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  1. I have a bunch of 4061's and 71's..thought the slims sounded a little weird.boxy less full.
  2. Thanks Jan.I'll give that a go. here's some various 4098/4060's rigs that I've been using.
  3. I have 2 4098's.when they work they're great.pretty good reach,like mini booms but seem too directional for some applications. I've semi burned myself a couple times on car shots when an actor moved to far of axis.or I placed it as a plant on a desk ,the actor stands up and it sounds fairly off mic.not very forgiving. definitely a pretty steep low roll off under 120hz. in a visor can be tricky to hide.not always head turn friendly.when something stealthy and omni is more appropriate I often switch to some visor 4060's,easpecially if there's more head movement Ive sent one back after the tube got broken off. I really REALLY wish DPA would make a full range wide cardioid version w/ shorter length.
  4. the 4098 is definitely higher noise floor than a cmc.never stopped me from getting good usable tracks.
  5. looks really cool.not enough analog inputs for me to justify the 8k price.
  6. love to hear feedback too. I'm hearing the range isn't as robust as 411's.
  7. Great videos as always Simon. Thank you!
  8. Wingman week one:Flawless. emailing reports is a big plus.
  9. 60 bucks. totally worth it
  10. Not a single hiccup after using WM for a few days.way more stable than CL WiFI
  11. been using WM for a few days now.its not for mixing.great app for control,meta data and sending reports. completely eliminates the keyboard.its like how I always wanted CL wifi to work.
  12. Try LSC in LA.thats where I got mine.
  13. good stuff here:
  14. Just bought one for my cmit a couple months great
  15. interesting you say they sound the same as a 4060? I found them to sound different to my 4061's.