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  1. DPA 4017C

    I agree! The foam isn't good when moving. I would like to know about better solutions as well..
  2. 4pin XLR power cable

    Would this do? https://www.thomann.de/fi/sommer_the_goblin_sw_mikrofonkabel.htm
  3. Sonosax SX-R4+

    You were lucky Richard! I had mine set to 24 as well, but still files were corrupted. I did really long (1 hour or more) test recordings though...
  4. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Yep! 2.2 has been working perfectly without a single problem. After updating to the 2.3 I got corrupted files, so it was quite obvious that problem was with the firmware update. Now back to 2.2 and going strong!
  5. View From The Office:

    Recording atmospheres at summer cottage
  6. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Yes you can.
  7. Thigh bandage for transmitter

    They are amazing, just bought 2 packages more!!
  8. Zaxcom Maxx for Nature Recording?

    I have also used Nomad for nature and SFX recordings, Neverclip is nice indeed. Works for recording car engines and calm forest ambiences as well.
  9. Hide a mike

    37,80€ (ex. VAT) at least in Deherrieboerderij. http://www.setgearshop.nl/webshop/geluid/microfoon-accessoires/lavalier-accessoires/detail/795/hide-a-mic---zwart---kit-van-4.html
  10. CF Card went down

    That happened for me few times with Nomad, format the card with computer and you should be good to go! It's of course also possible that the card is actually broken, for me the formatting with computer worked.
  11. All that and pelican, isn't that still too heavy for carry-on? No blimp at all? This is really beautiful project Rado, I'm thinking about trying out similar bag design for Nomad+QRX100+Audioroot battery and distro.
  12. Modifications on a Peli iM2750

    Really nice work!
  13. The Ultimate Wireless Frequency List

    Finland updated.
  14. Show me your bag

    Amazing work Rado!
  15. Uši microphones

    Kiitos Karri!