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    Zoom F8n.

    The discounting of F8 has begun.... http://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/zoom-f8-multitrack-field-recorder-w-free-zoom-pcf-8-bag-delkin-16gb-sd-card.html
  2. Dave, Have you tried Cabela's or Bass Pro? Not an endorsement as I haven't seen or used their products, but you may see something suitable there.
  3. ronmac

    Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    I believe the best features of RX are in the last two upgrades. https://www.izotope.com/en/lp/rx5/Top-reasons-to-upgrade-from-RX-4-to-RX-5-Audio-Editor/ Instant Process: The one-click magic eraser for your audio. From unwanted coughs to scene-interrupting sirens, instantly paint away any audio problem in the spectrogram. Learn how to use Instant Process De-reverb: Reduce some of the reverb from a recorded space in order to make the dialogue usable. Salvage recordings of dialogue containing too much reverb/acoustic space without needing to spend time/money on a reshoot or ADR. Corrective EQ: Remove harsh high frequencies and whines, rumbles, resonances, and distortion artifacts, and accurately hone in on any problem frequency areas. Beyond a traditional equalizer, the Corrective EQ offers both an Analog and a Digital mode, in addition to remarkably high (up to 400) Q values for precision filtering of problem frequencies. In addition, the Digital filter shapes allow for more precise cuts than previously possible. Module Chain: Remove distortion, clicks, interference, and background noise, and smooth out inconsistent volume and ambience. Whatever the multiple editing tasks, they can now be accomplished in a single mouse click to fire off all of your editing tasks at once. Learn how to use Module Chains RX Connect & RX Monitor: Sync and integrate the power of the RX Audio Editor with any DAW or NLE timeline using RX Connect. Clip-by-clip and handles support added for the most efficient Avid Pro Tools workflow available. Presets: For the ultimate in sound quality and workflow efficiency, RX 5 Audio Editor includes 60 new problem oriented presets across several modules. https://www.izotope.com/en/blog/audio-repair/top-reasons-to-upgrade-to-rx-6.html Reduce and remove unwanted mouth sounds including: breaths in vocal takes with Breath Control, distracting mouth noises with Mouth De-click, and plosives with improved De-plosive. Tame sibilances with Spectral De-ess. Remove bleed from instruments, click tracks, and more with De-bleed. Edit multiple audio files at once using Composite View. Export audio to .mp3 directly from RX with MP3 Export. Quickly select and process similar audio events with improved Find Similar functionality. Use machine learning to remove mic rustle with a single click, using industry-first De-rustle. Clean up low-frequency wind rumble and bursts with De-wind. Extract dialogue from noisy environments with complex background sounds using Dialogue Isolate. Fill in ambience beds under dialogue, right from Pro Tools AudioSuite with improved Ambience Match. Preserve or remove the center of a stereo file with improved Center Extract. Adjust levels of tones and noise independently with improved Deconstruct.
  4. ronmac

    Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    Isotope Insight, RX, Ozone, Neutron (all latest Advanced versions) for editing and finalizing, BRainworks EQs, Soundtoys5 for M/S and designer duties, 2C Aether, Breeze and B2 for reverbs and spaces.
  5. ronmac

    Gear Appraisal

    Gotcha. What time is lunch? I have several suitable quips ready. Best of luck on your new venture.
  6. ronmac

    Gear Appraisal

    Not to pee in your cereal, but if you and your partners can't be objective in the many, many business decisions you will be faced with......
  7. ronmac

    Rycote Mic Protector case

    I "borrowed" one of these yoga mat bags (~$20) from my wife to use when I only need light protection for a blimp kit. Lots of room and pockets to hold a WS6 kit loaded with a KMR82, small boom pole, batteries, adapters, etc. I keep it folded in my Pelican with whatever blimp kit I am carrying so that is immediately available for a hiking day or when I need to move quickly and don't require the full pelican for protection.
  8. ronmac

    Email for media question

    JWSound is an internet based resource. jw does door to door service (welcomed or not).
  9. ronmac

    Defending your Work

    I would have handled it a little bit differently, while biting my tongue... Why not split the mixed files and send them the two iso channels? It won't take long, the project moves on and everyone gets to live another day.
  10. I can believe that filming was done in one take, but would be very surprised if live take audio was all that was used. The IEMs used would be necessary to sync to studio audio and to receive music and choreography cues. I couldn't spot any audio rigging and the fact that there is no lift, footsteps, etc. noise in such a reverberant room. I could be wrong, but I am a Capricorn, so I doubt it.
  11. ronmac

    Zaxcom notch filters on rushes?

