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  1. Equipment wishes for 2017

    Had a Maxx for a brief time and was impressed with its feature set, but less so its build quality. Would love to see a Maxx 2.0 with the features mentioned above in a more solid chassis similar to SD quality. That, and a more robust/protected card slot & card release.
  2. As Joseph mentioned, the 416 sounds significantly worse on my speakers and headphones. Something definitely seems off.
  3. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Woo!! Excellent.
  4. Quick question about tentacle sync

    Any word if there will be an Android app that supports these features? Or is it only iOS?
  5. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Question about powering the device through USB: I know it can be powered via USB through a laptop or USB Wall Adaptor, but can it powered via a portable USB Battery charger like an Anker battery pack? What's the minimum power required via USB for it to fully function? Thanks, Mark
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I kindly second this request. Given my workflow I'm often only concerned about adjusting the trim grain quickly and this would be a crucial feature for me. Would love to see this implemented. Thanks, Mark
  7. Am I Just Unlucky?

    Hi all, I recently picked up a secondhand Zaxcom Maxx. It was used only a handful of times indoors from the previous owner and arrived in perfect working and cosmetic condition. Within the last 3 weeks of using the device I've experienced some disappointing issues with the build quality and am posting here to see if my experience with the Maxx is typical or not. Please note I'm not here to slam Zaxcom. Although I'm still learning its in and outs I've immediately been able to recognize its potential and am excited to use it more. It is clearly a powerful device and am impressed with its feature-set. I've heard Zaxcom mention multiple times they look for user feedback so it is my intention to facilitate a friendly discussion here and see if others have experienced similar issues. Issue #1: Within a few days of using the unit, the compact flash release button broke. The internal spring no longer has any tension and does nothing when pressed. Oddly enough when I was in the market for a Maxx last month a user on this forum was selling his and mentioned his compact flash release button also broke within just weeks of purchasing it. Although I'm primarily a camera operator I've used all forms of media (compact flash, SD, Cfast, SSD, etc.) on a variety of cameras and recorders for the past 12 years. I know how to carefully insert and remove media. I take care of my equipment, and I was cautious when handling the Maxx. Although I can still pull the CF card in and out using my fingernails I'm concerned over time this awkward pulling could cause the internal pins in the recorder to become damaged. When I called Zaxcom to inquire about it they estimated that the repair cost could be about $100. Factor in shipping to/from the facility and its looking like a ~$150-$200 repair. As an independent filmmaker on a tight budget who saved up for a long time to invest in the Maxx I was under the impression this device was built to hold up over time. Anyone else experience this issue? I'm wondering even if I get it repaired what stops it from happening again *if* it is a inherent flaw with the design of the spring/release? Issue #2: The tip of my 1/4" headphone adapter broke off and is now stuck in the Maxx, rendering the entire device useless. Again, I treat my gear with respect. Last week I tried removing my 7506s. To my dismay when I pulled out the 1/4" adaptor it was missing its tip. I can see it stuck in the port and I'm not sure I know of any pliers narrow enough to safely pull it out. And I'd rather not open up the whole device and try to repair it myself. Granted its completely fair to assume this could have been an issue with the 1/4" adaptor and not the Maxx. Nothing lasts forever and maybe the 1/4" adaptor was on its last leg. It just seems like a terrible coincidence and makes me question the build quality further. Perhaps the headphone port's build tolerance isn't as strict as other devices, and it is a hair too tight? Anyone else experience this issue? I've used Sound Devices products, Tascam, Marantz, etc, and never had this issue. Although I haven't yet called Zaxcom about this issue I'm guessing the repair cost could be similiar to the CF release. Again, a bit disappointing for a product of this price/caliber. But maybe Mercury is in retrograde, and this is just my poor luck? Issue #3: (This could be user error) I've always had good luck with SanDisk cards and was under the impression using them was generally a safe bet with Zaxcom. I'm using SanDisk 16GB Extreme 60 MB/s cards which I figured would be plenty fast for the Maxx. Before my 1/4" adaptor got stuck I was able to record a handful of clips including a final clip 18 minutes in length. Upon connecting the CF card to my PC for transfer all the clips showed up, but the last 18 minute clip showed a file size of 0 bytes. Fortunately, Zaxcom's damn cool file-rebuilding system kicked into effect when I reinserted the CF card into the Maxx and it was able to rebuild the missing/damaged file perfectly. While I'm glad to know the internal file recovery works, I'm a bit concerned that it had to work. I powered off the recorder normally after my recordings so I'm trying to figure out why this happened. Are my CF cards not fast enough for the Maxx? Or is this just a fluke? I've looked for an official CF compatibility list from Zaxcom, but can't find one. Any insight into these issues would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Take care, Mark
  8. Art

    Woah. Beautiful. And terrifying.
  9. Shot on a Prius

    This is great.
  10. Recommendations for personal camera please

    The newly announced a6300 seems like a killer for it's price. If low-light is a necessity agree with the earlier recommendation of a used a7s.
  11. NASA lens on Barry Lyndon

    Great thread, thank you all for contributing.
  12. JuicedLink LittleDARling

    Looks like this is finally available. Seems like it packs some features for the price. Being more of a cam op and less of an audio I guy I don't use my Sennheiser G3s too much, but I'm wondering if this would be a suitable replacement. I know you can't adjust levels once you mic the talent, but for its size and its ability to bypass wireless frequencies, pretty cool. What do you guys think? Good product in theory, maybe less so in practice? For weddings and live events seems like it would be great. http://nofilmschool.com/2016/02/wireless-lavalier-juicedlink-little-darling
  13. Great thread. I just purchased a used 744t and a used Audix. It's my first time using a Sound Devices and I'm a bit surprised how much I have to push the gain to get a decent dialogue film level on the Audix. I see that you guys unanimously agree that the Audix doesn't compare to the Schoeps in terms of overall fidelity and preference, but is it true that the Audix isn't as sensitive as a mic as the Schoeps? Will I be able to record using lower gain with the Schoeps? The amount of pre-amp noise I'm getting from having to crank the gain on the Audix is a bit worrisome. For reference, I had the mic within 12-24" of the talent's mouth. Thanks for any info. -Mark