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  1. Try looking under Timeline Display Settings (wrench icon on Timeline) and select Show Audio Names menu option.
  2. Tentacle Sync are showing a prototype of their timecode device that is slimmer, has an improved mic, and Bluetooth support and new app that allows remote configuration and control of multiple units.
  3. If you're interested in viewing "A Face of War", it's available on YouTube in a series of ten segments, here. Talk about being embedded, these guys were in the s**t. And, in case it's not perfectly obvious, the sound IS the story.
  4. May I suggest we qualify that with a "sometimes..."? When the production on a narrative feature is too cheap to hire a boom operator, schedules 8-9 pages a day, shoots two cameras with timecode and wireless hops on both, and wants every actor lavved in every scene (often as many as six), I'm sorry but they can expect bugger all in the reports. I did a show like that once when I first started out, and it almost killed me. Life is too short. That being said, I make every effort to make my reports as detailed as time and circumstances permit. Having started to do some sound editing and mixing work myself has made me appreciate the value of well crafted reports. I would even go so far as to say all production mixers should do at least a little bit of post work at some point in their careers. It absolutely improves your location mixing chops. It has mine, anyway.
  5. It was a loaner from Panasonic to the DP, who has something of a social media following. A BTS video has been posted to his site, but it would likely only be of interest to camera gearheads.
  6. I got a chance to work with the Panasonic Varicam LT last week, and saw that no one has yet posted any information about it. So I thought I would pass along a report of my experiences. All in all, no surprises with this well appointed cinema camera. I don't know how similar to or different from its bigger brother (Varicam) it is, not having worked with one. It support four channels of audio input. It has an XLR-5F for a stereo mic in on Inputs 1 & 2. It has two more mono XLR jacks for inputs 3 and 4. All four inputs can be recorded simultaneously, with 48V phantom power available in each. Internal recording is 24-bit 48KHz. Input levels are controlled via menus. Timecode input/output is via a BNC connector. It also has Genlock In via BNC as well. Configuration of timecode via the menus is straightforward. However, before you start, one gotcha to aware of before you attempt configure timecode is to make certain the camera is NOT in Variable Frame Rate mode and that a static Frame Rate has been set. When the Varicam is in VFR mode, timecode will be locked in Record Run mode, and it will not except an external timecode signal. Learned this the hard way when I couldn't figure why it wouldn't accept jamming from my Ambient LockIt. From the home screen: hit the Menu button then Rec Settings: Then enter the TC menu: From there, if connecting an external timecode source, set Free/Rec Run to Record Run and set the TC In/Out Sel menu to TC In. I could not detect any fan noise at all, though admittedly I never got closer than a meter away while rolling and none of our takes ever exceeded five or six minutes at a time. In case you would like to consult the manual directly, here are links to the PDF and HTML versions. That's about it. Beats working with any Red camera, hands down.
  7. Unless I'm mistaken, the field recorder workflow is a feature of Pro Tools HD, and not the standard Pro Tools. Also, there are third party software applications that streamline the production audio conforming process, of which EdiLoad is probably the most well known. But as Phil suggests, it's far simpler if you can get picture editorial department to take this on. That's not always possible, unfortunately.
  8. Correct. That accessory cannot be used with the FS5. So no TC in (or genlock), unless you want to record LTC to one of the audio channels, e.g., with a Tentacle. While it's true that it will only internally record 4:2:0 8-bit in "4K" (technically, QFHD, not true 4K), you can record 4:2:2 8-bit out the HDMI port into, say, a Video Devices PIX-E recorder or an Atomos Shogun. But, 10-bit 4K sure would have been nice. All the same, I like mine a lot. Just don't assume it's a cinema camera, and you'll get along fine.
  9. Very nice indeed. Did you go to a seamstress to fasten the bits of canvas to the blankets, or did you do this yourself? I'd like to hear a bit more about this part was achieved. Cheers!
  10. Well, I thought I was making a distinction between, on the one hand, collective bargaining agreements (which we both seem to agree are legally sanctioned by a large and well recognized body of law), and every one else. If a large group of non-union sound mixers (or any other trade, for that matter) got together and agreed among one another that they would all charge the same rate for their labor, that would be a pretty clear case of price-fixing, and would be illegal. So, I guess I'm unclear what it is I'm not understanding about union membership and employment.
  11. Indeed. But it's a moot point, since any attempt to adopt standard rates would constitute price-fixing, and the FTC would take a very dim view of such an agreement. The unions can get away with it because they have exemptions under federal antitrust law.
  12. Doh. Sorry. I misread your reply. If it had been from the Senator, I might have understood correctly the first time. :-)
  13. They make monitors as well as UX-impaired cameras: <>
  14. True. But then lighting fixtures and video monitors don't forget they're tethered and then get up and go to the bathroom without telling anyone. Had that happen to me once, in spite of my multiple admonitions to the interviewee. Would it be bad form to sand bag the talent?
  15. While I personally have seen no direct correlation, I do find there is a general tendency among departments to mass in cliques, and I suppose it's only natural to feel slightly more comfortable among members of one's own tribe, especially if they are people they've worked with before.