a number of times in sudden RF clusterf. Also handy as impromtu IFB or TC sends to remote reader for scripty-- love 'em! /dw
  13. Ah yes, this is why I'm talking you y'all FIRST! -- and as far as what a rental house would charge-- that's a whole 'nother rant I could get into-- There's been some farm-giving-away-to-get-on-a-show going on here that no one I know can compete with. . . Thanks for the replies -- now back to our regularly scheduled flaggelations. . . /dw
  14. Hi all I've been asked to join the first season of a reality show as they travel about multiple locations in the US in December. It's not the best rate for 12s and only about half of what the gear is worth. However on the positive side I worked on the pilot and like the crew and project, and they would really like to have me (the crew that is, not necessarily the PM:). I may have a some leverage to negotiate for add-ons and other gotchas that would make it worthwhile One thing that bothered me is that they say it will be a 5 day shoot week including travel and that we'll get 2 days a week off -- at no pay, just per diem ($40). This seems a bit of a stretch since 1. I can't imagine we won't be traveling on those days, and 2. I certainly can't get home for those two days. Is this the standard? ( Of course this is not a union gig where the question would be moot). I am planning on asking for them to buy batteries since they want a couple sets of hops, IFB and 3-4 wires. . . Apologies in advance if this has already been beat to death . . . Thanks, David