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  2. GNinja

    Betso slate WTCS-1

    Anyone tried Betsy's new slates yet? How they compare to ambient and denecke? Thoughts? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    Anyone tried the new Ursa straps? I got the thigh strap from trew and have reserved thoughts on them but I'd like to hear other people's experiences with it so far. Thoughts?
  4. GNinja

    How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Did you try going to skin? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    This has been awhile but I'd like to give my input now with the ursa products. Ankle Straps - Overall these are much better, especially on hot days as these seem to breathe better than the neopax. They are also good under skinny jeans or like it as it's a slightly lower profile than the neopax as well. The only thing I can say that is a con, if it is at all, is that the ability to slide it into the pouch during a battery change takes a bit longer than a neopax. This can be probably be fixed if you add a strap over it to help pull one side open and slide the transmitter in. Otherwise, it's a solid strap to use in the bag. Thigh Straps - This is is a love and hate relationship. I really like the fact that it has an antislip material on the inside and they are lower profile than neopax. HOWEVER, I really wish they make a horizontal pouch because it slims the actual surface area I have to hide underneath a dress. There is a bit of anti slip in the pouch and I have tried to flip it upside down, but More times than I would like, it has slipped out of the pouch. What I would really like to see is the neopax horizontal thigh pack but with the ursa material. That would be gold and the female actors would love it if the antenna doesn't poke them... if you know what I mean. Waist Straps - Same thing with the ankle. Solid. Soft Circles - In terms of quality, These are far superior compared to the rycote. In terms of quantity, They are expensive for the amount you get compared to rycote. If you are able to grab the mic before actors pull them off, then you can save the soft circles and reuse them many, many times. If you lose one, cost-wise it's expensive vs losing a rycote undercover. You'll have to determine the situation if this is worth it. I've used it for one show where the actors are very good at meeting me to be de-wired so I can save the soft circles vs the actors on the show I'm on now that they will rip them off themselves and may lose the circles before I get to them. Bottom line: if you can manage saving them or have a budget for losing them, then go for it. That's all I have for now. Again, it's different from person to person and from situation to situation. Use your best judgement if these products may work for you. At best, The ankles are solid and can't go wrong with them. Hope this helps someone.
  6. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    I agree. Neopax gives you two per strap. Don't get me wrong, the material for the Ursa is nice, but really, a protector should be included for that price. The thigh pack with the rubber grip seems to work well but the one suppose to stop the transmitter from sliding out is not doing its job well.
  7. GNinja

    Ursa Strap

    Thanks everyone. My reserved thoughts were for the price (I'm in Canada), it's rather expensive for what you get. It's about $10 more than neopax and it doesn't come with a protector (which cost about $24 for 4). The thigh pack I've been having issues with right out of the gate, having the transmitter somehow falls out (lectro smv) even with the rubber lining inside the pouch. Plus they only come in large pouch for thighs. I find it slightly too roomy for a smv. I just took an extra Velcro from a neopax and stored it on top so it can't fall out anymore. I haven't tried the other products yet. They feel nice though. I really wish it just came with the pouch protectors.
  8. GNinja

    New Betso Wireless Timecode

    Sooo after a few days, I would like to rescind my comment regarding the bay door. Here are my thoughts now on each product. TCX-2: In regards to the swing door, I realized that it only swings one way. We velcro it to a slate or to a camera, and I noticed that it's hard for the door to swing open on it's own, but fairly easy to switch batteries out when need be. Battery life is VERY good. about 12hr days, battery drops one bar. Before I use to re-jam and re-battery the timeboxes morning and lunch time, but now it's just morning. Overall, both me and the camera deptartment are very impressed with the product. 2RF: The feelings are the same with this product as well. The door I feel is better designed. It's a bit harder to open but at least it won't open on it's own like the sbox-1. This also takes just 1 AA which is fantastic. This box lives on the sound cart and jammed to the recorder always. Overall, the only time I've noticed a timecode issues was because of human error, like the box wasn't turned on or the cable was not plugged in. The product on it's own has not failed as of yet. I'll do a final review once my show ends in a few months.
  9. GNinja

    New Betso Wireless Timecode

    Just got these on the show I'm on. First impressions of it are really good. The syncing worked without a hitch. The only gripe I have about them are the battery doors. It's a spin door like the lectro smv transmitter but no way to lock it tighten it. This means it can open easily. Gonna evaluate it further once we get going on the show and see how it is.
  10. GNinja

    Sanken CSS-50 any reviews?

    So I'm gonna be going to Africa for a gig and part of it is to record music from indigenous tribes. My mixer told me about this new mic and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it and how does it perform? Thanks!
  11. GNinja

    Sanken CSS-50 any reviews?

