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  1. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    Can't stop drooling at this. Anybody able to report the range and usability of the Bluetooth control?
  2. Lectrosonics SMWB coming soon?

    I think it's mainly form factor - along with better water protection in the SM series of the LT's. Otherwise I'm not too sure. Can anyone else explain better?
  3. Zaxcom Deva announcement

    I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.. will the Deva Mix-12 be comparable with the new Diva 24?
  4. Lectro firmware update?

    Anybody have a link or source for this lectro-link interface? I can't find any information online.
  5. Blackmagic Smartview mounting solutions

    Resurrecting an old thread to show off. My cart also doesn't have racks to mount mount any rackmount monitors so I opened up the back and used a hotshoe-mount which has worked quite well. It's completely adjustable depending upon whether I'm standing or sitting. And quite sturdy. H
  6. DR 680 Battery Question

    The main problem I had was simply a lack of meta data usability and no timecode. Otherwise with a 552 as a front end I found it a pretty decent little machine.
  7. Show me your bag

    My music Recording rig. 11 mic pres and a line input.
  8. ADVICE please! Buy a 744t or Zoom f8?

    Will it ever be possible for firmware updates to allow software switchable mic/line inputs? Or are there hardware limitations on this happening? I'm interested in purchasing an F8 as a back-end recorder for a front-end mixer. But without XLR line inputs this becomes a seriously bulky and basically useless endeavour. I appreciate you coming on here and answering questions!
  9. Leather Creaks and Squeaks

    Thanks Mr Sharman. Any particular brands that people favour? Or will just about anything do the trick.
  10. Leather Creaks and Squeaks

    Just wondering what you guys use to quiet down noisy leather on set. Be it shoes or an armchair? I've heard people mention that soaps are a good fix. Is this the stuff they're talking about? https://www.wardrobesupplies.com/products/fiebings-foaming-saddle-soap
  11. A Gift for the PAs (and you) - Moleskin

    Doesn't covering the sides of an omni capsule result in a change of the directional characteristics of that capsule? From what I understand, covering the sides of a cardoid gives it more of an omni pattern. Does the opposite or similar happen when covering an omni?
  12. Any Android Sound Log apps that are loved?

    Ive found SRW to be nothing but trouble. Crashes, glitches, difficult to manoeuvre in a pinch. I'm looking to get a second hand ipad just to run movie slate.
  13. Gel Concealers for DPA mics? Do they exist?

    Got any photos of this Todd? Sounds interesting!
  14. Re-Terminating Countryman EWMs

    Ahh ok that makes sense to me then. Yeah they need a 6.8K resistor between the shield and ring as below. Appreciate your help!
  15. Re-Terminating Countryman EWMs

    Thanks Eric. I've found the wiring diagram and I have some of the 3.5mm connectors on order. I'm just wondering why it wouldn't require 48v when plugged into the the G3. Or does the transmitter put out a nominal voltage to power the microphone? Or is the end of that XLR a type of regulator that will drop the voltage down to the 5-9v that the countryman needs (assuming that the countryman needs lower voltages)? Sorry about all of the questions, just trying to wrap my mind around this.