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  1. Ben B

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    Very common here as well. I monitor in the first two tracks in mono anyway, so it sounds exactly the same as a one track mono mix would.
  2. Ben B

    camera link

    I just tried with both of my setups. I have a 633 with an UM400 as IFB Tx and a G3 Rx. Sounded perfectly fine to me for a scratch track to the cam. I also tried with my 688 and Lectro T1 Tx and G3 IEM Rx for the boom op. It sounded as good as when i used it with my G3 Tx. I think i just found the perfect setup with this. I like the higher output power of the Lectro IFB Tx and the battery life of the G3 Rx.
  3. Ben B

    camera link

    I was wandering around the forum in hope to find that exact information! Thanks! I've been using R1a as cam hop but didn't like the not locking connector and the knob which i had to tape over to prevent accidental changes. Plus i had a couple problem lately to feed a healthy signal into line level input, especially on the Alexa mini. I'll be testing this workflow tomorrow! Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot Derek and Larry! The two way splitter is on its way!
  5. Hi all, I want to add a 4th receiver to my 688/sl6 setup and would like the antenna to go through the RF distribution system of my SL6. I was thinking of adding a SMA T connector to one receiver in the SL6, have the 4th receiver plugged on one side of this T connector and into the SL6 on the other side. Has anyone already tried this? Is there any reason that it wouldn't work? Is there a better way to do this? Thanks, Ben
  6. Hi! I had a call from the editor of a feature we finished 2 month ago saying that every files were too late from between 1 to 3 frames compared to the scratch track. It was not a constant off set but a difference ranging from 1 to 3 frames. We used 2 different set up for the different shooting phases. The first one was tentacle into a Sonosax SX-R4, and tenatcle into the Mini. Both units were constantly fed with timecode from the two Tentacles. The second set up was exactly the same but with a 633 instead of the SX-R4. This timecode difference was on every file regardless of the recorder used. The editor told me and my colleague that even the test shoot were off by about 2 frames. We got this news 2 months after being done with the 9 weeks shooting. Has anyone any idea where the problem could come from? I'm not really looking for a solution to re-sync the clips but more as to where this difference could come from (and ultimately not reproduce it in the future...). Thanks!
  7. Ben B

    Lemo right-angle plugs

    I am a Sound Devices 6xx user and i'd love to have one with the cable exiting at 3 (12 being where the red dot is). Can't speak for others recorders though. I also own a couple tentacle and bought a right angle lemo for the alexa mini on the tentacle website. The cable is the exiting at 12. I did one film with it and the dop was a bit rough with the equipment and broke two of my cables. He took the battery off the fixing bars so he could get closer to the wall in a tight space. When the battery isn't there anymore it leaves the cable unprotected and if you apply a bit of pressure on the exiting cable it brakes the part that slides into the body of the plug. I had to tape it to finish the film and it kept working but it wasn't optimal... I am just saying this plug is great but you have to be a bit careful with the angle part.
  8. Ben B

    Lectro UM400a Compatibility modes

    I always tape over the volume knob.
  9. Ben B

    Lectro UM400a Compatibility modes

    I use a R1a. works great for what it should do!
  10. Ben B

    Lectro UM400a Compatibility modes

    Solved! So for those who may run into the same problem, You just have to follow the steps in the manual (start with the unit off, C;C, On, Off, 5;5, On, Off, 0;0, On) but you have to do them pretty quick otherwise the unit will time out.
  11. Hi,I'm running into a small problem here. I want to put my UM400a into IFB mode to make it work with my R1 and R1a. I am following the steps as written in the manual but i can't seem to be able to change the compatibility mode at all. I tried to change it to other mode than IFB and it doesn't work either. It is for now stuck on mode 4 Hybrid. The unit has the IFB mode.Has anyone encounter the same problem? Thanks! Ben
  12. Ben B

    Lectro HM rain protection

    Yep it did. I'll try the food wrap and ziplock bag technique as soon as it will be back from service and get a rainy day to test
  13. Ben B

    Lectro HM rain protection

    Thanks everyone. I'll try the plastic bag solution maybe a ziplock bag. Cut a hole on the bottom of the bag to let the xlr out, gaff tape it to seal the hole and have the opening on the bottom to be able to change the batteries.
  14. Ben B

    Lectro HM rain protection

    Hello all, I just came back from a shoot where we shot a lot up in the mountain, far away from the first road accessible by car. I had my HM at the tip of my boom and everything worked as i should until it started to rain. Since i only had a small backpack with my extra gear, I didn't have any rain protection for it beside the leather pouch and i didn't have a cable with me to put the HM away from the rain. Anyway long story short, It didn't like the rain so much and it is now away for service at Lectro. My question is, does some sort of solution exist (plastic cover/water tight box/...) for the HM beside being a little bit more prepared next time and have a cable with me? Thanks! Ben
  15. Hi, I've had a problem since a couple of month. When i try to log in it always says that my password is incorrect (although i know it's correct) and the only way to log in is to ask for a new password by clicking "forgot your password". I've tried to log out and log back in just after resetting my password but it doesn't work. I have to ask for a new one again. Is it a known problem and is there a fix? Thanks a lot and thanks for keeping this super useful forum running! Ben