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  1. New K-Tek Stingray Holders for Zaxcom ERX

    Thanks for the suggestion... we'll be putting our thinking cap on ;-)
  2. Hi there, the front handle can't retract any further because of the cable passthrough from the main compartment to the front pocket. Basically when you push the handle down it bottoms out on that passthrough - you can even feel that from the inside of main compartment. The clear shield has double Velcro on one side, in case you choose to attach one side of the Shield to the orange interior of the bag instead of the outside lip of the bag. This is just a convenience feature to accommodate personal preference. Hope this helps... Ali @ K-Tek
  3. Hi all, after we received a lot of feedback regarding our original ERX holder, we've chosen to split the functionality. We are now offering 2 different versions of the Stingray ERX Holder: KSERX2 (for mounting only) features a removable ¼-20 threaded insert and Velcro backing KSERX3 (for wearing only) features a swivel belt clip So, if you are planning to hand your ERX to the Director use the KSERX3. If you're planning to mount your ERX to a camera use the KSERX2's Velcro to stick it to the back of the monitor or a magic arm via the 1/4-20 insert. The Silicone Holder remains unchanged and still offers additional protection for your investment; the oversized top lip protects against accidental bumping of the knob/switch. Both KSERX2 and KSERX3 have a Listprice of $40 and should sell in the US for $38. They are available now! Call your local K-Tek dealer or check it out on our Webpage at: https://ktekpro.com/product-category/audio/audio-accessories/ Ali ali@ktekpro.com
  4. To celebrate their 20-year anniversary K-Tek brings back a beloved classic Boom Pole Accessory: the K-Tek Klassic Counterweight, which was previously also known as the Hodge’s Weight. As shooting days and individual take lengths continue to grow longer, boom pole operators everywhere are fighting fatigue. Even though K-Tek’s Graphite boom poles are some of the lightest in the industry, a rigged boom pole might actually “feel” heavier throughout a long shooting day. Although the weight of the dressed pole may only be four pounds, it’s the downward movement force of the microphone and mount at the far end of a long pole that’s the culprit. Due to the length of the boompole acting like a lever, the low weight of the microphone and mount becomes amplified. The answer to the problem is counterbalance and the solution is K-Tek’s Klassic Counterweight. This finely machined foam covered brass, weighs 1.7 lbs (770 gram) and can be attached to the base of any K-Tek Klassic boom pole. Once installed, the strain on the user is greatly reduced as the tiring off-balance force on the boom lever is balanced out. Although the weight is actually slightly increased, the Klassic Counter Weight reduces the stress on the boom operator, so overall the boom “feels” lighter. For large payloads at the tip of the boom, multiple Counterweights can be stacked. Named after Scottish geometry mathematician W.V.D. Hodge, this counterweight is well-known and highly sought after among experienced boom operators like Ronald Wright. After 7 years working boom on the rigorous Hawaii 5-0, he explains “It saved me the first season when I did so much stuff standing in the water. When I put the Counterweight on, it helped keep me stable in the surf. And on the streets it helps me keep everything balanced when I work at a distance.” With a List Price of $95, the Klassic Hodge’s Counterweights (Order Code: KHCW) are available now. For further information or to locate a local dealer contact: www.ktekpro.com
  5. K-Tek Harness customization

    Hi all, Ali from K-Tek here... Thanks Simon for the kind words; a lot of thought has gone into the harness (and the other Stingray products) and we of course always try to improve our products. If I may I'd like to address a couple of topics that came up in this thread: Wearing the Harness without a Bag: After the first generation harness (KSHRN1) made it out into the field in quantities, we got the feedback that some of you wanted to be able to wear the harness without the bag. So, we released the 2nd generation (KSHRN2) which contains an extra Hip Belt. All KSHRN2 ship with this hip belt attached (it's the only gray belt/strap for easier identification), but if you prefer not to use it: it is removable. These beefy, narrow clips connect this belt to the harness and can be easily removed if "wearing without a bag" isn't an issue for. If it is, the Belt is there for you. I have to add that unfortunately this Hip Belt cannot be retrofitted onto a KSHRN1 - sorry :-( The Chest strap: We had some issues in the first generation and fixed it for the 2nd generation. After a couple of months of shipping the 2nd Harnesses the problem started creping up again, so we put our heads together with the factory to permanently fix this once and for all. We have designed a nice fix that is sturdy, clean and very visible, that'll make it easier for the factory to QC each unit and easier for us to spot QC check here. It also works really well and won't deteriorate over time. We chose this fix, because we're addressing multiple possible fault points of the previous fix - as the previous fix clearly didn't take, we didn't want to take chances a second time. As is the nature of manufacturing, it'll take a couple of months for this fix to make it into the hands of end users (yeah that's all you Pros out in the field). But... we have a retrofit fix! Anyone with this Kit and a pair of pliers can fix up their harness in a couple of minutes; we're expecting this retrofit kit at our office in California around the end of the month September/early October and we'll (properly) announce it then. Not every harness needs this, but if yours does - you already know that you need it and you'll get one! Just reach out to us once we announce it. If you have problems reinserting the strap, please refer to this video (not ours, it's from a backpack company that must have had the same problem): Pouches/Add-ons Obviously, we chose the strap/Molle infrastructure so you can do exactly what you are doing here: customize your Stingray products to your heart's content - get it just right for you, yourself and nobody else! There are millions of Molle accessories out there and being able to use/attach them to the Stingray products is a huge advantage (in our minds). And even though we're not planning to become one of those Molle accessory companies, occasionally we'll come up with our own or modify a great "Molle idea" to better suit the Pro Audio Market; check out our DTS Pouch (DTS - Dump that S..S..Stuff ;-) or our KBG - Gizmo Bag with Peekaboo-See-Through back so you can find your "Gizmos" faster. We have a whole section on our website for products like this, we call it "Bag Accessories & Accessory Bags". Check it out, and please know that there will be more additions to this section throughout the rest of the year. Lastly, please let me say Thanks! Thanks for using our products, thanks for loving our products and thanks for letting us know how we can improve our products. We try to make great products from the start, but sometimes a great product can be even better with some input from the field. So please don't hesitate to reach out to us - we always love to hear from you and we appreciate all the input. We try to keep up on here and on FB, but we're too small to have full time eyes on all the possible online forums, user groups and online discussion, so we'd like to invite you all to just let us know directly when you have something to tell us: good or bad. Simply, use our Contact Page on the website and it'll get routed through to the right person: https://ktekpro.com/contact/ Again: thanks! And keep up the good work! Ali @ K-Tek