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  1. That time Senator Michaels disappeared from the internet

    I think The Senator has lowered the Tone of JWSound and continues with every post. I certainly visit this site less and participate less. I blocked him a while ago, but it's still not enough. I can't understand why something isn't done. I think Solid Goldberger shares my sentiment.
  2. Remote audio MEON LIfe

    I really like my Meon LIFE. Its been a game changer on my Cart and I cant praise it enough. Mine hasn't had any problems, I would have had it for two or three years and used it quite frequently. My favourite aspect is the LED lights I have connected to the meon and enjoy the look on other crews faces when we turn on the lights and everyone else is working in the dark or trying to find their head torch. I also use it as a Ice Breaker offering to charge cell phones on set after putting them into Flight Mode as I inform the chargee that "It charges twice as fast in flight mode". Had many thanks from DOP's, Actors and Producers who are desperate for a charge. I'd recommend one.
  3. Epic Fail again, monitors out of/behind sync with Sound

    Wow, old thread comes back to haunt! Never got around to buying anything to solve that problem, as I was never hired by that client again. Got mysteriously booked, but replaced at last minute without any explanation. Subsequently bought a 788 which has options to delay outputs, which would solve that problem, but have never since seen this delay issue. Probably because I work with Alexa (real camera) most of the time.
  4. D Cell Batteries

    I use these for Camping and I've swapped from using 'Alkaline' batteries to the old 'Heavy Duty' style batteries instead. The bonus about the 'Heavy Duty' is that they claim not to leak, which was the problem with the 'Alkaline'. I just figured that 'Alkaline' batteries were putting out way too much grunt to run LEDs. The last bunch of 'Heavy Duty' batteries were installed a year ago and still work and have not leaked.
  5. Using Audio Limited as Wireless Link

    Are you at all interested in selling the 2040's? PM me if you are.
  6. IFB - ComTek vs Lectrosonics vs Zaxcom vs Sennheiser G3 IEM

    I have the same set up and the same experience, awesome!
  7. Long Shotguns - Still in use?

    I've had Boom Ops who just refused to swing a 816 with fluffy on a long pole, then I've had Boom Ops who suggested that we use it instead of radio micing. I used to use it a lot when I started out, but I found in the last couple of years I haven't got that kind of energy myself anymore working solo. I recently got a new mic case and there wasn't any room for the 816 anymore. Can't remember the last time I used it and it's not in the Sound Van anymore either.
  8. Audio Limit 2020 legal frequency ?

    Do you think there is any chance I could find a Radio MacGyver type, who could with a paperclip, a bit of string and a fearless approach to Lead Solder could still change the frequency of my 2020's without going back to Audio Ltd? Are the parts to make the change actually available and can it be done? A MacGyver in the Southern Hemisphere would be more helpful.
  9. Audio Limit 2020 legal frequency ?

    What is RoHS? I had hoped my 2020's could be retuned and continued to used as they work well.
  10. Going to Vietnam--Anyone have experience working there?

    I was in Ho Chi Mihn City for two weeks in December last year. As you live in Canada and I live in Australia, two reasonably well ordered and regulated Countries that are pretty much on the same wavelength, just forget about everything as you know it, it doesn't apply in Vietnam. Basically nothing seems to be regulated and everything can be bought. I wouldn't be too concerned about frequencies, I'd just take a couple of different blocks, and swap if necessary, as if you were going anywhere. Our equipment got seized and wasn't released out of Customs for the entire shooting period, for reasons I still don't understand and wasn't told. I made up detailed equipment lists, and itemised everything with serial numbers I took and valued everything at replacement price. Most of that info came out of my own insurance details. I had a huge amount of fun, and the Vietnamese people are genuine, friendly and curious and the food was awesome. There were a few sketchy moments but most things went well. I was always aware that I was the outsider and was always polite and made an effort to learn 'Thank you' in Vietnamese. Its amazing how far one word will get you. Have fun and take lots of photos!
  11. The Golden Oldie Rolls On (thanks SD!)

    I have been using my 744 and 442 combo for years as well. I have put off purchasing a 788, but finally made the decision and I pick the 788 CL8 & CL9 on Monday.
  12. Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

    Have to say I've not had an issue with the BMC, the DOP has got himself an A-Box so it's super easy to put audio into at mic level. I think Time Code input would have been good, and the Time Code functionality would have been good as well. The DOP isn't concerned, he's of the opinion that 'Plural Eyes' program is just as good. After three days of Corporate shooting, I'm not sure he'll have the same sentiments
  13. On a scale of one to ten how important is this to you?

    Don't do it! You're trying to save money in the wrong place. Try saying "No" to the Camera Department a few times and you'll have enough money to spend on a quality Production Mixer with top equipment who knows how to use it properly. And while I have your Ear, why not tell the DOP they can't shoot Wide and Tight at the same time!
  14. Black Magic Cam ( ANY user?)

    Has anybody got or had any updated experience with the BMC since the last post in April?
  15. Experience with TC over wireless only

    Hello, I was in a similar situation to yours with wireless T/C. I still use the older 'Blackbox Series' Ambient Wireless Timecode Slates which still work very well for their age. I also bought a 'Blackbox Series 'T/C receiver which I used to attach to the camera, so it was jammed from a wireless T/C signal. That used to work OK for small shoots, but like your Times Square experience, if the camera went too far away the T/C signal would fail. I also experienced signal interference, as unknown to me the T/C slate was on an improper frequency. After changing the frequency, I didn't have any problems, but I decided to buy two Ambient 203 Lockit Boxes which were going cheap as the new 204 Lockits were about to be released. I now have two Ambient 203 Lockits as part of my kit for challenging RF environments and I often turn off the wireless T/C on the slates and Jam instead. That said, I have found I don't really use the Lockit boxes as much as I thought I would, and have not actually attached them to a camera yet. The reason is I work with the Alexa most of the time and I Jam one Lockit which I keep with me to refresh the Alexa with T/C if off speed frame rates are used. I think purchasing a Lockit box or two might be the cheapest method to solve your wireless T/C problems.