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  1. oops, my bad all the way concerning both Lectro and Mozegear then, sorry about that ..!
  2. Didn't even notice they existed ! Thanks for pointing out (MPR30-IFB)
  3. Ok, check this out, I've repaired around five of them on location: If you look at the center of the BNC connection on the camera, you'll see the positive post; have a closer look and compare it to the BNC just above it. Is there a difference with that little "4-piece tube" protruding from the center of the connection? Probably YES. Those 4 parts of the circular "tube" are split abnormally compared to the one (never use, I think it's a Genlock BNC; don't remember and don't have a cam in front of me). Now take a small screwdriver and just bring pack those 4 parts of the circular "tube" towards center. You fixed it, no more E/F alterning on the screen, solid "refurbished" BNC, thanks to the soundguy on the spot. The first one I caught, one of the 4 parts of that positive connector was completely crushed at the bottom of the BNC and was creating a short from center post (positive) to the outer shell (negative) of the connector ! Since then, I simply always check those connectors on the cam since those C300s are getting older and older now. As a side funny exercise, check out the Sony's FS7s connectors now. Wow, completely different model. Way more solid.
  4. yyyyep, probably same case supplier as Mozegear and Micron gear...
  5. Every app that's released to be released on **both** Android and iphone.
  6. Hahahaha...I can see images; "waitwaitwaitwait guys! how do we deal with audio now that the cam's ready?! and there's half an hour left before punchin'out!"
  7. For the same mic model, I guess there might be differences with how they're mounted to the connectors, especially pinout and resistor values then... nope? somebody at Lectro ?
  8. Nice !
  9. The replacement is the Kingston FCR-HS4 and it's also been rock solid on my side
  10. Lectro PDR2. 2 tracks recording (Line and Mic), TCin, TCout so we can use as "usual" TC box if needed. ... and top led meters, as we are here... (plus a PDRBATTELIM of course...)
  11. "Also sunlight visible metering" THAT, for everything in the bag !!!! just a plate would do the trick
  12. Ouch. ouchouchouchouch...
  13. I don't think you can charge the batteries by plugging the 633 (unlike the 7xx series). You'll need a separate charger. But you can definitely run it with AC power using the adaptor. ... you could find a used BDS kit with battery cup to feed both the 633 and 302 (and more gear as you expand the kit). As an example, lots of them here:
  14. and they got a gold one ! Sure, I'll let them try it ... At that point and considering it would mainly be mounted to a camera, I wonder how it would compare to the Ambient TinyMike?