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  1. Cart building day!!!

    Great work thope!
  2. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Thanks osa! They are available for sale!
  3. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    Hi Viet, I make these cables. Send me an email if you are interested.
  4. Here is a modification I made on a couple of SM battery eliminators to work with Hirose power connectors. Also new cables were made for power and audio to complete the camera hop kit! Short profile connectors were fabricated where possible.
  5. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Thank you Jeff!
  6. Cables for SRs- Uni/Superslot connectors.

    That's a pretty sweet build Tom. Nice work!
  7. DIY Dipole antenna!

    I made the boxes Daniel. Hi Larry, there is no balun. It's just the shield going to one arm and the core going to the other. I've made dipoles before with just a coax cable and they seem to work well. This time i decided to put them in a box and mount them on the side of my bag.
  8. DIY Dipole antenna!

    Here is an idea for a dipole antenna!
  9. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    Here is a short video showing how the connector works!My Movie (1).mp4
  10. Cart building day!!!

    That s a very nice buid Thope. I have been thinking about building a cart for myself as well. The information has been useful.
  11. DIY- Right Angle XLRs

    So many good ideas on The Right Angle XLR here. This would be my interpretation! I've shown this pic in another topic, but I think it applies here as well.
  12. Ground plane antenna

    Thank you! It is tuned to 216 MHz.
  13. Ground plane antenna

    Here is a ground plane antenna I built. It is tuned to work in the 216 MHz range. Perfect for a Comtek TX.
  14. Another TA5 low profile! Not right angle this time

    More TA3 short profile. Delrin cap this time. Trying out different materials!