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  1. John S.

    nervous about a shoot b/c of my gear

    If you know your gear, it's probably the set etiquette that you need to worry about on a straightforward A list talent interview. +100 to not engaging the subject in conversation. You will more likely piss off the producer, before the talent. And, as has been noted, always have a back-up plan, and gear.
  2. John S.

    Corrupt files on SD 664

    The same thing happened on my 664 a couple of months ago, only to the CF card, recording poly files on approved Sandisk Extreme Pro media. But only one file was corrupted and it hasn't happened since with that card. But it's still disconcerting, to say the least. Sound Dev had no insights.
  3. John S.

    RIP - Walt Martin

    I was fortunate to spend many hours with Walt on the last two Eastwood films and benefited greatly from the experience. His kindness, camaraderie and overall approach to the job are things I'll long remember.
  4. John S.

    SD 664 L/R outputs- for ifb feed via LMa

    Thanks Jim. Yep, that's the way to do it. My last job with a boom op, I needed both aux outs for other things, but usually I can get around that.
  5. John S.

    SD 664 L/R outputs- for ifb feed via LMa

    I wish the boom channel on the Comm Send program was switchable to Pre-fade. I would like to be able to lay the boom out of the mix and the Op still hear what's he doing.
  6. Hi Guys, I'm doing a doc-style commercial this weekend where I will be mixing from the back seat, putting a lav on the driver. I can also slip a boom in from below, around the area where the stick shift would be. Since we are moving between different vehicles quickly I don't really have the option of planting another lav or boundary mic. So which mic would you use on the boom, Schoeps MK41? Senn 50? Something else? Thanks, John
  7. Working with the Arri Alexa for the first time. Checking posts on the site it looks like everybody is running double system but has anybody relied on the camera's audio recording? I will run an SD 744 as well, but I know post on this one will automatically go for the camera sound. Any reports? Thanks, John