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  1. Necessities For Every Soundbag

    Altoids! Always!..when I'm at half a can, time to Re-Up. Peppermint only please!. 4- Pack of Li AA's, One Li 9vt, Sisccors, small sewing kit, Decent earbuds, Tums ( I work a bit of Food Shows), Top Stick. Moleskin, Hush Lavs, small black safety pins, twin tip black Sharpie and a Gerber. These are just a few things I ALWAYS have at an arms reach, just in case I'm away from my mothership for too long.
  2. SRb + PSC Rf Multi SMA?

    I also used SNA600's with my RFmulti and all was fine, then Up'd my game to Lectro ALP620's and it's been amazing( 3 SR's, 3 411's) ...however whenever I switch back to the SNA600's (smaller run bag setup/ dump the 411's) they don't seem to play nice any more. I would try and get a different antenna (LPDA?) into play and if problems persist I wonder about the RF Multi... also try to disconnecting (one at a time) each sma input to RFMulti, it may pinpoint if theres a bad sma cable, or connection. I assume scans are clear when on whips, just not enough range for you? Just my 2cents...
  3. Using the CL-12 with 664

    I use an inexpensive USB power bank, (5000mah), velcro it to the back of CL12 w/ super short Right Angle Micro USB cable. Lasts 3 full days no problem.
  4. SMQV storage

    I pack my SMQV's in drink Koozies. The TX's stay nice and snug w/ a little piece of foam stuffed in between the two of them. Then you can put them in the lectro pouch or wherever. Mine are stored in front pouch of my audio bag ready for deployment. Clients always get a laugh at the different Koozies I have.
  5. Comtek 9v batteries

    iPowers are the way to go. 520's last two days in Comteks, I also have some 700's but use them for HM/ UM400 use. Using the 7's you should easily get 3 days out of them.
  6. Battery Holders

    I'm using the cases that came w/ my powerex, the 8 pack cases are fine and I've never had them break open on me, but the 4 holder do sometimes.
  7. CL-12 not picked up by SD664

    Curious to what source you are using for the 5v mini usb power. Using my remote audio BDSv4U w/ IDX Li NP1 L7S, works intermittently... But using a cheap USB power bank works flawlessly and lasts days w/o recharging. I've given up on the USB BDS power. Whatever source you are using my guess is that it's not getting enough power.
  8. What Car Do You Drive?

    VW Passat Wagon...tons of space in back, even more w/ seats folded down. I had a Jetta wagon..too small.. Fun car though.
  9. live facebook shooting

    Uh...seriously. I'd change the title of your post..not what came to my mind immediately...just saying. Just record audio Seperately...slate or clap sync.
  10. $.89 NP1 case

    They apparently are a "Hot" back to school item this year...I went back to my local Target (PA) to grab a few spares and they were sold out, then I was in NJ last week and stopped at a Target, and they only had a few left in the bin. So silly.
  11. Camera Hop Hell

    Hey Thomas, that's a bummer that your Lectro's can't be upgraded, I've never had any BLK changes done but I would probably just try and sell them before investing in a BLK change personally . I was surprised when I looked up how (relatively) inexpensive the UCR's are... I figured if i picked up a set in a BLK I already own I could utilize the scan option on that unit instead of just guessing/ fishing. I really like all the features that the Zax setup gives you but...it's a bit overkill for my needs, as is a Lectro SR set. I'm leaning towards the UCR/SMQV setup.
  12. Camera Hop Hell

    So you think the UCR's are on par w/ G3's in sound quality ? Hmm... I'm cart and bag based somedays , If I go w/ the UCR's I would use a SNA600 on the SMQV to help with the range. I'm a little worried about range on the G3's when I'm on the cart. I'm not exactly wanting to drop $6k- ish on a scratch track system. 2 UCR's and 1 SMQV are around $2600-ish..2 sets of G3's $1300 -ish.
  13. Camera Hop Hell

    I'm sort of in the same boat w/ Thomas...i'm in need a single Ch scratch for 2 cam shoots... I was looking hard at the G3's, I have a G2 and it has served me well..I've been looking for a 2nd in the same block "B" but now I'm leaning towards a set of UCR100's paired with a SMQV. Really wish they had a AA battery version of the UCR100's..I hate 9v's. Can anyone give their opinion on the UCR's sound quality vs a G3/2 setup? My thoughts were to get the UCR's in a BLK I already have that way I can at least scan and coordinate easier.
  14. $.89 NP1 case

    So...sort of a DIY. $.89 at Target, back to school supplies. Fits NP1 perfectly. I usually keep mine in the boxes they came in...but they are looking rough lately. Upgrade!
  15. Show me your bag

    SD 664 (3) SRB (3) 411 Comtek pr216 Remote Audio BDSv4U Remote Audio RMv2 PSC RF Multi