    I am not a fan of "fix it in post", but this may be a time to apply an exception and do the surgery in RX, when required.
  12. ronmac

    Zaxcom notch filters on rushes?

    It appears to be notching at the 2k target frequency and harmonics, up to 12k, as shown in the RX screen capture.
  13. ronmac

    Soundfield on the cheap?

    Will yield an incredible sound field of the mechanical noises of a dslr and operator.
  14. I like using black cable (less visible in public performance or plants) with coloured rings for input ID and coloured heat shrink/strain relief for length ID.
  15. Since the MixPre10T does not have direct outs for each mic pre, I don't see how a mixer will be of any benefit for real-time mixing. You could mix the streamed USB audio via your DAW, with each track placed in record monitor mode and a midi control surface providing the faders. I am not sure of the latency this setup will introduce, but it is likely to be significant, and unacceptable to anyone used to receiving a near real-time mix from a conventional mixer setup. The other option is to use a conventional mixer as the front end of your system and providing a split signal (either through the direct outs of the mixer, or (preferred) via a mic level pre-split) to the 10T. Both of the above methods are cludgy and require a lot of extra gear and cabling.
  16. ronmac

    OT: Best all-round DI box?

    I keep 4 Radial PRODI and 1 each of JDI and J48 in my kit. They sound great, are built like tanks and never fail. I have no reason to look for anything else.
  17. ronmac

    Sony MDR 7506 coiled cable

    Dave, thanks for that simple, yet effective, trick. Just reached over the desk, grabbed my pair and gave it a go. I am a fan of the Audio Technica ATHM50x, partly because of the 3 sets of detachable cables (curly cord, straight cord with regular adaptable 1/8">1/4" plug and shorter straight cord with slim 1/8" plug that fits the smaller gap in cell phone cases) they include in the package.
  18. ronmac

    Recording 160dB?

    What is the point of recording it at that level? I highly doubt anyone is ever going to play it back at that level. If it is a reality based show the zinger could be that the system is so loud it can't be recorded without blowing up your gear (...cue the pink smoke). BTW, if you do record it, make sure you leave at least 12dB of headroom on your recorder. We wouldn't want the signal to clip....LOL
  19. ronmac

    How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Have you removed the windscreen to make it less bulky?
  20. Sarcanon, "Retrophiliac Hipsters" has just become my most favourite descriptor of all time. Thank you, sir!
  21. ronmac

    Cleaning My 01V96

    Great tip! Most of my outdoor use is for rotating acts at music festivals, so used channel faders are rarely static. I am going to put a few of these in the kit to place on channels when at rest and on unused channels during a show. Luckily my mixer has never had a fader issue in the 8 years it has been in action. I hit it with Deoxit and Fader Lube every six months or so. It's a great little board. Alan Parsons uses one in his studio.
  22. Short answer... anything the US does, Canada is soon to follow. You can view the Canadian Table of Frequencies here http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/smt-gst.nsf/eng/h_sf01678.html but it has very little direct info on specific products. Perhaps a call to Industry Canada will get you closer to the answer.
  23. I agree, there must be an effect on the right track causing the reduction. Can you post a ses file of the project so that we can see what is being loaded?
  24. Everything you say about Reaper is true EXCEPT it is not free. You can download a full working copy that will never time out, but the developers rely on you to do the right thing and buy the appropriate licence after the trial period.
  25. Was it phase... or was it polarity?