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  1. HFI-580/680. After getting used to them, you'll never get back to those 7506s... unless you appreciate the effect of having pistons force-pressed into your ears.
  2. Just as a follow up; I received the batteries (iPower 700mAh) and they fit perfectly into the Comteks. I'll see with time what happens with the swelling part of the story. Thanks again guys for the feedback.
  3. oh...I'll see then what happens with the 700s ... maybe chemistry mod with those will bring its miracle and the batts will stay put as for the size. Crossing fingers. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks ayushahuja and John, MSheldon this is exactly my concern about the newer iPower batteries (700mAh) (will they fit in my Comteks ?) Anyway, after doing a little more research on the web and reading about different complaints about "defects", "won't charge properly" or "not usable after a year" I decided to order the iPower 700s along with a charger and will see if that fits. Apart from the Comteks, everything I have in my kit is using AAs or AAAs so that'd be a bummer. You all have a nice day !
  5. Thanks nevo
  6. Reviving the thread as I'm looking for 9V batts and charger: how are these other iPower alternative brands going now, a few years later ? was it worth the expense instead of going with iPower products ? If some of you guys have the newest Li-Po 700mAh batts; do they actually fit into Comteks ?
  7. ...if you clench teeth, yas ![emoji1] Envoyé de mon iPhone en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Looks like they "rounded it" by shaving the corners from the original (?)...and it's shorter too. Make me think of the Loon wing, but probably way lot more easy to get your hands onto...
  9. What I think is weird about the new Mozegear box is it seems to be intended to be used powered from the cam's hirose connector (be it via cam itself or batt rig). The 4.5h batt life is short but if I get it right it's mostly intended to keep TC for lunch or brakes/moving sets. Only "big cams" have this kind of power output now. Exactly the type of cams that stay on a tripod most of the times. So why this minimalistic box for those cams instead of FS7s and C300s of this world where "tiny" has a place to be ? Maybe I didn't get the idea at all...
  10. I didn't think about it at first but it looks like if they had added the proper power into the boxes they could have made sales with "NanoLockit+TinyMike combos" (simply adding a connection on the box). I really like the Nano though. If I hadn't buy Mozegear and Tentacle these last years I would certainly have plunged.
  11. how long will it hold the time of day ("real time clock") ?
  12. oops, my bad all the way concerning both Lectro and Mozegear then, sorry about that ..!
  13. Didn't even notice they existed ! Thanks for pointing out (MPR30-IFB)
  14. Ok, check this out, I've repaired around five of them on location: If you look at the center of the BNC connection on the camera, you'll see the positive post; have a closer look and compare it to the BNC just above it. Is there a difference with that little "4-piece tube" protruding from the center of the connection? Probably YES. Those 4 parts of the circular "tube" are split abnormally compared to the one (never use, I think it's a Genlock BNC; don't remember and don't have a cam in front of me). Now take a small screwdriver and just bring pack those 4 parts of the circular "tube" towards center. You fixed it, no more E/F alterning on the screen, solid "refurbished" BNC, thanks to the soundguy on the spot. The first one I caught, one of the 4 parts of that positive connector was completely crushed at the bottom of the BNC and was creating a short from center post (positive) to the outer shell (negative) of the connector ! Since then, I simply always check those connectors on the cam since those C300s are getting older and older now. As a side funny exercise, check out the Sony's FS7s connectors now. Wow, completely different model. Way more solid.