    I wouldn't. Good thing for us the indigenous tribe is letting me record them. The mic itself on paper is interesting. I was thinking of getting this mic to allow me to both mono and stereo record. I also use a mkh8060. I'm just wondering if the CSS-50 has similar qualities as a Sanken CS-3e or a Scheops CMIT-5.
  12. So here is my predicament: I want to get a wireless boom and I know I'm only going to be doing bag mixing. I am looking to get a HMa and an Lr receiver for portability and weight. Is there a reason to replace the Lr with an UCR411a or SrB? I'm running an SD 633... I just want to go wireless for the boom. Thoughts?
  13. So here is my predicament: I want to get a wireless boom and I know I'm only going to be doing bag mixing. I am looking to get a HMa and an Lr receiver for portability and weight. Is there a reason to replace the Lr with an UCR411a or SrB? I'm running an SD 633... I just want to go wireless for the boom. Thoughts?
  14. GNinja

    Kaotica Eyeball

    The kaotica is small enough to be thrown into a carry-on luggage or check in. Our purpose to use it was because we do VO in hotel rooms alot or in someone's living room. For these purposes, the kaotica shines. In no way does it replace a proper studio but for a mobile recording tool it works well.
  15. GNinja

    Need a sound mixer in Vancouver, Canada

    Does he need an Audio assistant? I'm local.
  16. GNinja

    Aftermarket L-Series batteries for 7-series?

    haha I bought 4 wasabi powers from amazon.com cause all my friends say they are solid so I'll try them out. Also, kinda going off topic, but whats the advantages of using an NP-1 battery vs a Sony NP-F L series batteries? I saw Hawk-woods makes something that's an 4pin-hirose that can be plugged into a SD 633 and powered by L series batteries instead of NP-1. Also, does anyone make an L-series batt adaptor like this: http://www.hawkwoods.com/Prods/details.php?id=84 in North America?
  17. GNinja

    Aftermarket L-Series batteries for 7-series?

    Anyone have any experience with Wasabi Power batteries?
  18. GNinja

    Dollar vs Euro and European gear prices.

    Canada its up by 20%...
  19. I just came across this company. Has anyone ever heard of them, used their products, or have any comparisons to other mics? Here is their website: http://aspenmics.com/ Interesting for the price and warranty. Thoughts?
  20. GNinja

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    I agree with alot of whats said here. It would still be nice to hear a comparison between the aspen mics to other mics like the OST, the sennheiser ME2, maybe even the Tram, Sankens, and Countryman for fun. The two video links reviewing the mics just doesn't suffice for me. I'm just wondering if it's worth it to get for the projects I have right now. If it's equivalent or better than the Sennheiser ME2, then yea, I see value in the aspen mic products. That's pretty much why i started this thread. Again, comparing between the more expensive lavs would be for fun and educational.
  21. GNinja

    Aspen Mics - lav mics - opinions?

    Thanks muntus! I look forward to those results you find. I was looking at Oscar Soundtech lavs as well.
  22. GNinja

    BMD URSA - they finally got it.

    Does anyone know how good the URSA records audio?
  23. Thanks for all the great replies! Constantin, I actually liked the MKE600 for what it is alot... so much that I preordered it before listening to it after hearing alot of great reviews at convention shows. So happy my risk panned out... but yeah, if it wasn't for the battery blowing up I wouldn't have considered buying another mic like the MKH 8060. And you are right, the MKH 8060 does handle both outdoor and indoor well, especially with the MM-1 Preamp. I am thinking of sending the MKE600 for repair and hopefully it's cost effective rather than buying a brand new one, which segways to RP Sharman's advice: I really do like to own a second mic as a backup, which the MKE600 was suppose to be. Technically it still works if I send phantom power either from an MM-1 or my Roland R-44 but trying to use battery power makes a bad beep sound. I'm guessing the acid has gone somewhere I can't clean myself. But I digress. All these advices help me alot basing on what to invest in next, either another mic or a Sound Device 633. Seems like I can save the money for the latter.
  24. I've read somewhere here that there is an art or technical aspect of finding an interior microphone for your outdoor microphone. I currently own a Sennheiser MKH8060 because my MKE600 mic kinda konked out (stupid battery exploded inside the mic and now it's giving off buzzing noise when I try to use battery power...). I use it for both indoor and outdoor and to me, both sides are acceptable except for some indoor scenes where I do get alot of room reverb. Would getting a hypercardiod/cardiod mic be better and if so, how do you choose a matching mic that works well with my microphone? What are the technical aspects I should be looking at to find a matching microphone? As in, is there a way to measure by looking at specs and choosing that way? The one I am looking at is the Neumann KM145/150. I see it pop up in a few recommended microphones for indoors. Good or bad choice? The other ones are to find a microphone built by the same company, so maybe the sennheiser MKH 8040? MKH-50? Any other recommendations or advice? Even if I shouldn't buy, it's good to know how to build up my gear down the road and building towards it is a good goal for me. Thanks in advance!
  25. GNinja

    What's your day rate?

    Thanks for the response. By the way, for josefrias and syncsound, the rates you posted, are these for non-union gigs only? If so, are these rates based off of union rates? How are these numbers broken down? I'm from Canada so if there are any Canadian sound guys here that know or have a link to information regarding rates and how they break down, that would be great, otherwise, other country breakdown is a good place to start as well. If my former two questions are too personal, you don't have to share them either, I'm just curious as to the trends of union vs non-union pay grades. Thanks!