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  1. sallymon

    Independent Inauguration and March Coverage

    Hey all - thanks for all the advice! The advice I took to heart was: 1) keep the rig as small as possible 2) avoid wireless 3) don't bring anything that can be construed as a weapon .... sometimes this is hard to do for audio rigs I was only covering the March on Saturday, just to clarify... So my rig was super simple. Small Zoom H6 that I borrowed from someone. I brought 2 Sanken COS-11d's with a TA5 to XLR converter and hard-lined into the H6. I wanted so bad to bring my boom mic but I didn't feel comfortable risking a pistol-grip. I recorded the ambient protest sounds on the H6 mics and interviews with the hard-lined Sanken. As the day went on, people were getting tired and a little bit hesitant to be interviewed. I ended up using an RE50, hard-lined into the H6 for the second half the day. Overall, we got great footage, great interviews, a cool guy playing fiddle as the protest marched behind him. The RE50 was great at picking up interviewees in a loud environment. Obviously the Sanken's sounded just fine. The H6 has a bit of self-noise but its nothing I can't get rid of in post. I'll tell you though - there was NO SECURITY. I saw several cameramen rocking their camera rig with a G3 on top. I know at least one cameraman who was down there with a G3 and they didn't get clearance. I saw at least 2 audio people with their full rig, 442/744 and a boom pole. I know none of this would have flown for the inauguration but they made it seem that the same rules would have applied for the march. Overall, I'm happy with the ninja rig I put together. Next time, I'd just get a better handheld recorder and maybe bring some kind of handheld grip (other than a pistol grip) for a boom mic... Anyway, thanks a lot everyone. I took a lot of advice to heart from here when putting my rig together. Oh and for the record - as someone asked - the crowd was HUGE. So big that the entire march path was filled up so a second march peeled off the main one to alleviation congestion. This allowed to seperate marches to take place and meet later on. It was a massive amount of people, all very peaceful and respectful. I think the metro counted 1.1 million riders. When we were leaving the downtown area in the evening, the metro so packed you could barley get to the ticket area. Once in, they were letting people down the stairs onto the platform, 5 at a time every 3 minutes. Whatever your political position is, it felt pretty historic to be apart of something so massive and yet so peaceful.
  2. Hey all, I am traveling down to DC this weekend to document the Women's March and the scene surrounding Trump's Inauguration. Our team is very small (3 people total). Our cameraman will be shooting on a discreet camera and I'd like to do my best to keep my audio gear discreet. We aren't affiliated with any company or organization, we are filming entirely independently, for our own use. Our goal and focus is loose as this is the first piece of the doc we are shooting. We are hoping for general event coverage and some select interviews with subjects as we encounter them. I'm wondering if anyone has experience in these type of very high security environments - and more specifically, does anyone have experience shooting independently of a major production company at these high security events. Obviously, I have concerns about what gear I'll be allowed to walk around with. My gut feeling is to bring as little gear as possible. A Mix-Pre or other small mixer directly into camera with 1-2 lavs to capture interviews and an ambient shotgun mounted to camera. However, this is not my ideal setup. Ideally, I'd want to have my 744t with me, a shotgun mic on a boom pole and a wireless lav setup ready to go. I have strong reservations about walking around with my boom pole and shotgun mic. Are these breaches of security? Could they be construed as breaches in security? Same goes for the recorder... On a similar note: I have Lectro blocks 21 and 26 that I can bring down to DC. I imagine RF will be crazy at the event but in terms of legality - are there any special restrictions in place for an event like this? Any information is appreciated - links to restrictions, links to press restrictions, personal tales... Thanks for any info and knowledge you all can spare. This is my first time running into such a high security event with no press credentials. Trying to be as prepared as possible...and I assume I'll still be in for a surprise.
  3. sallymon

    Rode NTG-3 strange distortion?

    I had a similar problem with my Rode NTG-3 last winter. Sometimes I thought it was RF interference and sometimes XLR or connector issues. It happened sparingly at first - at the end of a long day and then weeks later in the freezing cold. I tried to replicate the issue at home but couldn't. When it happened often enough, I sent it into Rode under warranty and they fixed it up.