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  1. The kit getting damp has never been an issue for me, but it is more an issue of hearing the rain drops hitting the windshield. To stop this, I've had good experiences with the air con filter material. I bought a 3m long sheet of it from an air con service centre for about £5 and cut it to size so that it was folded in half. Bongo tie it around the windshield and it worked a treat. It absorbs the impact of the rain drops and channels the water to the lowest edges. A bit of nexcare tape around the xlr connector and the boom is sealed from the worst weather.
  2. In the UK, I tend to keep my talent mics in CH38 frequencies and use CH70 for non crucial functions like IFBs and camera links. That puts the links and IFBs on higher frequencies than talent, but that's just the UK frequency licensing.
  3. Yeah, it's great! Still going strong with the 788t and CL9. It's now on a magliner upright trolley with a modified nose plate with heavy duty castors. I've been doing a lot of smaller doc shoots over the winter, but it'll be coming back out of the kit room next month for some hard work again over the spring.
  4. I've been using a fishing rod bag with rod tubes for my drama poles, but for doc stuff, I only use a 2.6m pole, so this gator bag works much better.
  5. Gator cases do this product. I'm going to try it with my doc pole, boom stand and use the top pocket for a boom buddy.
  6. So I stumbled across this and I wondered if it is going to be any good!
  7. AKG should still be doing the blue-line. It's still a current range on their website and I bought a couple of omni capsules brand new about a month ago.
  8. Spotted one potential issue, all the connections seem to be on the operator side of the camera. That could be messy on a shoulder rig. I also can't see any TC connections. Hopefully they'll add a sync module or something and perhaps a V-Lock sled?
  9. Hi guys, what's the latest news?
  10. Is there any news on the tonmeister app being ported to the iPhone? I'd love to get started with the ACN, but don't want to lose my CL-Wifi if I move to the beetle.
  11. That's my bebop bag. The CL-9 shelf is actually a DIY job of mine. A modified laptop stand surface bolted to some bearing drawer runners which are heavy duty velcro'd into the bag.
  12. I have just been using the BeBop cart on location in and around city centres in the UK for the last 3 weeks. Its very big, and the supplied wheels are too small for any kind of stability, but since I got a shakespeare fishing seat box trolley and secured it with some ratchet straps, it's been golden. It's very well made and easily holds everything I need, has securing points on the outside to strap on a c-stand for transport, and fits easily in my ford focus. I'm currently knocking up a sliding shelf for my CL-9 to turn it into a proper cart. The next few weeks will give it a more all-terrain test, so I'll let you know if there are any other points to add.
  13. I've been using a Marell microwave SD link with great success although the image can get a bit scrambled when there's too much range involved. I got an AJA HD10MD3 which is doing a good job at the downconverting. They are cheap on the used market from steadicam guys who have converted to HD. I've since managed to pick up a 1st Generation Teradek Bolt for a good price, so I'm keeping the Marell for SD jobs and backup.
  14. Rado, have you got a snap of how your kit fits inside that 1440? That looks like a great little case setup.
  15. Interesting. Quotes 10-20dB reduction but no mention of over what frequency range. Quite expensive to cover a medium sized area though. £250 per sheet, although I expect there are quantity price breaks available.