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  1. danielzk

    Your first sound setup or kit ever

    Zoom H6, 2 Sennheiser G3's, Rodes Ntg-2 shotgun mic and Rodes boom pole. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hello Guys, I was curious if any of you non union guys have any experience with working with a booking agent to help you find work. If you have I would love to hear more about with your experience. It seems like it could be a great thing but I'm not even sure if its a thing but I hope to hear from you! Dan
  3. danielzk

    Working in Nashville

    Hello Nashville Sound Mixers! So my trip has been booked to come check out Nashville and I would love to meet up with some of you to see what its really like to work there. I was hoping some of you would be available Thursday February 16th to meet up for a drink in the evening. I'd love to get you a beer and talk about work in your city. Please feel free to text me at 323 533 8416 to set up a meeting. Thanks again! Dan
  4. danielzk

    Working in Nashville

    Hey guys. Thanks for reaching out. I'll definitely reach out to Trew Audio that's a great idea. Looking forward to visiting and really loookig forward to no income tax ha.
  5. danielzk

    Working in Nashville

    Hello out there. My girlfriend and I have been seriously considering moving to Nashville in about a year. We currently live in LA and really want a smaller city with more community and more affordable living. She works in music so Nashville seemed perfect. I wanted to reach out to anyone who is working in Nashville to see what and how much work you have out there. I am sure there is plenty between sports coverage, news and CMT in Nashville. I'd love to hear what you are all working on and what the job market for us sound guys is like. I'm visiting in February, I'll be sure to post then again to see if anyone would like to meet up for a beer. Really looking forward to visiting your city and hope I can work with you all soon. Dan AnythingAudioLLC.com