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  1. I bet you would! Send me one of your mics and I'll wire it. First one is free ;-)
  2. The RX gets power from the camera, however i am working on adding a hirose to the unit, there is also a P-tap. They are $400 CAD. Thanks for your interest Bernie!
  3. I am using something else for strain relief, the original crimp would not fit. It works just like an xlr, tightens around the cable as the cap is being screwed on to the conn. I think CMSD means sharp edges. No sharp edges, and the cap is much stronger.
  4. You will own this tool for the rest of your life!
  5. Yet another solution for your low profile TA5 needs. I turned this cap for a Switchraft connector last night and people seem to get a kick out of it so here it is! For more ideas and prototypes visit my instagram @100sideprojects
  6. Thank you Derek! I do all the machining myself. Anton Bauer version is available as well for guys in the US. You can also buy an adaptor plate, however that might get a little much.
  7. Nice job Mark! Great layout skills! Nice and clean!
  8. Here is a caddy for your Lectrosonics SR I built recently. I also made one for my D4. I have other projects like this on my instagram, if interested check it out! @100sideprojects Thanks!
  9. Nice work Vin. I like the heavy duty switch!
  10. There is this thing.
  11. Nice work Matt. Those connectors look clean. Eric's solution also looks great
  12. Good idea, and well executed. Clean!
  13. The batt. contacts are from a lectrosonics TX. I got those from Joe Burtinsky at Lectro Canada. I had a friend route and fold the metal. the rest was me. Cups, PCB, fitting, sewing etc. Thanks!
  14. Here’s an idea I’ve had for a while. Hot swappable dual battery holder with 5 12V DC outputs. Isolation for the Lithiums, filtering on each output and fused up to 6A. Before this I was using a Battery bud with an NP-1 Cup. It worked fine, but not ideal. I have a new board for this mod that makes one of the outputs switchable between 5, 9 and 12V DC. It took a while to put it all together but well worth it. Here are some photos that show a bit of the process.
  15. Thanks RVD I agree with you. I am not planing to waste anyone's time with this issue anymore. At this point I don't think it is doing anything good for me. It can only get worst from here. So there. Done! Thanks for all the comments.