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  1. Monson Douglas

    Boom op-less

    You're right that was a bad phrase to use. I was trying to use it as a self esteem booster for the OP to turn down narrative productions not willing to pay for their support team. Definitely wasn't trying to give them license to control set. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  2. Monson Douglas

    Boom op-less

    It is indeed a rough road and those are some pretty nasty things you described. I guess I could sum up by advising mixers to negotiate before production starts with what they need to get the job done. If they don't want to give you the tools and man power necessary, turn the job down. Its better for your physical and mental health. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  3. Monson Douglas

    Boom op-less

    Just remember that when it comes to narrative work you are the DP of sound. Tell production how much you cost, how much you need for your boom operator, and how much you need for your utility. Its not a question of if they have money for a boom operator or utility, because its never a question of if they have money for 1st and 2nd AC's.... Mix well, Monson. Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  4. Monson Douglas

    Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    There are many arenas to sound concerning film and television. They do not all involve being on set and owning "gear". Listen to what JonG said above, get out there and see what sound positions you land out of school. If people ask you to do production sound for a project, remember what your favorite gear is to use and then locate a place to rent it. If they ask what you own, just say you own it, then charge for the rental. If this helps, even the best pro sound mixers do not own all of the gear they use for a full fledged production.
  5. Monson Douglas

    Zoom F8

    Just updated firmware for a second time to be sure. When importing into audacity I see that the L/R is indeed first on the list. (haven't used L/R option for a couple weeks) I never thought to check because the F8 mix screen still shows them on the bottom, and in the menu option under record it has it ordered as, "tracks 1-8 + L/R". Guess I was hoping for the visual fix on the recorder as well. Thanks Jose.
  6. Monson Douglas

    Zoom F8

    Regarding the 2.0 firmware update. Have seen multiple sources saying it would include putting the L/R mix to the top of the poly file. Mine still remains on the bottom just as in the original firmware. Did that not happen?