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  1. Drew3296

    Deity S-Mic 2

    Just wanted to share that our first microphone is now out and for sale. Here is the Deity S-Mic 2 commercial Curtis Judd even reviewed our microphone and compared it to the NTG4+ and the DPA shotgun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4tPO0G8b2Y&t=394s JoeNTell compared our microphone to the Sennheiser MKH416 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERwCge2pd4M&t=2s You can learn more about us at www.DeityMic.com We are really proud of it. It may not be the main microphone for everyone but we think it an be another tool in the kit.
  2. What your looking for is this kit right here. It will convert your SNA600 into a Comtek 216 antenna. Here is a link to the kit: https://www.trewaudio.com/product/remote-audio-miracle-whip-mw216-kit/
  3. Drew3296

    DIY Mods to the Olympia Folding Cart

    I love it. Its like a sled you guys created for the folding cart to drop into. Even though it’s now a 2 piece cart its still rather small to fit into even a 4 door car. What else have you guys done to it?
  4. Drew3296

    DIY smart battery solution DC for audio bag

    For $30 you can own these 75wh 12.6V batteries and skip the idea of a docking cup. You can also charge these batteries as you draw power from them. This way you can plug in your bag while your using it and run your bag off wall power and without chaining anything just unplug and your running off battery without losing power at all. https://wavreport.com/2017/11/29/batteries-part-2-diy-modding-the-talentcell-12v-lithium-battery/
  5. I wrote an ultra long blog post that includes multiple tutorials on different mods and upgrades you can do to the folding Olympia Tools Service Cart. I’ve done a few of these on my cart and I’ve included some mods that others have also done. https://wavreport.com/2018/03/06/tutorial-uber-diy-olympia-cart-pimping/
  6. Drew3296

    Sony UWP-D

    I make them. I use remote audio style connectors so it locks and wire them up myself. I make them around 6" long so you can fold them back and bongo tie them to the TX. But you could also make it a right angle TRS connector for the UWP side of the cable so it lays closer to the TX if you wanted.
  7. Drew3296

    Sony UWP-D

    I have one the older units and having to keep around a Standard 3.5mm Lav to Sony UWP lav adapter has been annoying to say the least. Sony UWP lavs have the R on the TRS connector as the hot, and the stock lav that sony ships with the units is massive. This makes buying a 3rd party lav required but limits being able to buy standard 3.5mm lavs that normally would be marketed toward the RodeLink & Senn G3 market. The other problem I've had with my UWP is you really notice the range issues. The new model has the same transmission power as the G3, 30mw. But the 5mw (10mw in my case) mode is only good for close spaces like host direct to camera work. At 10mw on the older model the talent can only be 20ft away at most. Lastly, and again this speaks to the older UWP model, the resale market on Sony wireless systems is garbage. The new UWP-D system retails for the same price as the G3s but sell used for pennies. The G3s hold their value better so if your friend ever wants to upgrade he won't be out his full investment.
  8. Drew3296

    Solar in the Orca Harness

    I bought a $5- 5v USB to 12v DC cable off eBay and I use it to run my PSC Promix-3. I run it off a very simular type setup. 8,000mah 5v 2A USB battery = 12v 750mA
  9. Drew3296

    Flight "personal item"

    Another tip is to never fly without your media/production company badge. If your a freelancer, make one up with the network your working for and coat it in a plastic sleeve. Alot of airline policies toward media travelers only apply to those you can present proof of employeement with a broadcast company. I flight twice a week 28weeks a year for my show and these are the things I've discovered. Airline Policies Toward Media: Southwest Airlines has a little known policy that allows members of the media to pre-board a flight. You go to the desk at your gate and ask for a pre-board pass for a member of the media. They will give you a bright red or yellow piece of paper. This means when they ask for members of the military to board, you can walk on with them. United Airlines will let Media bags weigh up to 99lbs. http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/baggage/mediabags.aspx American Airlines has the same policy but limites you to 25 pelicans on American Eagle and 40 pelicans on a full sized American Airlines jet.
  10. Drew3296

    Are your lavs working properly?

    +1 +1
  11. Drew3296

    Favorite Lav to Use

    I know that no one in this forum uses a $15 lav. I imaigne I am the only one in the whole forum who does. But compared to trying to hide my ME2's under clothing I like the Philips 9173. Ive never been able to hide a ME2 without it looking like a 3rd nipple. And for me personally, countryman lavs are out of my budget right now. I'm more interested in hearding what is your favorite lav to use in certain situations and what causes you to make that choice. I saw on another thread someone really just loves using a Omnigoose for car interiors. I guess the question I'm asking to you jeff is when do you reach for the COS-11 vs grabbing your B6? And why?
  12. Drew3296

    Favorite Lav to Use

    I was reading the post about the Rode Wireless system and it turned into a discussion about what lav you'd use with it and people making the plea to consider this lav over that lav. Really this thread was sparked when someone said he prefered the JK 044 over a Sanken and gave some good reasons. Overall it was becoming a very cool topic and I felt it needed its own thread. So here is the question: What is your favorite Lav mic to use? when/how do you use your favorite lav? I will go first and my favorite is the Philips 9173 Lapel microphone. I use it for recording dialog when I need to tape the microphone under clothing. The Capsule is the smallest on the market under $100 and comes standard with a right angle plug.
  13. I am very excited to go! This will make my first NAB trip ever.
  14. Drew3296

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    Traditionally you'd be right, but CheesyCam.com is famous for endorsing and profitting off chinese gear. Really bad knock off type shit. And any product would would be associated with Cheesycam.com probably isnt of any quality. The site is geared toward DSLR DIY novices.... Also, here is a marketing ad for the aspen mic attached to the Zoom H1.... in the headphone port. So that should sum it all up.
  15. Drew3296

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    I believe these are the same microphones that CheesyCam is marketing.... I'd avoid them if CheesyCam is associated with them. http://cheesycam.com/thanksgiving-holiday-sale-aspenmic-lavalier-microphones/